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Yamaha Ray to have a 125cc engine

The Auto Expo that had been conducted back in January 2012 is still coming alive in the news once in a while. The Expo had gathered great many to its Delhi venue and had endorsed many a car and bike companies’ leading and upcoming products. Amongst such models Yamaha also had its fare share of products, one of which was ‘Ray’ (which will be the pivot of this article) that made its presence at the Expo.

Yamaha Ray is a scooter, from the popular two wheeler chain of Yamaha. Nothing much has been revealed about the vehicle, but we are speculating that Ray is the (already much talked about) 125cc scooter, that Yamaha had long promised to bring to life. Yamaha directors had in their investor presentation announced that the company is soon to launch a 125cc scooter. As stated, this is part of their business strategy here in India. However, the company didn’t make any statements on whether or not Ray is the 125cc scooter, but if you can join the dots, you will arrive at only one obvious logical solution.

Yamaha Ray to have a 125cc engine

Yamaha has been having a great run, both in its homeland and also abroad. They notched up their domestic sales to 450000 units while gathering a 15 percent growth. But the company aims even higher to hit that elusive 25 percent growth in volume by 2012 and estimates an export of 190000 units. Their analysts have punched in some numbers and got results that indicate that the company is within striking distance of 32 percent domestic growth and 12 percent export growth, from its Indian operations by 2012. This year itself the sales were quite impressive with the company selling up to 340000 units domestically while sending out over 170000 units. Yamaha is pulling all stops to pull ahead of their competitors, and for this the company has fallen back upon their trusted dealers. The YBS dealers form the trusted more experienced group whereas the YBC group is formed by dealers in far flung rural small shops. Not only that the company is also venturing in on striking up new dealerships and is aiming at a dealer base of 2000 by the end of next year.

Yamaha is looking at ways to expand its Indian enterprise to enable them to reach a 10 million mark here. They are looking for fresh plot location to set up new ground work to boost their chances of meeting the projected mark. The company is taking great strides and making quite a headway into the two wheeler market in India, and it seems they will be engulfing its competitors by the end of 2015 if they wreck havoc at this rate.

Yamaha apart from plans to introduce a 125cc scooter, they also are aiming at hitting the 150cc segment (deluxe) with 20 percent market share. They already have a 15 percent shares in the industry due to its SZ launch last year. And with more and more working women hitting the roads, and zooming away on their scooters, the possibility of making tremendous business is here.

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