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Ride Experience While in a group

Riding Tips
Article by Jerin Jacob
Let us first consider things you’ll need before jumping in for a long ride with your friends, to the next happening destination out of your town. Pushing your way on bikes and racing ahead of time is one of the most idiotic things to do when you have planned an adventure filled ride experience with your friends. Motorcycle Ride Clothing Motorcycle gloves Motorcycle Insurance Motorcycle Helmets Motorcycle Saddlebags Below are some tips that can ensure you of safe and stress free ride with your friends to longer distance. Before starting off with your journey it’s of utmost importance to know your bike as well as fellow riders well. Small Group : Keeping the group small or limiting to [...]

Helping Yourself to See Others

Featured, Riding Tips
Article by admin
I have already discussed how to make your self visible to others, but that alone won’t help you to win the visibility battle. Always keep your eyes wide open on road, always keep them moving-don’t freeze them on something that fascinates you even if there is Aishwarya Rai in the car beside you. Don’t just freeze your eyes on any thing on the road. Avoid flexing you neck to see an accident scene, if you are really eager, park the bike aside of the road at a safe place and stare at what ever you like. On the riders seat the only thing you got to do on a speedy highway is keep looking. Look to the side, look ahead, look over your shoulders, and look into your mirrors. Always keep [...]

Checking the Bike Before you Ride

Riding Tips
Article by admin
It’s always a wiser thing to find wrong things with your bike at right time, because its not a cool thing to drag a broken motorcycle along the highway side. Spending a minute to check the ride may avoid mishaps with the motorcycle. A special attention needs to be taken while checking a motorcycle before the ride especially if you are planning for a long tour to the mountains. I have made a seven box check list so keep on reading to know them all. #1 Check the Tyres Tyres are the most important parts of your bike, you and your motorcycle depend on it. On high speeds if an engine breaks down you come to a hault, but if any of the tyre quits it may bring serous problem. On every long ride, [...]

Riding Tips: What to wear when you ride

Riding Tips
Article by admin
Wearing essentials while riding a two wheeler. First I would like to greet you and congratulate for being guided to this page. Here I will be sharing my experience to keep you safe on road and especially in India. Motorcycling has grown considerably in India and also it’s the world’s second largest two wheeler market. In recent years motorcycling is looked in a very different way as we Indians are not only using motorcycles for daily commuting but are also using bigger and better motorcycles for leisure riding tours. We at Indiandrives provide you with motorcycle resources but are also concerned for your road safety. The best way to do this is making you aware how to go about keeping you [...]
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