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TVS Wego Review: Upscale among Honda and Mahindra

Scooter industry was a declining market in India, until Honda brought its Activa that kept the scooters segment alive and kicking. Honda Activa rejuvenated the scooter market and continues to be the industry leader in the scooter segment. In recent time there are many new players debuted in the two wheels segment including the Suzuki Access, Mahindra Rodeo, Duro and others. For 2011 TVS offers the TVS Wego and expects to have a bigger share in the scooter segment.

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TVS Wego is targeted for the youth and is packed with lots of features that add utility; if you are in between 18-25 go for it. TVS Wego is surly not a ride if you are a serious commuter and at times carry lots of luggage or you travel wearing office details, you wont like to look funny? Activa is a better option.

Favorite Features

  • Body Balance
  • EZ Centre Stand
  • External Fuel Cap
  • LED Tail Lamp

The Design

I think TVS will create a fortune for its self in the scooter market, better than its bikes with the new Wego. The design of the Wego is comparable to other latest offering from Honda and Mahindra and at points even surpasses them. According to TVS, the scooter is with forward inclined design. On a scooter unlike a motorcycle the engine is placed on the rear. This means major portion of the weight is on the rear wheel. What TVS have done is that they have designed the Wego in such a way that the rider weight is shifted to front wheel which enhances better grip on the tarmac and stability while riding. The design also contributes to the overall styling where it looks futuristic and agile.

Looking at the ride gives an impression of a Japanese make. It looks sporty and sleek. Like the iconic Honda Activa, the TVS Wego in India is with full metal body. Metal body does contributes to the overall weight of the scooter but more importantly it makes its body easy repairable and makes it rugged to survive the beating from the Indian roads. Also the added weight to the scooter makes it survive the breeze of a passing truck.

The headlight mask is with lots of lines that adds athletic look to the ride. Wego has multi reflector car like halogen head lamp that makes things visible even in the darkest nights. Its car like headlamps ensures that you are seen by others and you see them better.

Don’t get surprised looking at the speedometer, Yes the speedometer looks car like with large twin dials. The shape of the fiber casing looks similar to the Honda Activa, the one on the Wego is surely more styled.

To get an aggressive look from the front TVS has designed the front indicators like an eye and also its multi level reflector looks very fresh. Many things are car like on the TVS Wego in India. Wego receives LED tail lamp adding safety and style. Also the key ignition has a glow ring around that helps at night.

The fuel filler cap again on the Wego looks similar to that of a car. Wego also features mobile charging outlet.

Under the saddle the space available is comparable to Honda Activa where it can haul a full face helmet along with a note book and a plastic bag. TVS provides the front locker as standard.

Also the hassle of getting up off the ride while refueling the ride is removed as Wego has external fuel lid. Many will find this convenient, just stop, fill and go. I personally like this feature and always wished to be on my Honda Activa. Since the fuel filling cap is out side there is little more space freed on the inside of the scooter. Also you can get your phone charged in the safety of under seat lock. The surprising feature on is Wego’s seat lock and fuel cap lock. Both of them uses a single key, clockwise key rotation opens seat and anti clock opens fuel tank cap.

TVS has tried very best to write the success of the TVS Wego in India.

To make it easily and quick up on the main stand TVS uses its own patented technology which they call EZ Centre Stand. This effort by TVS may sound too little but it really makes a different especially when you are offering a vehicle for everyone. Making a Honda Activa stand on its center stand is not an easy task especially when you are a female and are too tired returning home from work. Hence this is acceptable.

TVS Wego Photo Gallery

Engine and Performance

TVS Wego has 110cc four stroke engine makes 8 bhp max when the engine runs at 7500rpm. The engine is very smooth on the Wego smoother than the engine on the Activa. Acceleration comes with no price; the ride is torques enough to make through city traffic keeping full saddle engaged. Its 110cc engine is not as powerful as the Suzuki Access125, but is reasonable to be in the 110cc segment. Reaching 60kmph is easy and after 65 every thing comes with time but again that’s a usual case in the 110cc segment.

Riding Impression

In the front TVS Wego has telescoping suspension. Not all scooters in this segment has telescoping front suspension, Honda Activa lacks it. TVS emphasizes more on the handling and ride quality of the Wego. The latest commercial of the Wego demonstrates the rides capability towards body balancing. This is for the first time an Indian scooter is being featured having body balancing. The center of gravity on the Wego is inclined towards the front unlike those other scooter having towards rear. This makes the ride control the scooter with minimum input adding better stability. The suspension package on the Wego is Indian road prescribed. It’s telescoping front forks makes the ride to take every pothole smooth and the rear has nitrogen filled suspension that provides better shock absorption than the conventional fond on Honda Activa and other scooters.

Fuel Economy

TVS Wego with its 110cc engine easy manages to run 51.57kmpl. The kind of fuel economy is not class leading but it surly is respectable.

The Bottom Line

TVS Wego is a scooter with refreshed styling is promising with many new upscale features. The built quality is right and acceptable. The TVS Wego price in India settles at Rs 42,600 ex showroom Pune. Pricing is in the middle but towards the lower side when compared to Honda Activa and Mahindra Duro. TVS Wego is packed with features that are near to impossible to be found on other scooters currently available on the self and it also has segment leading handling.

TVS Wego Specification

Engine: 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder
Displacement: 109.7cc
Maximum Power:
8 Bhp @ 7500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 8 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Gears: Automatic
Chassis Type: High Rigidity Under Bone Type
Cooling Type: Air Cooling
Ground Clearance: 145.00 mm
Fuel Tank : 5.00 ltrs
Wheelbase: 1275.00 mm
Headlamp: 1:2V, 35W/35W
Wheel Type:
Wheel Size: 90/90 12 – 90/90 12 mm
Suspension(Front): Telescopic
Suspension(Rear): Hydraulic Damper Nitrogen Charged
Brake(front): 130mm Drum
Brakes(Rear): 130mm Drum

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9 Responses

  1. hi,
    I wanted to by Honda Dio. After reading this article and the new Wego I am now left confused should buy the Dio or the Wego?
    can you please help me out I am going to by in this week.


    • Obviously TVS WEGO is nonparallel to other scooters in its segment, even better than HONDA ACTIVA. I am enjoying the ride and its after sales service and is highly pleased, which was beyond my expectations. My other friends, who have purchased Dio or Activa, has also shared the same view of mine after exchanging each other’s vehicle. So don’t be confused, it will surely be a wise decision to go for WEGO.

  2. I would suggest you to go for the Honda, Dio a time tested model.

  3. hi,
    I want to buy a gearless scooter,after searching every brand atlast i confused in two models-1.HONDA ACTIVA 2.TVS WEGO.both having own advantages & Disadvantages now i am in trouble that i have to book one brand today plzzzzzzzz help

  4. Hi,
    I am looking to buy a 2 wheeler with requirements as mentioned below.

    *Should have good looks and light weight
    *good mileage
    *Value for money

    I have these options in mind
    *Honda dio – like this one,however heard it doesnt like good mileage and foot board is not so much comfortable :-|
    *TVS Wego.
    *Hero Honda Pleasure

    I am confused between Dio and Wego.Which one would you to suggest to go for.


  5. Hi i want to buy 102 cc or 110 cc for my wife i am confuced whther to buy hero pleasure or Tvs wego or mahindre duro or honda dio

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