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Yamaha Neo – Upcoming Yamaha scooter

Yamaha this Japanese make is looked as upon a dedicated manufacturer of 2 wheelers in the biking industry of India. Yamaha Neo is another prizewinning bet from Yamaha into the scooter segment. Yamaha Neo 50 is soon to be launched Yamaha baby that is expected on the Indian grounds by May 2011. Yamaha Neo 50 is housed with finer looks and mind bending fuel efficiency.  Yamaha Neo 50 has got 49.2 cc displacement engine that is assemble with ample features which gives improved power out put as well. This well designed engine from Yamaha flaunts CDI technology ignition. This scooter is offered with both options that is kick start as well as Battery start,Which gives you easy starting in all weather conditions. Yamaha Neo 50  in India will be targeted towards female and beginner level riders.

The enhanced  alloy wheels makes this scooter more robust and smart in terms of looks. This entry level scooter from Yamaha will surely set a blaze on the Indian market as Honda did with its Child Activa. This 49.2 cc engine will definitely provide its user with ample power that makes it a tough contender in the scooter segment.

Yamaha finds the market greener with female riders as well therefore has strongly targeted this Scooter for everyone. The non gear drive system which this scooter posses is something more special from other scooters in terms of technology and reliability. W3ith more responsive transmission from Yamaha you can really predict this vehicle to be more prompt on Indian roads.

Yamaha is putting a sticker price tag of rupees 30,000 only.

Yamaha Neo Engine Power plant

Yamaha Neo 50 has got 49.2 cc, air cooled power plant. This fuel efficient scooter from Yamaha may be the best in its class, due to competitive pricing and fuel efficient engine. Neo 50 is coupled with latest technology offerings from Yamaha and is therefore seen as an adorable child of Yamaha. Yamaha Neo 50 engine has got 40.0 mm cylinder bore and 39.2 mm cylinder stroke. This power packed engine from Yamaha is capable of engineering 2.09 kW at 6,750 rpm and 2.98 Nm at 6,500 rpm. This sleek designed awe inspiring scooter from Yamaha has got CDI technology as one of its strong USP.

Considering the pick up this engine has got a displacement capacity of 49.2 cc. This Yamaha engine is mated with V-belt automatic gear system. The gear system in Yamaha Neo 50 is definitely the best and will give stress free ride experience to its buyer. Zippier acceleration and better drive-train has been claimed by Yamaha with this entry level scooter. Pick up is definitely not an issue when Yamaha is mating the engine with such responsive engine and gear system, although higher Rpms is not that suggestive in this bike. Yamaha Neo 50 in India will be offered with a overpowered engine that makes it more appealing as compared to other makes in this segment.

Yamaha Neo 50 Fuel Economy

Yamaha Neo 50 is claimed with a fuel economy of 45 kmpl which is somewhat impressive for a scooter with this engine. For better performance Yamaha has given air cooling technology and when it comes to better starting Yamaha has give a electric start feature for Yamaha Neo 50. This scooter from Yamaha is a perfect city scooter that has got any many features which makes the ride more pleasurable on city road conditions. Longer cruising is also reliable but not fun. Yamaha Neo 50 has got a fuel tank capacity of 6.1 litres which includes a reserve of 0.5 litres.

Yamaha Neo 50 Appearance

Tempting word can be best described with Yamaha Neo 50. This is one of the best sensational scooters of  today’s generation due to its finely designed aerodynamics and exquisite colour schemes. This scooter from Yamaha will definitely grab a lot of eyeballs every time you stop at traffic signals. Yamaha has given a beefed-up body that even matches up with the power plant of this scooter. The every first look on Yamaha Neo 50 made me think Yamaha for sure will Grab a lot of consumer base in India like its bike did. The alloy wheels coupled on the scooter makes it pleasing to eyes as well as it is one of the strongest points that that makes this light weight scooter and sturdy in all ways. For better stability and control Yamaha has worked a lot on its frame and braking abilities and this makes it worth taking a test ride. Classy designs from Yamaha expertise and finer body frame that provides its user with more reliability and durability is worth every penny that you pay. Coming to the craftsmanship of the scooter you may find its turn indicators more  beautiful. Handlebars on Yamaha Neo 50 is one such thins that will let you weave among the busy Indian traffic with ease. Easy for gripping and maneuvering  can now be done with utmost ease, for female riders as well.

Rear view mirrors are also a charmer due to ts color schemes and exquisite shapes. Step up seats will definitely prove as a boon to female riders, while the pillion seats are placed at normal height. Step up seats adds to the overall dramatic factor of the bike.

Yamaha Neo 50 handling

With wide wheel base and perfectly placed handle even beginner level riders can be expected for better performance. Considering the stability and control you know Yamaha will definitely not disappoint you. With the latest shocks and suspension equipped on this scooter you can be sure of bump free ride experience, every time you hit the road. Impulsive braking system from Yamaha expertise can make ]the ride more pleasurable.

Yamaha Neo 50 Photo Gallery

Yamaha Neo 50 ProsIn

  • Flattering looks
  • Ample speed
  • Best Suited for female as well as beginner level riders.
  • Competitive pricing

Yamaha Neo 50 Cons

  • Still tine for its launch

Yamaha Neo 50 price in India is estimated to be in the 30,000 range. This is with no doubt a competitive pricing from Yamaha.

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  1. The honda activa has good 110cc engine but has old-tech front shocks and small 10-inch wheels and bulky looks. The suzuki access has good 125cc engine, good front telesopic shock absorbers, but only 10-inch wheels and boring looks. The TVS wego has 12-inch wheels 110cc engine, but looks too longish and ugly. What india needs is a 125cc scooter with 12-inch wheels, telescopic front forks, sporty looks, and also capacity to transport a gas-cylinder in front, as this is india and utility is important for a scooter.

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