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Yamaha SZ-R: Review

In recent years Yamaha has made a banging return in the Indian two wheeler segment, with its state of the art models like the Yamaha FZ16, Fazer and the sport model Yamaha YZF-R15. Before producing these bikes Yamaha was more interested in the entry level commuter bikes like the Alba and Fazer. For 2010 Yamaha showcased a fresh piece of work in its the Yamaha SZ-R.

You’ll like this if..You may not like this if..
The SZ-R is for those who are in their twenties with lots of fancy styling and you can afford to trade-off a little fuel economy for power.The bike is not an ideal package for those who are looking for basic commuting utility. The bike losses it’s fuel efficiency to its competition.

Our Favorite Features

Seating position and the torque generation on higher gears.

Riding it

Indian two wheeler segment is on fast pace and holds second position in the world after China. The past decade completely changed the way bikes were looked in India, with many new models new manufacturers new segment to serve. Thus every thing worked to make the market a dynamic place where every manufacturer is trying to get a hold on the market share, the entry level commuter segment is still a green pasture. Yamaha with its new SZ-R decided to serve this commuter segment with lots of styling and offering a rich product with a pricing that is well within reach of the masses. The Yamaha SZ-R in India is on the top of the line on the SZ series of bikes, it’s an upgrade to the SZ-X which calls for a disc brake. Yamaha SZ-R is rounded off well with tank curves, fender styling, its eye catchy bikini fearing and every thing settles well in two tone paint. The SZ-X on the other hand lacks disc brakes and is priced lower than the SZ-R, as the SZ-R features more premium options.

Looking at the SZ-R will make you feel the bike is just perfect. Every thing, from the sloppy wind shied to the tail light, every thing is place in right place and more importantly in right form. The ride gives a sporty look; overall, its fuel tank features lots of lining and curves giving it an athletic look. The Yamaha logo seems popping out of the fuel tank body that is continued with a silver painted bikini ferry giving a feel of a muscular body flexing its shoulders. The side panel which looks similar to that on the FZ series is dipped in smooth silver connects well to the fuel tank and to short and broad rear panels that holds split tail lights. Overall this commuter motorcycles comes with decent amount of styling for a commuter motorcycle and makes you feel upscale. The 150cc engine body styling and most of the things are identical on the SZ-X which is priced lower but lacks disc brakes.

Handle bar on the Yamaha SZ-R is buffed in black and suits well to the muscular styling and also complements to right seating positions. Its foot peg are a little sport as its placed rear to the engine making the ride fun and yet comfortable for city and for long distance. The seating posture is just how it should be, no problematic areas, no body aches, no fatigue even when ridden for hours. The bike is equally comfortable in city condition, where most of the cities are crowded with vehicles the Yamaha SZ-R zaps and slips trough traffic and ensures that you are the first to leave from the city red light. The seating position is welcoming and one can spent a whole day on the back of the SZ-R without any grumble. I Along with my other mates testing the Yamaha SZ-R at the Indiandrives were well settled on a common out coming that the ride is comfortable. The bike offers 150 cc engine, disc brakes and tachometer; Yamaha with its SZ-R will be successful in attracting those commuter’s who are looking added fun with power biking. On every point of time, if not in the current scenario, those who looking to stop on commuter bikes like the Splender or the Discover or Platina Yamaha is offering a lot of biking.

A small wind shield rest on the front in a sloping position the clear visor is not practical to keep riders safe from strong winds but it gives an authentic styling. The cluster of gauges includes a speedometer and tachometer both are settled on the left and right respectively and in the center is the fuel gauge with flying headlight, turn and battery indicators. I personally like a tachometer to be with a needle rather than digital because the swinging of the needle adds lot of excitement to the ride. Coming on to the handle bars what we dint like about, is its placement of pass switch which makes riders thumb travel too long to make it usable. These little things will be the area of complaints for riders in early day of riding. But the 150cc engine will clear all the dark clouds from your head.

Powered with a 153 cc engine, borrowed from the FZ-Series, the Yamaha SZ-R in India churns out 12.1ps @ 7,500 rpm and 12.8 Nm @ 4,500 rpm. The engine from the FZ is not directly mated on the frame of the SZ-R, it has been tuned to be better on mileage and torque reliability, loosing on horsepower. To keep the bike server the commuter segment Yamaha blessed the motor to run 55 km with a liter of fuel burnt. The needle reaches 60 km/h mark in 5.9 seconds and does a top of 103 km/h. these figures are not fancy enough to make the Yamaha the most powerful in the segment but it has some thing else to show off. When the SZ-R is beaten on a stretch its acceleration power comes into action to take the revenge. The SZ-R comes with better acceleration and beats almost every rival. There is no match to the SZ-R when it accelerates from 30 km/h to reach 70 km/h speed in its 3rd, 4th and 5th gear. Rolling on 5th gear Yamaha does 30-70 km/hr in just 8.38 seconds, this is something our team at the Indiandirves respects this Yamaha. The Yamaha FZ completes the same test taking 12.3 seconds; SZ-R leaves the FZ lagging behind with margins.

Every thing from ergonomic riding position, reasonable chassis and suspension package makes the Yamaha SZ-R an easy to ride motorcycle. It was very important to make the seating position comfortable for Yamaha as, unlike the YZF-R15 or the FZ, SZ-R is a power commuter bike. The front telescopic suspensions are soft enough to fly through Indian rough terrain road which consist of pot holes grown to the size of a man hole. The rear pair of spring suspensions works well to backup the front forks and keeps the rider comfortable in almost every road condition, though the rear shock are not with Nitrox which is found in the Bajaj manufactured bikes. with reasonably well working suspension package the Yamaha SZ-R glides through heavy traffic where you sometime travel half a kilometer on the second gear. SZ-R is not the most comfortable ride available, but we dint found any flaws in its riding manners.

Being a commuter motorcycle the Yamaha SZ-R in India is powered well. The engine is capable enough to reach a speed of 100+km and hence it needs reliable braking, something more than conventional drum. Yamaha offers the SZ-R with front disc brakes and rear wheel is brought to a stop using 130mm drum brakes. With the drum and the disc kit Yamaha manages to stop the SZ-R in 3.3 seconds measuring distance of 3.56 meters, falling from 80 km/hr to zero. The braking distance can be improved if the SZ-R is fitted with MRF Zapper series of tires rather than something which is less rubber. More rubber on the road means more power and better hold on the road, but installing beefy tires will bring down fuel efficiency, so we recommend going for a standard sized tires but with some deep lines.

Another or I wont be wrong to make it the most important factor during a purchase of a bike, its fuel economy in Indian terms, “kitna deti hai?”. The Yamaha SZ-R is not the most fuel efficient bike in the category but has numbers to make the bike stand strong with its competition. Yamaha claims in the city the SZ-R gives 55kmpl and the number extends to 64kmpl when ridden on a highway. With mixed riding the Yamaha SZ-R manages to get 57kmpl. The amount of fuel efficiency the SZ-R posses is an achievement for a 150cc engine motorcycle, but its still less when we compare this to its competition, the Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i. Yamaha outshines its competition with comfortable ride, stylish looks and adding fun to daily riding. Overall it’s a good work done by Yamaha and buyers can roll out these machines only if they are ready to accept it with low grippy tires. Yamaha will be successful to shift the commuter buyers to a little powerful and fun segment with an attractive pricing of Rs55,000 ex-showroom price Delhi. Yamaha SZ-R price in India is not very expensive and is the most affordable 150cc motorcycle in the segment the only competition it receives is from bajaj.

Bajaj has launched new Discover 150 DTS-i which is priced lesser than the Yamaha SZ-R, but then Discover is offered with styling which is purely a commuter bike, lacking style. Keep exploring Indiandrives as I’ve made a compa rison between the Yamaha SZ-X and the Baja Discover 150 DTS-i.

Yamaha has placed the new Yamaha SZ-R in India, in between the segment which is made if budget buyers who look for lots of economy and a segment which is made of premium 150cc motor category. The SZ-R with packed with reasonable fuel economy, enough power to keep ahead on the signal and pricing that settles well between the premium and budget bikes. with this motorcycle Yamaha fills that little gap that existed between the two segment with a hope to attract those only commuter two wheel buyers to a near to power sport category. Priced lower than the premium 150cc bikes and with better fuel economy Yamaha SZ-R will also attract those young guns who take the ride to colleges, with stylish fuel tank shoulders, panels, tachometer and a disc brake.

The only rival to the SZ-R is the Bajaj Pulsar 135LS. The Pulsar 135 is the youngest in the Pulsar family and is for the young crowed. Bajaj is Pulsar 135LS is gain a lot of acceptance among the youth as power sport bikes as Bajaj commercializes very tempting video demonstration of the Pulsar 135LS in the playful mood. Yamaha SZ-R compete with something that looks more sporty and is light is with a 4 valve engine. No matter how hard manufacturers try to take on a market share, it’s surly the Indian customers and we the reviewers who are the one knowing well what makes a better bike.

Our Overall Rating

Value: 3 out of 5
Reliability: 4 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Performance: 4 out of 5
Styling: 5 out of 5
Comfort: 5 out of 5

Yamaha SZ-R Tech Spec

Engine type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC
Displacement: 153 cc
Bore & Stroke: 58.0 × 57.9 mm
Compression ratio: 9.5:1
Maximum power: 12.1PS / 7,500 rpm
Maximum torque: 12.8N.m / 4500 rpm
Starting system: Electric Start
Lubrication: wet sump
Cylinder layout:
Single cylinder
Clutch type: Wet, multiple disc
Ignition system: C.D.I
Fuel supply: Carburettor
Battery: 12 V, 5 AH (10 AH)
Headlight: Halogen bulb (12 V, 35/35 W)
Primary/Secondary reduction ratios: 3.409/3.000
Transmission type: 5 gear constant mesh
Caster/Trail: 26 degree/99 mm
Gear ratios: 1st-2.714, 2nd-1.789, 3rd-1.318, 4th-1.045, 5th-0.916

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29 Responses

  1. hey. i am very confused between two bikes. one is this one and the other is suzuki gs150r. Please suggest me which would be better for me. I am a student. I have to ride around 40kms each day. I would like to go on for some long drives too with my bike.

    Reply soon and thanks. :)

    • I suggest yamaha bcoz i using dis its nice. its a gud one for long drive and comfortable. it has ergonomics to long drive.

    • yamaha SZ R is more better for u…bcoz it is very comfertable and better mileage….60-70 kmpl on highway…in city 55 kmpl

    • hai frnds
      i m anoop .im going to buy a bike.but my parents push me to choose only honda ,hero honda and yamaha.and the price should be less than 70 000 rs.so i go for surf and atlast i found sz r.i m impressed with the model .but i cant trust its performance.i dont know why?i m confused with the model and price.

  2. As you said you are a college going student, the Yamaha SZ-R should be a better ride for you. You can stop on the bike undoubtedly as it is better styled and gives good kmpl.

    Good luck

    • Are the tires of this bike dangerous on long drives or on a rainy day…………can we change the tires to better mrf tires once we buy it……………..and are there any problems with only button start………….is cbz extreme a good choice or this bike where power is not that important by the can u tell me how is this power considered i mean is 12.1 is very low when compared with the cbz power…..and also the kick start is it so important and for long drives which is the best.

      • The tyres of this bike aren’t dangerous but they do limit the available grip. If you can find the right size tyres from MRF, you can fit those. Nowadays, manufacturers have provided maintenance free batteries to their electric start only bikes. It wouldn’t be a problem.

  3. what is the gear shifting patern
    that means 1 up 4 down or any other???

    • Gear shifting pattern means the way manufacturer has configured the way of shifting gears. Manufacturers like Bajaj and TVS for their 4 speed gearboxes usually have all down pattern while the universal pattern is 1st gear down and rest all up.

  4. Hi to every one,

    I am planning to buy yamaha sz-r, but i am really confused with this. My friends are saying that the spare parts are not available in market and also i am little bit concerned about the lack of kick start. If i keep the bike without using it for a month and trying to start ….will it start without any problem? There is no pass light also when compared with discover 150cc.
    Friends! please suggest me whether i need to go for sx-r or discover 150cc. Expecting for your suggestion.
    Thank you.

    • The SZ-R is a competitively priced product and you can go for it without any apprehensions.

    • Hi Rajkumar,

      I hope you already got Yamaha SZR. Because, there is no problems with the spare parts at all. Also, you can add kick start feature by paying just 2K extra. Even FZ series, Fazer also doesn’t come with kick start by default. Discover doesn’t look as good as Yamaha SZR. You will be impressed with SZR than Discover for sure.

    • hi friend,am havng an szr,u can surely trust dis bke,wthout kick start is not a problem,yamaha is provided a power full battery,and also from my experience am tellung that szr is really superb,nd gives better performance

  5. hi i m a marketing person i m plan for go to 150cc segment i select the following 3 models 1.SZ-R 2.Hunk HH 3.Gs150r pls suggest me. i very confusing pls guide me

    • It would be the Hero Honda Hunk.

      • thanks for u r reply. now i m using Bajaj ct100, minimum 80 km per day i must drive. so i m expecting the following parameters 1. built quality 2. mileage 3. normal maintenance. i m not worry about stile or look. please snuggest me the best one

    • Go for Yamaha SZ-R very great comfort for Long drive .and gives mileage more than Hunk and Pulsar

  6. Hai… I am a college student. Please suggest me a right bike… I saw Yamaha Sz-R. It had nice look… May i add kick start and pass light to it??? My another suggesting bike is Pulsar 150… Please comment it and send it to my email id…

  7. Hi guys.I am a college student.I want to buy Yamaha Sz-R.My friends suggest me to go for unicorn or hunk.Is it advisable to buy SZ-R as there is no kick start.I drive 10-15 kms per day.I am confused. Please suggest me.

  8. I hav a sz-x bike nd i want to know whether it is possible to attach kick start as it is very important in case of overflow.i want to know when it will be available to us……please reply soon…………………………

  9. hi friends i am just married i am 26 years old i plan to buy szr whats ur suggestion friends pls reply soon

  10. Guys..nice reviews by you all..thanks for the information..does Yamaha SZ R gives milage upto 55-60 KMPL??

    I am more concern about the milage of the bike..So please suggest me if i can go with SZ R.

    Warm Regards,


  11. Hii…iam planning to buy a Yamaha SZR….iam a new rider almost learning to ride also my height is 5’6..so should i buy this bike because i like it?If not then what bike do u suggest?

  12. Hi all,

    I am planning to buy SZ-R. My doubt is, can the tvs tyres be replaced by MRF tubeless? & about mileage is it true it gives 50 kmpl in city. any sz-r owners acknowledge it?

  13. Hi all,

    I am planning to buy SZ-R. My doubt is, can the tvs tyres be replaced by MRF tubeless? & about mileage is it true it gives 50 kmpl in city. any sz-r owners acknowledge it? please reply soon

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