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Why multiple spark-plugs in a single cylinder engine?

To understand this, we need to understand a very common yet misunderstood concept of ‘knocking’ in a petrol engine. Remember when you would borrow your dad’s Yamaha, kick-start and go on ride like there is no return? You may have observed a knocking sound from the engine at times of sudden acceleration. It would give you goose bumps and you would pull the throttle with more excitement. Well, to begin with, acceleration aint causing the knocking in you engine.

In a 2-stroke or 4-stroke petrol engine, knocking is caused by detonation of the fuel at high temperatures. When the spark ignites, the air-fuel mixture near the spark-plug gets ignited. This ignited front travels to the remaining air-fuel mixture causing the portion of fuel at the end of combustion chamber, farthest from the spark to heat up and detonate under high pressure. Thus, knocking occurs with a ‘bang’ sound from your engine.

DTS-i engine

Now the smart guy, Glynn Kerr Tokyo RnD, developed a technology- the DTS-i engine. Digital Twin Spark ignition uses 2 spark plugs instead of a single spark plug in a single cylinder to improve fuel efficiency, better engine performance and reduce pollution. And now all the new Bajaj motorcycles have this technology over the cylinder head. The new 200NS has taken it a step further to triple spark and giving a spine chilling 23bhp. This technology also reduces knocking and how. As we’ve seen earlier, the knocking is caused by un-controlled combustion of the fuel at the end of the combustion chamber. Now that we have a spark-plug at the other end of the combustion chamber as well, Hurray! Good-bye knocking.

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