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Surviving Special Situations, Part 2- Rain, Wind and Animals


Riding in rains, especially in India, is a bad experience. Rain gear should be always handy during the monsoon no matter how sunny the day is, things might change quickly be ready for it. Always wear rain gloves and rain shoe and make sure they fits you proper. Loosely fitted gloves and shoes may bring down your braking capability.

The first rain is always harmful and this is the time when most of the motorcyclists loose ride control. First rain water goes in to all those dimples of Indian road and it’s not plain, it’s a mixture of oil. Yes with first rain all the oil stuck on other vehicles drain and make the road slippery. At times of first rain it’s always a wise decision to stop for a cup of tea; who knows the rain may stop in 15mins and you don’t have to wet your rain suit. With few rain pours the oil gets washed out with flowing water to the side of the road. However a dry road is always better with traction as compared to a wet one. Double your attention on road when it rains, be safe.


Strong winds especially on long ride can bring some problems for the rider. A 40kmph wind from the side can make riding a little bit difficult but squally wind is the worst. If the wind from the side is pulling you too hard lean a bit into the wind to maintain your position. Keep the motorcycle that side of the lane from where the wind is blowing. A big blast of wind may hit you always keep your self ready to face it.


The biggest problem arises from mans best friend and a domestic animal- the dog. Most of the dogs, I don’t know why, urge to chases motorcycles specially the one which makes noise. There are some dogs that don’t chase our ride but often try to cross our path. Now don’t let this distract and cause a spill, follow these simple rules:

  1. Slow down before you reach the animal.
  2. If you are passing these animals please do not kick them, the act of kicking may miss balance your ride.
  3. If you feel the animal is going to cross the path or he is very near to the road slow down.

If you are on a country road going to your native place or out for a weekend beware of cows and buffalo and such other large domestic animals. When ever you see a cow or a buffalo make sure you slow well in advance and don’t pass fast even when the cow passes you because these animals always remain in group and they are too slow. Let the whole herd of animals pass and then you pass.

Hitting a buffalo on high speeds may be deadly and hitting an animal with a motorcycle on the road is not the right way to put animal protein on table.

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