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Yamaha India All Set To Have a Separate Sales Unit

Yamaha Motors is flourishing in the domestic (Indian) two-wheeler market and they are budding progressively, with the aim to obtain utmost profit out of the said market zone, they currently have determined to split its marketing task into a separate unit.

As per reports, Japanese two-wheeler giant is intensifying its manufacturing capability as well as product range to accomplish the challenging goal of 10% market share in the country by next year (2014).

And because of this growth, the top administration sensed that boasting individual entities for handling manufacturing jobs, sales and research and development (R&D), will be more operational as compared to the existing single entity model.

The reports added that the sales division will be named as Yamaha Motor India Sales. In addition, Mr. Masaki Asano will serve as the Managing Director of Yamaha Motor India Sales.

Yamaha Motors

India Yamaha Motor will deal with the constructing job, whereas the novel research and development (R&D) centre will be handled by a separate unit that has to be declared.

Mr. Roy Kurian, national business head sales at Yamaha Motor India Sales make confirmation about the said development.

Mr. Roy added, “This will assist us in having apparent focus. We just have to trade and the manufacturing process will be handled by the subsisting entity.”

Mr. Roy also said that aside from producing a clear focus on a variety of functions, the firm is eyeing cutting cost and promoting its margins via this move.

“At the subsisting cost points, we are not finding the margin, which we imagine we should obtain, but this is all going to alter. There are complete host of cost slashing plans being attempted in order to improve margins,” Mr. Kurian added up.

“This move will definitely improve the profitability. We are hopeful of improving our margins by 50-60 % in the coming years.” he added.

The company’s sale figures have been going up, however they are still not obtaining revenue from the domestic market, in actual fact they are receiving losses every year. The collected losses for the firm remained at Rs. 1,358 crore at the end of the year 2011.

Yamaha R15

In the year 2011, the company registered losses of around Rs. 241.66 crore as compared to Rs. 632.31 crore losses in the year 2010. Via its managerial reconstituting, the firm is eyeing to break into profits this year (2013). The construction unit i.e. India Yamaha Motors will concentrate on bettering operational competence and cutting input costs whilst sales firm i.e. Yamaha India Sales will concentrate on ramping up brand and marketing motorcycles.

A few sources stated that the company eyes to lessen the input costs by approximately 5 to 10 per cent. For this, they will seek to discuss with vendors for a lower value and will make use of other proposals like part and stage sharing amongst their product and other measures, so they can earn utmost revenue out of the sale facts. The split off call was sanctioned in the month of January, together with settling the measure to establish new and different units that could be operational in the next 2-3 months; the sales unit will have its headquarters in the city of Chennai.

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