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Yamaha FZ16 Vs Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler: Who Makes it!

Yamaha FZ is the guise in the Indian two wheel market and enjoyed its position of being the most styled motorcycle until Honda decided to turn heads to its ride. Honda in 2010 brought the Dazzler. In styling perspective the Dazzler is comparable to the FZ16. The updated version of the Unicorn is the Dazzler that is performance packet and is with lots of Honda goodies. Will the most loved Yamaha FZ16 lose its glory in the hands of the Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler? This is the right time to put both of these titans to test.

Engine and Powertrain

Both of the bikes the Yamaha FZ16 and the Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler are powered with a 4 stroke single cylinder, 2 valve.

Honda Dazzler carries a displacement of 149.1cc that produces maximum out put of 14 bhp at 8500 rpm. The Yamaha FZ has 153 cc engine that puts out maximum power of 14 bhp that is equal to the Dazzler but the FZ does this at early 7500 rpm, thousand rpm earlier than the Dazzler. Dazzler produces peak churning power of 13nm at 6500 rpm where as the FZ produces 13.6nm doing 6000rpm. With this it’s very clear that Yamaha FZ produces power early than the Honda Dazzler, till now the FZ reads quick. Let’s take them to road.

Honda Dazzler is happy to run at high rpm where most of its peak power happens at high revs where as on the FZ it comes fast. Early power generation means the ride is city friendly and can easily make through heavy traffic without much drama.

Both of the engines are highly dependable as they both are Japanese makes. Honda is known for their smooth engine and so does the CB Unicorn Dazzler. Engine installed on the Yamaha also feels rock solid and its smoothness is comparable to the Unicorn, but the only place the FZ feels substandard when the Dazzler takes it on high rpm.

Both of the rides are with 5 speed gear box that has very little to be compared. When ridden I feel the Honda Dazzler gear shifts are harder for positive and feels solid than that on the Yamaha FZ. Every gear settles well in its place and that feels good. Shifts on the FZ come in slicker fashion and sometimes you’ll just leave the hope of finding the neutral. Both of the bikes carry single shifters and both look stylish. The clutch of the Dazzler is smoother than on the FZ, hence Dazzler riders can do a power shift and make a run when the light turns green.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler: 4 out of 5

Yamaha FZ16: 3 out of 5

Styling and Make Quality

Dazzler took the FZ16 with is rev friendly engine and smooth transmission in the previous section but the happiness wont last long for Dazzler, now it’s the beauty contest.

Yamaha FZ was brought much before to the Honda Dazzler in this way Dazzler should be with updated styling, the statement doesn’t stands true. FZ makes its own class when it comes to styling. FZ borrows its styling from its international cousin FZ1. If you look both of the bikes you’ll come to know how much they have added to a 150cc bike. From its head light to its rear every thing looks similar to the 1000cc FZ. To make the FZ16 look as if it’s with a bigger engine, Yamaha added front cowl below the tank that looks like a radiator found on bigger bikes. FZ is also the first Indian street ride to receive those size tyres, its tank carries fiber panel that looks part of fuel tank but it isn’t. It’s been more than two years of its existence still Yamaha FZ makes every other ride on Indian street run to a beauty parlor.

Honda Dazzler is better styled than the previous Unicorn, it is the most evolved version that received not just cosmetic changes but also is with added features. Dazzler dint received same type of response for its styling like the FZ received two years back. Since Yamaha took cues from its international lineup, Honda followed the story and took styling from Honda VFR1200F. The front looks large with tank shrouds that starts from the tank and goes really down till the block head; this again gives a look of holding a liquid cooling radiator. Form the front the Dazzler looks athletic but the rear is too lean to match the front look. Apart from the front tank shrouds the rest of the bike looks simple and carries nothing much impressive to talk about.

Side panel, rear tail assembly and grab bar on the FZ16 is much better than that on the Dazzler. The built quality of the Dazzler kisses the tail of the Yamaha FZ16. FZ carries more Plastic and fiber yet every thing is done neat and gives you feel of riding a bigger and better ride. This time Honda lost its place to Yamaha for built quality.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler: 3 out of 5

Yamaha FZ16: 4.5 out of 5

Chassis, Seating and Handling

Both of the bikes use time tested diamond frame chassis. Honda in 2003 brought the concept of monoshock in India and gave total undiscovered experience of riding; it’s truly a wing rider Unicorn. In the front Dazzler features telescopic forks that is conventional but functions well and the rear receives adjustable monoshock.

Yamaha FZ showed a bigger picture. To match the overall large appearance of the bike it carries 41mm telescoping forks that can travel up to 130mm. Its double fat tubes don’t just add muscular style but it’s also more practical than that skinny once found on the Honda Dazzler. The rear damping is received through mono suspension coloured in yellow.

While cornering the Honda Dazzler behaves well but its front footpegs spoils all the sporty feel. If you feel the position of the footpeg is wrong? Honda repeated its mistake and took a commuter bike like handle bar, there is nothing sporty in it. I don’t know is this something that Honda dint think upon or Honda wanted to give its riders the comfort of a 100cc bike. The five spoke alloy wheel is wrapped with 110 mm 17 inch tube free rubber. The kind of tyre Dazzler has nothing special but does keeps riders confidence on a higher side.

Coming to FZ, we all know that it carries country’s largest set of wheels. It has footpeg placed backwards that makes perfect rider geometry. With its wider foot print on the tarmac FZ feels anchored and you won’t even realize you are actually rubbing your footpeg while cornering.

Dazzler has two tone seat cover both of the part are broad enough to inhabit full size grownup males easy; this again clues that Honda made the Dazzler a commuter friendly ride that trades-off sport feel.

FZ has narrower seat and the seat further narrows on the rear, giving a very painful ride to passenger. Also on longer rides the grab bar may give a pain to those with larger butts. First time FZ riders will feel very different riding it but with few kms rolled out it becomes a fun thing. The fuel tank having plastic concavity on the FZ gives a better grip than nothing to much talk about, Dazzler.

Both of the bikes are placed in the 150cc premium category so we expect them to give a sporty ride. Honda has mistakenly made the Dazzler a commuter bike; they should have placed it in the commuter category with a loose price tag.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler: 3.5 out of 5

Yamaha FZ16: 4 out of 5


Honda after a long time went digital with the Dazzler. The digital console of the Dazzler looks decent with blue backlight. The console holds dominating analog tachometer with small rectangular digital screen. The digital information center shows speed, time, trip and fuel level.

Honda has kept its tradition of not providing kill switch alive even on the Dazzler. You’ll also miss the pass switch on the instrument panel.

Yamaha brings smile on face with its sporty looking console resting above the oval shaped headlight. FZ has every thing that Dazzler misses. The only thing I miss on the console is an analog tachometer. FZ is with digital tachometer and rest every thing is digital. Backlight is orange and can be a problem while in the sun.  The digital console consists of speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip calculator, fuel and a separate fuel gauge that is least trust worthy. Console is multi layered has lots of geometrical shapes. The rest of the console receives indication lights. The switch quality on the FZ is better than the Honda Dazzler.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler: 4 out of 5

Yamaha FZ16: 4.5 out of 5

Speed Test and City Performance, Braking

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler is rev friendly bike, meaning maximum power is generated at high rpm inverse to the FZ. Both of our test subject’s carries almost same displacement engines but the Yamaha has done a smart work with the design and made the FZ lighter than the Dazzler.

The 0-60 kmph figure reaches early on the Yamaha FZ despite of carrying a beefy tyre. On a straight test FZ took little less than 5.5 secs to arrive at 0-60 figure, where as the Dazzler did it taking full 5.5 secs and even crossed it. Well this is because power comes early for FZ.

As soon as we took the rides further, Dazzler started to show its true spirit. Making the needle reach the red area Dazzler reaches 100kmph consuming lesser than the FZ; full one second less.

If I don’t go with the broacher the Dazzler does a top speed of 110 kmph and the FZ manages to reach only 106 kmph. Dazzler reaches the triple digit speed quicker than FZ. FZ feels rock solid on road even after 100kmph but its engine feels stressed out and every kmph after 104 comes with struggle.

Both of the rides will most of the times run in city like conditions and hence over there FZ is a better performer than the Honda Dazzler, thanks to its early torque generation. In the city FZ feels well planted on the tarmac even when an 8 wheeler passes by. Dazzler is quicker than the FZ but it lacks the pulling power that’s needed the most when stuck in traffic.

This also means that FZ16 will manage to leave first from the signal.

Yamaha FZ16 Photo Gallery


Dazzler comes equipped with 240mm disc in the front and it also has a 22mm rear disc. Brake package is sourced from Nissin. Dazzler performs better than Unicorn and its updates also include 110 MRF tubeless tyres. With disc on both the ends Dazzler undoubtedly stops better and quicker than FZ.

The rear of the FZ receives conventional drum brakes but still FZ keeps in control, thanks to its beefy tubeless rear tyre. In the front the Yamaha FZ has 267mm KBX disc that has a better bite compared to Dazzlers Nissin. Both of the bikes have reasonable stopping but the Dazzler shines over FZ as it has disc on both the ends. Control wise FZ is far better ride than the Dazzler.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler: 4 out of 5

Yamaha FZ16:
3.5 out of 5

Fuel Efficiency

When Unicorn was introduced in the 150cc segment it was the most fuel efficient ride beating the Bajaj Pulsar on margins. The now Honda Dazzler is no different to the old Unicorn in the kmpl stats. In mixed condition the Dazzler manages to run 50 kmpl and has a range of 600kimoleters with 12 l fuel tank.
FZ is not only the worst performer in this comparison but is also in its segment. Yamaha FZ16 is all time fuel thirsty machine and the matter of fact is that it isn’t fast enough as the Bajaj Pulsar and consumes more than a Pulsar does. In mixed condition with one liter of petrol FZ managed only 42 kms and on highway it gives 45kmpl, the figures are very poor. The fuel tank can haul 12 liters and can make the bike run 500km before you run out of fuel.

No doubt FZ and its other series are most styled rides available on Indian road; this styling comes after paying a heavy price. Yamaha FZ16 price in india settles at Rs 72,000 OTR. If you are thinking to stop on other variants from the FZ series then think again because they cost even higher.

Honda Dazzler has received some noticeable updates than the previous Unicorn. Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler price in India is rounded at 71,500 OTR the difference is not much between the two rides.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Photo Gallerry

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler: 4 out of 5

Yamaha FZ16: 3 out of 5

The Bottom Line

The time of truth has come. Yamaha FZ scores a high of 22.5 points out of the total points of 30. On the other hand the Honda offering Dazzler scores 22.5 out of 30 points leaving the comparison to a tie.

Both of the bikes are with their own special set of skills. Only style won’t make a ride successful, it has to be practical and perform as it’s expected to.

Dazzler is a bike that has received lots of Honda goodies. It has complete refined engine and has acceptable ride quality. Both of the bikes fight on similar pattern. Dazzler looks good and its styling is not the best but is acceptable. On the other hand the Yamaha FZ16 is the coolest looking dude in the 150cc segment. Yamaha has changed the way Indian two wheel market was seen in the past and this is also one of the reasons Honda got tempted to bring something that is equally styled. If I had to choose one I would have chosen the FZ series over the Dazzler.

It’s a tie but the tie braking decision lays into your hands. Dazzler is for those who are in their 30’s who want to have a little matured and commute friendly ride and over above they are looking for fuel economy. The ride can also carry a pillion well no problem to girlfriends and wife’s.

Yamaha FZ has special set of audience. It suits youngsters the one who are still making their living on pocket money or have recently got employed.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler V/S Yamaha FZ16

Honda CB Unicorn DazzlerYamaha FZ16
Maximum Power14 Bhp @ 8500 rpm14 Bhp @ 7500 rpm
Maximum Torque13 Nm @ 6500 rpm13.6 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Gears5 Speed5 Speed
ClutchWet cableWet cable
Bore x Stroke57.3 x 57.858 x 57.9
No. of Cylinders11
Chassis TypeAdvanced Design Diamond FrameDiamond
0 to 605.19 sec5.5 sec
Ground Clearance162.00 mm160.00 mm
Fuel Tank12 ltrs12 ltrs
Wheel Type5 Spoke Alloys5 Spoke Alloys
Suspension(Front)Telescopic Hydraulic Shock AbsorbersTelescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
Brakes(Front)Disc 240mm267mm Hydraulic Disc
Brakes(Rear)Disc 220mmDrum

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3 Responses

  1. Fz16 beats dazzler in style and use of technology. Fz16 has thicker front forks and stronger rear monosuspension than dazzler. Also, the bigger front disk brake of fz16 is much more effective than dazzler front disc brake. It also has midship muffler for great balance.

    The old big unicorn frame is designed for 18-inch wheels, but honda has given dazzler smaller 17-inch on same unicorn frame. Big blunder by honda. This results in bike looking short and funny. Only plus point is rear disc brake. But rear disc brake without ABS is risky.

    • dear friend…….. thanks for being a reason for a good laugh……… who told u rear disc is risky…….. haha . uknow honda is not a company that came up yesterday…….. they designed dazzler after a series of experiments……. ok.. its rear disc guaretees safety……….. even in the wet road…….. fz is good only for who never mind performance and fuel …….. n also its a good machine for city drive as its generates good power in lower rpm…… but when it crosses 60 its acceleration is gonna dead…….. mean time dazzler flies without even a smal vibration…….. it goes without any hesitation up to 100 ……
      dear first go n ride this allrounder dazzler… n make a your own opinion……. m sure u gonna correct your comment. ( stop your imagination )..

  2. well said friend…!!!! Only style doesnt matter. Dazzler has everything which is needed by a professional who works in office, students studying in collages. I mean like, it suits very well to both the young hunks and old people…!!!! Wat about the mileage friend?…!!!! Dazzler is far better than fz which gives mileage of 35-38, whereas dazzler gives 50-60 kmpl….!!!! Dazzler goes smoothly even at the speed of 90 or above without any vibration. Of course, fz is a bike which can b a selection of rich guys who need only style…!!!! I am going to book a dazzler within this month. And am really sad that i will not b able to get black coloured dazzler, but can get the red one delivered immediately…!!!! Waiting for that moment very eagerly…..!!!!

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