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Rise out from Equipment Failures

A properly maintained motorcycle is always less prone to the possibility of equipment failure. Any mechanical parts no matter how well maintained are subjected to failure so do not panic just do the following.


This is frequent problem for many of them on Indian streets. Your good quality rubber should be in right air pressure and should be changed when its tread are worn. Possibility of a puncture is less with well maintained tyre.

What should you do when a tyre blows out while riding?

  1. Do not apply brakes when your tyre blowout. Braking hard will make condition worsen. If you are at high speed your bike will start wobbling, you can apply brake but the one with a good tyre. Try to pull your bike to the corner of the road and make a safe stop.
  2. Leave acceleration and let the bike stop on its own, aggressive acceleration will throw you off the saddle.
  3. Most of the high speed tyre burst happens with the rear tyre. Hold on the handle bar as firm as possible. The bike will try to throw away from the saddle as the rubber starts hitting against the pavement. In such a situation always do one thing- try to keep the bike moving in a straight line until you stop.

Stuck Throttle

This is the worst nightmare for any rider and I am sure many of us might have faced this.

This is a common problem with old rides or even new once can have this problem when the acceleration cable sticks into something. Most of the current motorcycles come with kill switch, this is the first thing you will be doing if your throttle stuck. As soon as you kill the acceleration take a safe path towards the side of the road.

Now problem grows with those without kill switch motorcycles. In such case the first thing you would be doing is pulling on the clutch and turning off the ignition. And if you are on higher gear try to find the neutral gear as soon as possible.

Broken Clutch Cable

A broken clutch cable is alone enough to make things worsen on a highway. Imagine you are on 80kmph on the fifth gear you see traffic in front, you pull the clutch to lower gear but the pulled clutch never returns; what do you do?

It’s not a good thing but not dangerous. You can shift the gears without a clutch, Yes you can. This is not advisable unless you run into such kind of emergency. Easy the throttle and shift down the gear, it works.

While stopping search for the neutral or else be ready to halt with jerks.

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