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Yamaha Alba ES another Japanese Fighter

The ‘abhi gaya abhi aya’ 106 cc bike from Yamaha has left no chance in attracting the Mileage conscious Indian buyers. You might have already seen this endorsement of Yamaha and will surely have a big question mark in your mind which I had in my mind until now that is why didn’t Yamaha strive to make this bike more appealing. The answer would rather say you should thank your lucky stars for having such a bike in the market that will give you healthier fuel efficiency in this generation of rising fuel prices. You should rather remember the bike is not meant to look fancy but is actually meant for delivering fuel efficiency. When a maker is offering fancy bike, it will cost more definitely than an average looking bike with above the average features enabled in it.  But Yamaha has given this bike competitive pricing and the compromised looks of this bike can be stated as one of the strongest reasons why the price of this bike has been pressed down.

Yamaha Alba ES Powerplant

Coming to what’s there beneath you won’t be surprised to find the 106 cc displacement, Air cooled, 2 valve, 4 stroke, SOHC engine. This bike is mated with 4 speed transmissions that is capable of generating 5.59kW at 7500 rpm and 7.85 Nm at 6000 rpm. The wet multiple clutch is a perfect combination for this engine from Yamaha. This bike to make it handier is equipped with kick start and battery start option. Now you no longer have to keep your engine on because of the all new battery start which is offered on this entry level bike. This bike even assures its users with better fuel economy as well. This engine has got 49.0 mm bore and 56.0 mm stroke which is quite impressive. The CDI ignition system used in Yamaha Alba ES in India has helped in a lot many ways to improve the overall performance if this bike.  This bike is designed to handle any adversary even with this small engine.  Yamaha Alba ES with its mind bending 106 cc engine easily attains naught to sixty within 14 seconds with gradual acceleration. This bike touched the speed of 83 kmph on the speedo at extreme acceleration.

Yamaha Alba ES Fuel economy

The 13 litres of fuel tank will definitely give you superior reliability for longer distance cruising. Once you hit the fuel gauge to the extreme you will come to know the improved fuel efficiency which Honda delivers with this bike. The SOHC engine used in this motor plant will definitely give you a healthy fuel efficiency which you have always expected and dreamed of. The average fuel efficiency that is delivered on this bike is 67 kmpl, which is comparatively good. Moving silently this Japanese model will make it on the Indian grounds.  This bike will definitely prove as a tough challenger to Honda Twister CB. This entry level bike from Yamaha will definitely impress the mileage conscious buyers of India.

Yamaha Alba ES Control and Handling

One of the main factors behind Yamaha Alba’s ES success story among rural buyers is the riding position that the bike posses.  This bike from Yamaha behaves like a sporting yet practical machine that delivers good mileage. On the basis of ride and control I came to a conclusion that this bike is definitely a combination of practicality and performance. The conventional braking system used in this bike proves it as a better show stopper when it comes to instant braking. Yamaha advises its user to apply brake eventually in order to get skidding ride experience. The longer rims offered on this entry level bike has helped to attain greater stability and control. Suspension of this bike is not very up to date but the performance it delivers might impress you. The alloy wheels not only make it more attractive but even bestow with reduction in the overall weight of the bike. The wheelbase has made it more effective on road as well as highway road conditions. The practical suspension is comprised of telescopic hydraulic front fork and at the rear you have hydraulic adjustable suspension. Indian roads need that extra blow and this suspension makes it to the finish line with impressive results. Coming to the handling Yamaha Alba ES in India is a new experience unlike other entry level bike. The spot on handling from Yamaha Alba ES was much impressive. I found the ergonomics to be more appealing than Yamaha CruxR. The seating placement was so finely designed that it made it look like a 125 cc bike. The long seats provided with extra comfort although if you consider the looks it looks like an out dated bike in this generation. The footrests and foot peg offered on this machine gives comfy and pleasure to the rider as well as the pillion. The fuel tank of Yamaha Alba ES gives adequate knee recess for this bike, which makes it handy with all types of riders. The adjustable rear shocks make it more comfy. With stable ride experience on sharp corners and turns I found the bike to be worthy of the price. Basically I found this bike a good one to bet or even would call it Dark Horse.

The hard lined styling features used for this bike will definitely impress the youth with heart kind of persons but won’t impress the Indian youth of today. This bike is equipped with R1 inspired turn indicators that gives it look like a small sports bike. The flowline and curves has definitely made up this time inn the 106 cc segment. Macho front cowls give this bike more macho feel. The aerodynamics and finely designed body is truly an effort of the Yamaha expertise. Black tinted windscreen although small looks like a head.  The front fender that shares the identical body colour gives better contrast and makes it pleasing for eyes as well.  The carvings on the fuel tank and the cut throat graphics makes it more attractive. Yamaha Alba has got analogue instrument panel which gives this bike below the average statement. There is a turn indicator on the meter console. The well positioned seats will definitely impress you on a long distance touring experience. The heat shield that has been assembled on the rear has got an upspring position which makes it one of the best ones until now.  The style statement of this bike is class apart.

Yamaha Alba ES Price in India is rupees 39,000. with this competitive pricing Yamaha will definitely grab a lot of consumer base.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Better Fuel Efficiency
  • Average looks


  • Less responsive engine
  • Lacks enhanced braking
  • Enhanced suspension

Final Verdict

Yamaha Alba ES is definitely the best one in the commuter segment with good fuel economy and up to the mark looks.

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