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Showcasing in Valencia of Mahindra’s 2012 Moto3 Machine

Mahindra Racing, the MotoGP team from India, latest their latest Moto3 competitor, the MGP30 (pronounce three oh) on 6th November at MotoGP world championships final round in Valencia. Mahindra, in the current season, started competing in the 125 cc category of the MotoGP championship, thus becoming the first Indian company ever to participate in the world’s premier racing series. This is for the final time that the 125cc class will be racing in the MotoGP championship. From 2012, the 2-stroke-powered 125cc is being replaced by 4-stroke 250cc machines; this class will be called as Moto3.

Launch of the Moto3 racer of Mahindra Racing was done by Anand Mahindra, Vice President and MD, Mahindra & Mahindra, at Spain’s Valencia circuit. This bike has been jointly developed by Mahindra along with Engines Engineering, the Italian motorcycle race specialist firm. The bike will be powered by a 4-stroke fuel-injected Mahindra-homologated 250cc single cylinder engine. Motor of the bike has been developed by the union of Oral Moto Ltd (A joint venture of Oral Engineering, the Formula One race specialists, and Two-Wheel Design Group) and Mahindra. Tubular steel chassis has been provided within which the engine has been packaged. Lightweight aluminum has been used to craft out the swingarm. The racer proudly sports the red and while colors of Mahindra Racing. The MGP-three-oh is expected to be a machine on which will ride a lot of dreams and hopes.

Showcasing in Valencia of Mahindra's 2012 Moto3 Machine

Speaking on the occasion, the Mahindra and Mahindra MD, Anand Mahindra said that he had been watching the progress that his racing team had been making in the 125cc class in the current season and was now delighted to be present at Valencia race circuit to get a first-hand view of the wonderful spectacle that the MotoGP provided. He also said that he was doubly delighted to get the opportunity of unveiling personally the MGP30 of Mahindra Racing. The Mahindra Group MD also stated that whenever they set themselves any challenge, they employed ingenuity, serious commitment and determination towards succeeding. The final year in the 125cc class of racing has been used by the company as a learning curve while at the same time; they had been developing the MGP30 bike in Italy. Mahindra was proud of the achievement of their team of riders and engineers in the present year and was very excited on the prospects of watching their new bike participate in the 250cc class racing in year 2012. Mahindra’s strong commitment towards the Moto GP meant that they would be they would be there for a long time and intended to achieve success too.

Later in the day, the occasion became even sweeter when Danny Webb of Mahindra Racing secured the team their first-ever pole position at the last race of the MotoGP’s 125cc class. With the riders finding their speed as well as the machines getting ready to match the competition, it looks like that there is nothing to stop India’s only company at the MotoGP. All the best to Mahindra Racing!

Showcasing in Valencia of Mahindra's 2012 Moto3 Machine

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