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Yamaha SZ-X head-on with the Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i

Most of the reviewers feel that the Yamaha has taken Bajaj with its new SZ-X where Bajaj is continuing the same old story of the Discover DTS-i, but this time Bajaj added it with more displacement and more power to the Discover which was earlier into the 135cc segment.

But we at Indiandrives still feel that both of the machines should be put to test before concluding the winner.

When comparing the two models we concluded that Yamaha SZ-X leads with more points than the Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i. We tested and rated both the motorcycles on the basis of power, styling, fuel efficiency, ride impressions and pricing. There was a point where our test riders felt there is a tie but in the end Yamaha took on the stage giving out a little extra, let’s look further what proved to be the wining ingredient for Yamaha.

Let’s take the bikes for a head to head test.

Styling- who’s more beautiful?

Both of these motorcycles are in the 150cc segment where the 150cc segment is shared with Yamaha FZ series, Bajaj Pulsar, Honda Dazzler and Hero Honda Hunk. All of these mentioned motorcycles are with bells and whistles serving to the needs of the Indian youth. On the other hand our stars SZ-X and Discover DTS-i are meant for masses. Both of these motorcycles won’t win against the more muscular other 150cc segment offering, but surely invite the 135cc buyers to stop on these more powerful yet economical engines.  To begin lets take the Yamaha SZ-X. SZ-X is well crafted and shares some body parts with its sibling FZ. Yes the side panel on the SZ-X is similar to the FZ, the tank is sleek yet trendy with a bikini fairing that makes the tank look larger that it is and also collects some air for the cylinder cooling. We won’t be wrong to call it a smart looking two wheeler. Greater details to see are on the rear of the SZ-X. The unspoiled two layered side panel incorporates well with the tail panel and also the rear split tail light is the most notable feature. Every corner of the bike from its small flowing wind shield to its rear panel almost every thing is in its right form and settles at the right place.

The built quality of the Yamaha SZ-X is comparable to the FZ series. Every bit of piece to be installed on the bike is rounded off well to make it feel an upscale model.

The story which till now is so beautiful takes a wrong turn with the Discover 150. Discover 150 would have gained a lot of acceptance if Yamaha wouldn’t have launched the SZ-X. The Bajaj makes its self look very inferior when we made the two bikes stand besides each other. Styling for headlamp, fuel tank and panels is taken from the old Discover 135. This means with the 150cc engine, Bajaj made the Discover to put weight but no muscles. We found that the Discover 150 gives a look of a budget bike and doesn’t have to offer more than what is paid for. It’s not only the styling Bajaj took from its older models but they also took the color combinations making things worse for the Discover 150. Like the older versions, the new Discover 150 is offered with base black paint and options of either blue or red vinyls.

What we feel that this typical Discover styling might work in the entry level commuter segment but cant stand-on with the styling that is seen today in the 150cc segment, we think that Yamaha knows this well.

Build quality is well for the price paid but doesn’t make you feel, “you’re getting more than what you’ve paid for”.

Performance of the moving parts

When it comes to choosing a bike is it only the fuel efficiency that matters or also its performance? Well, what looks strong doesn’t mean it should be strong. SZ-X makes 153cc to work for its self and makes power of 12.1 ps and torque of 12.9 nm. The engine this Yamaha motorcycle carries is borrowed from the FZ16. The same engine when it comes on the SZ-X generates 1.9 less ps and 1.2 nm less torque.

The competing bike Discover 150 comes with a 144 cc engine making 13 ps of power. Discover takes its competitor, the Yamaha SX-Z in India by margins. Discover’s engine is with Bajaj’s patent DTS-i and ExhaustsTEC enabling the engine to produce more power than to what is found on the Yamaha. The Discover 150 in India beats the SZ-X with more power and with timing differences of .7 seconds. Bajaj Discover 150 in India does 0-60 in 5.2 seconds where as the SX-Z takes 5.9 long seconds to take the needle to 60 kmh.

We at Indiandrives couldn’t judge the engine power and performance only on the 0-60 figure hence we decided to take both of the bikes to different tests on higher gears. When the rider employees third gear it takes 6.1 seconds for the Discover to reach from 30km to 70 km per hour where as on the same gear and to reach from and to same speed our test Yamaha took 6.9 seconds. Still the DTS-i power leads the way, but putting on the fourth and fifth gear brought more power to Yamaha SZ-X. To reach the same speed band Yamaha took 7.7 secs running in the fourth gear and 8.4 secs in the fifth. On the other hand Discover 150 takes 8.6 secs and 11.8 secs on the fourth and fifth gear respectively. So in the performance test we can conclude that both of the bikes have their own plus and minus.

Ride Impressions

Almost all of the current Yamaha Motorcycles in India are with sticky handling on the road and the Yamaha SZ-X in India lives to the tradition. The motorcycle is made using light components which makes the rider to flick the motorcycle his way while cornering on a zig-zag course. Our test riders at Indiandrives enjoyed the SZ-X more than the Discover 150. Seat is designed to keep the riders in upright positions and also uses soft material, its rear suspension gives a bump free ride and is subjected to give a comfortable ride on most of the Indian terrains. The ride quality is reasonable even when Yamaha uses simple springs instead of gas filled springs. A flaw we couldn’t hide is its lack of disc brakes on the front, not even optional. Lack of front discs limits you to open throttle on the city roads where there is more proximity of going into the front vehicle head first. Thus to conclude we can say that lack of disc brakes makes the ride fall behind to its competition.

The Discover 150 in India is offered with Nitrox gas shock absorbers which gives a decent ride impressions but it can’t be compared to the Yamaha SZ-X. The seat is too still and allows less movement compared to the SZ-X. We can’t say that Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i doesn’t handle well but surely the ride quality is acceptable. The ride is widely acceptable for city commuting like its predecessor models.

Bajaj outshines with better braking. Discover 150 comes with 240mm disc brakes similar to those found on Pulsar 150cc. The disc made our test riders to be confident enough during tests and were highly recommended for daily commutation.

Discover sticks to the road eagerly, stops well and takes its rider through city courses with confidence but this doesn’t mean that Bajaj can be chosen over something that is rounded off well.

The Bottom Line

Both of our test subjects the Yamaha SZ-X and the Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i are fighting in a very narrow segment. The SZ-X is an ideal motorcycle to enjoy daily riding with a toquier motor, great looks and keeping every thing under control. Another reason motorcycle enthusiast would love the Yamaha over Bajaj is because of its arms stretched and feet back sporty posture. On the other hand Discover 150 is for those serious daily commuters who measure a distance of 30km+ daily on their two wheelers. The DTS-i engine gives 62.3 kmpl which better than its competitor SZ-X, where the SZ-X manages to cover only 57.2 kilometers in a liter. Its also the price where Bajaj outperforms Yamaha. Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i price in India settles at Rs 45,000 ex-showroom and at that price it offers gas filled rear shocks and front disc brake, which Yamaha fails to. A Yamaha buyer will have to pay more as the Yamaha SZ-X price in India settles at 52,000 (ex-showroom Delhi). At that price Yamaha doesn’t offer disc brake. It seems that Bajaj has traded the looks of the Discover 150 with utility and its way other round with Yamaha.

Though the Yamaha SZ-X is more expensive bike than the Bajaj Discover, Yamaha India has added with right ingredient to making the SZ-X more enjoyable. The Discover provides value to the amount paid but is low on styling. Both of the manufacturers are been targeting a different group. Yamaha seems to be attracting  the young who believe in styling and fun to ride and who doesn’t much stress on fuel economy, for those Yamaha SZ-X is the place to stop. Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i in India on the other hand is for those who need no nuisance riding, who takes their two wheelers more of a commuting vehicle rather than a fun machine.

There is no hard and fast rule to rate these bikes, as they both cater to the needs of altogether two different group of personalities. So what’s your intake on this? Keep commenting…..

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