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Which is better: a Scooter or Bike?

There is always a clash that either to go for a bike or scooter.

Both of them are doing successfully with their respective buyers, but a doubt always remains in our mindset whenever we go for the purchase at dealership. Nowadays, bike/scooter makers are doing differences in their products to cater them distinctly for males and females.

At present, scooters are picked by a mix group of customers which consists college students especially girls, housewives, office going uncles, old aged, traders (for loading their not so big luggage on footboard) and many more, while on the other hand bikes are preferred by enthusiasts, young office goers and college boys.

Both of them are served with different purposes but their motive remains same i.e. daily commuting. Starting with scooter, it can be said that it has much relaxed posture for city rides, no clinching gears, comfortable seating arrangement, loads of space for our holdings, a trunk for secured helmet and an easy driveability. On rolling down the list of pros attached with bike, it can be named as better mileage (compared to scooters), additional top speed, powerful torque strokes, good ergonomics for highway rides, rigidity and outgrown wheelbase with elongated shocks to comfort on uneven tarmac.


Analyzing each of them, one can find scooter more comfortable in city but though it hits the pocket harder in terms of running cost. However, the bumps are also not meant to be under estimated as shorter wheelbase tends to collapse the whole when it is contacted with some obstacles at high revs. Therefore, maximum limit can be stretched up to 60 kmph for safe ride.

Bike marks its existence much before than scooters. It was the only option available in replacement of horses when development took the world by storm. Advanced models of today are a lot better and beefed up in every aspect than its predecessors. Out of the total, only two major drawbacks surface the (biking) phenomena and they are space scarcity and gear shifts. Both of them can be overlooked if one is provided with upgraded comfort level and more grunts.

On the conclusion, it can be said that our mindset needs a two wheeler without the hassle of gear including some more spaces. This treading had been identified by Piaggio who had just launched the Typhoon in international markets. It is expected to arrive soon in India as well. This beefed up 150cc, sports larger forks and grown up wheel diameter without the truffle of clipping clutch grabs.


Just to add as a reminder, TVS had also made an attempt to this conclusion, but it seems to be off track. Some days back, the bike maker had launched ‘Jive’ provided with gear shifts excluding the support of clutch. In fact there was no clutch luke on the handle bar itself. But though it didn’t reached to the target to what it was meant for.

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