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Valentino Rossi unhappy about insufficient time for testing bikes in winter

Ducati’s Valentino Rossi has strongly criticised cutting down the testing time in winter for a given MotoGP season.

Dorna Sports, rights holder for MotoGP, had reduced bike testing days to 8 during the testing in winter.

Valentino Rossi voiced that this reduction in testing time hampered a manufacturer’s potential to effectively develop their bike for a season adding that factories need time to test number of things during a bike’s development.

Rossi sarcastically says he thinks it’s incredible not having to do more tests as for him and Ducati it potentially increases recovery time by 10 folds. He said they needed to try various things, but said it wasn’t possible to do so and considers them to be in a worse position.

There were 2 days of testing after the race in Valencia, but other than that the remaining 3 preseason sessions were cut down to 8 days. Teams would be visiting the Sepang circuit two times with three days of testing each and final preseason outing is 2 nights at Qatar, Losail circuit.

Final preseason testing is scheduled ahead of a MotoGP season that according to Valentino Rossi’s perception isn’t enough. Bike testing days in a season are also reduced to 8 days. The reason behind cutting down testing time for a season is the sports body adopting cost cutting strategies due to economic crisis globally.

Valentino Rossi

When questioned about current testing time allowed for manufacturers, Rossi further strongly discarded ideas of money cutbacks from a manufacturer’s viewpoint that negatively forced factories’ objective in the development of a bike.

The 2011 season was bad for Ducati as reduction in testing days hampered Ducati in its development of the GP11.1. Ducati has been finishing poorly this season that sees the Yamaha and Honda dominating the tracks.

The restriction in the number of testing days has really affected Ducati, and Rossi suffering his worst season so far. At Misano, he finished 7th best and was 27 seconds behind the winner Jorge Lorenzo. He also claimed that his scenario is worse than perceived.

Rossi’s claims make sense as teams need proper testing time in order to develop a bike for a season. MotoGP isn’t easy either from a driver’s or a manufacturer’s standpoint. No wonder he looks dejected after a very bad season with Ducati this year. He’s probably sensing if he’d stayed back at Yamaha he still would’ve had a good season. Whatever Ducati’s going through this season only adds more salt to their wounds given the restriction strategies adopted by Dorna. This further confirms him not being that excited about the race at Motegi rejecting Dorna’s claims that the racing area was indeed safe.

Ducati claim sufficient testing time wasn’t allowed for them to test the GP11.1 heeding to their worst start this season. This is hard to justify as Honda and Yamaha are not complaining at all. They’re still going great guns whether they lacked enough testing days or not. Ducati need to stop complaining and dig deep into finding solutions for the next season’s GP12 bike for time’s already up for this year’s season with a dismal performance with the GP11.1. Rossi claiming the current situation for him is far from worse is true looking into what’s happening to him in the races. Furthermore, Stoner rode the same bike and never complained of its setup whereas both Hayden and Rossi look confused on the bike.

Ducati did test after the Misano race at Mugello under tight security and were not in a mood to reveal where they were heading to after their poor 2011 performances so far. Ducati’s boss even took Honda’s name as they’d not be revealing what they’re testing on until finally satisfied with results. Testing in Mugello was rumoured about Ducati using aluminium frames instead of carbon fibre, which were rejected by Ducati who’re still adamant about not revealing until they wanted to. Rossi did fall while testing in Mugello, but escaped unhurt and not damaging the bike to any extent and continued to test until late in the evening. He said he was happy about the GP12’s prospect.

Ducati are already on the lookout for a rider for their satellite team further creating doubts on the riders’ head about whether Ducati is the bike for 2012. Whether it’s the critics or just a bad pass for Ducati needs to be seen.

Dorna, as a responsible Sports body, has its reasons for implementing the restriction in testing time of a bike. They are looking at a global situation here where most countries are facing some sort of an economic crisis. Cost cutting seems to be the only alternative according to them, which in a way sounds reasonable, but probably not so with top manufacturers who needed to be testing their bikes more to get optimal results. There are various processes undertaken when testing a bike, and for effective results, time is the only solution they can hope for.

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