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TVS MAX4R Review- Born Utility

TVS Motors took a very innovative approach in reaching the rural market with a ride that’s next best option to a three wheeler. TVS researched and understood well what those residing in rural India needed something that could take things to places affordably. In city condition a motorcycle is used for daily commutation and also to have fun on the weekends. The same is not the case with people residing in most of the Indian villages.

Here nearly 70% of the population makes their living depending on agriculture and related activities. That’s a good thing where most of them are self sufficient, but sad part is that their purchasing is very low where they can’t afford to have a pickup truck. This is the place where TVS new offering, the TVS MAX4R comes into action. It’s a savior for most of the villagers out there. TVS offers a product a two wheel utility vehicle that can do, almost, every thing a three wheeler does.

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TVS MAX4R is a utility truck with two wheels. It’s the only option to carry 400kgs keeping safe.TVS MAX4R is not a commuter motorcycle. Its four rear shock absorbers on the rear are almost dysfunctional with only rider.

Favorite Features

  • Four Rear Shock Absorbers
  • Early Torque Generation
  • Value for Money

TVS added a load carrying capacity of 200kg and to do this they added four rear shock absorbers, yes it has a pair on each side. Now it’s a risk factor to carry that kind of load on two wheels. In rural, people don’t only carry heavy on two wheels but they even overload their tractors and tempos to an extent that it would do a face up. They don’t even spare their two wheel motorcycles. People carry more than 300kgs on a bike that is made to take two people to place and not to be used as a goods carrier. Its sounds illegal and totally unsafe, but this happens only in India.

The Design

Apart from Apache and other bikes, TVS started to work on a bike that would take people and goods to places safely. Manufacturer knew that people are any ways using conventional commute rides to carry load so why not produce one that’s really made to carry stuff. They brought in the TVS MAX4R in India.

Legally TVS MAX4R is prescribed to carry 200kg of load along with the rider but when the ride came into the hands of these simple people they loaded the ride nearly the double of the suggested weight and the bike supports well.

To be doing this the new TVS MAX4R is with four shock absorbers resting in the rear. The setup is similar to that comes in truck with extended axle carrying capacity. The axle is the deciding factor in a truck to how much load it can carry, in our case TVS added some addition shock absorbers and doubled the carrying capacity.

TVS has created a controversial design, I had never seen such a thing before not even in the international market. The rear shock absorbers works like the leaf spring that comes is a heavy duty commercial truck. When the TVS MAX4R is ridden with a single rider the rear springs has no movement, it seems to be dysfunctional and all the damping work happens from the front telescoping shock absorbers. You need to weigh 90+ to set the springs into action.

To really know its functional side in the field, TVS had offered some bike for test to some of the real time bike users who carry lots of weight. Company gave them freedom to do what every with the bike. In response the bike was made to carry aluminum made milk containers, potato filled commercial sacks, and ever other thing they did with other bikes. TVS got good response and went on putting the workhorse to serious action.

Carrying 200kg on a conventional motorcycle is not an easy thing. Most of the motorcycles that are used to carry weight in the rural are with broken tail lights, ripped off indicators and rear side panel that nearly lost its existence.

People at TVS knew this and they added with company fitted guard arrangement to keep things protected and functional. The tail light looks popping out of the rear and protects its self keeping by away from the rear. Fit and finish quality of the installed indicator protecting guard is upscale. Most of the innovation happens in rural India. TVS got the idea from the rural and gave it back to rural. Before the TVS MAX4R was introduced villagers used to plug a stick in to the grab bar that kept the indicators protected from the banging of sacks and also engagement of long sacks with the movement of rear wheel. Also the main stand can be employed easily keeping on the bike. The stand easily carries 300kgs without any sign of regret.

A pickup truck has a bed in the rear to carry weight, TVS MAX4R in India has removable rear seat that becomes a pickup bed. A removable rear seats sounds practical but it’s very difficult to pluck it off and one may find it even more difficult to put it back. The problem can be overcome with lots of practice.


Done with the carrying utility now is the turn for the heart of the motorcycle, its engine. By just looking at it, it will remind you of TVS Star and it is virtually but on the inside it has different story to tell. TVS guys tuned and refined the engine to survive the beating coming from heavy load. After tuning, the result engine is respectable.

The engine generates peak power of 8.3 bhp @ 7500rpm which is same to the Star engine; the magical work is done in the torque generation. Peak torque generation of 8.3 nm happens at 5500rpm. Its high torque generation at lower rev makes the bike lift off with 300kgs from still easily and makes the ride to freely run at 40kmph with all that weight. The engine is also with an oil pump that makes sure the engine has running oil all the time. The engine is just perfect to be working on a two wheel goods hauler.

TVS MAX4R Photo Gallery

Riding Impression

For a city commuter carrying a 300 kilo load on the back is a difficult task and it becomes more difficult when carrying those huge can of milk. The same task looks so easy in the hands of the one who is used to carry so much load on a motorcycle.

Have you ever tried riding those Atlas cycles having two large cans of milk on either side? I’ve tried it and you should too. Carrying liquid is always tacky no matter on what vehicle you are carrying it. In a container liquid has its own mind and always tries to wobble the ride with slightest of movement in the container. Well carrying milk is not an easy task but experienced riders shouldn’t find it difficult.

To handle heavy weight stopping TVS added the ride with 130mm drum brakes in the front and the rear. The kind of brakes passed the safety test to stop a ride weighing 200kg but in reality it is not that good like its sounding here. There is a need for front disc but then it would rise the selling price, most of its owners are happy with kind of brakes the ride carries.

TVS MAX4R receives spoke wheels that are using special forged material to survive the pot holes even when fully loaded. Critics say that the ride is with only start option, kick start and the engine can’t be started from any gear. I think the ride has every thing perfect. Self start would be a good option when the bike is fully loaded and you want to save fuel while stopping on the signal.

Fuel Economy

Another sad thing on the bike is that it has nothing to show the fuel level. You are on an 80km journey carrying lots of load at a place that has with very little accessibility to fuel station and the mishap of empty tank happens.. what would you do? Call 911 funny isn’t it..

Its 109cc engine gives a run of 57kmpl and when the ride is fully loaded and never crosses 40kmh it runs 52kmpl.

The Bottom Line

TVS MAX4R is not a guise in the two wheel industry but its surly is the only two wheel goods hauler available. I think India needed such a ride and TVS proved its efficiency by doing it first. TVS MAX4R price in India settles at Rs 37,590 ex showroom Indore and OTR it reaches to 42,000. Price should not interfere its sales. TVS MAX4R caters to niche market and it’s the only option available until three wheels become cheaper.

TVS MAX4R Specification

Price: Rs 37,590

Engine: 4-stroke single cylinder 109.7cc
Max power: 8.28 bhp at 7500 rpm
Max torque: 0.85 kgm at 5500 rpm
Transmission: 4 speed Gear Box
Chassis: Single down tube type
Brakes: 130 mm drums front and rear
Suspension: Telescopic forks (f), 4 shock absorbers (r)
Tyres: 2.75×17-4 ply, 3.00×17-6 ply
L/W/H (mm): 2005/733/1055
Wheelbase: 1240 mm
Kerb weight: 118 kg

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  1. wow this is so cool. i never new bike exists before. it has four shock absorbers in the back. is this the only ride in the world to have such a rear 4 spring design???

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