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Riding Tips: What to wear when you ride

Wearing essentials while riding a two wheeler.

First I would like to greet you and congratulate for being guided to this page. Here I will be sharing my experience to keep you safe on road and especially in India.

Motorcycling has grown considerably in India and also it’s the world’s second largest two wheeler market. In recent years motorcycling is looked in a very different way as we Indians are not only using motorcycles for daily commuting but are also using bigger and better motorcycles for leisure riding tours.

We at Indiandrives provide you with motorcycle resources but are also concerned for your road safety. The best way to do this is making you aware how to go about keeping you safe on road when along with your motorcycle. The art of real motorcycling is not only with developing your own skill on the bike but also includes understanding traffic and things around.

To start I would like to discuss the very first safety precaution on a bike i.e. what will you be wearing on your ride? Proper gearing is very important when you go for a leisure ride with your partner or even while commuting in city. Knowledge of proper gearing will make your ride comfortable and enjoyable too.

The following are the most essential wearable

  • Helmet
  • Eye Protection
  • Jacket
  • Pants
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • RainGear
  • Hearing Protection
  • High Visibility Gear


Helmet is a universal safety wearable essential. It’s the most essential and most basic protection when you sit exposed to all sorts of road mishaps on road. There is nothing un-cool to wear a helmet. Today there are lots of designer’s helmets offered by reputed helmet manufactures in different sizes ranging from extra small XS to extra large XL. Choosing right size of helmet is very essential as a helmet stays on head for long time.

After the size you should choose the style of helmet that suits you. In most of the cases a full face helmet is recommended as it covers your head as well as full face. A perfect size helmet should be fasten properly as an unfasten helmet may leave your head at the time of mishap. All of the helmets sold in India should be carrying an ISI mark on it. An ISI mark on the helmet ensures that it is made with basic impact standards. Helmets today are available with varied price tag. What ever you buy, make sure that you check the ISI mark on it and avoid duplicates. Starting price for an ISI helmet is Rs500. buy one that suits your pocket and face and remember to fasten when riding the motorcycle.

There are no reasons for you to avoid helmets as most of the helmets are made out of light materials, I would suggest helmets manufactured by Studs. A helmet not only keeps you safe but also protects you from wind slaps and also reduces noise level reducing fatigue level. Human skull is the strongest bone in the body; a human skull can take impacts but can’t survive high speed impacts or strike coming from a high density object.

Eye Protection

Riding a motorcycle with exposed eyes is a gamble especially in India. Eyes are very precious and needs little to get injured. Wind shield those found on motorcycles, not only on Indian motorcycle but also the imports, are not practical to stop road debris entering into your eye. Hence riders can choose to be behind full face helmet and if not should be wearing pair of goggles. Often buyers use tinted glasses in day time riding those should carry along clear glass for riding in dark.


Today motorcycles are made out of variety of materials namely nylon, denim, corduroy and leather. For city commutation you should be at least wearing a denim jacket. A jacket keeps you protected from body scratches and also keeps your cloths in their original color till you reach your work place.


Choosing right pants is very essential for long rides mostly made out of leather. A pant made out of think material resists abrasion on your feet and also keeps you protected from other flying elements. One who travels lot in a day should avoid loose pants made of cotton that flips in the air. Today a number of stores in India sell fashionable jackets and pants that can be worn while riding bikes.


Wearing a glove on the ride is as important as wearing a helmet. in the event of fall the first thing you try to do is get your hands on the ground which can lead to third degree burns on your palm. Leather gloves also keeps your fingers protected from flying road debris which can be a stone thrown by the car in front of you.


While going for a weekend leisure ride, the rider and his partner both should wear over the ankle boots. A human ankle is too complicated keep them working and protected, buy ankle boots preferably made out of leather. And of most of Indian bikers who use two wheelers as a mode of transportation, you should be wearing thread shoe design so that it holds well on the slippery road in time of wet condition.


India is a country where there are rains in almost every place. a rider should always keep rain suit handy in rainy season. You never know when you can get caught in unpredictable rains in India. After all it’s a fun experience to ride in rain keeping your self dry.

Hearing Protection

This is for all those who have bikes that generate loud notes, especially Royal Enfield models or two strokes. Engine noise and loud exhausts notes can lead to permanent hearing damage even when your face is behind full face helmet. Ear plugs should be used inside the helmet which allows important noise like car horns to your ears. Also listing to music while riding should be avoided in any case as it may be fatal.

High Visibility Gear

Make your self visible while riding in dark. People will avoid running into you only if you are clearly visible to them. Bright clothing is preferable while riding in dark. I have my friends who travel to Konkan areas in night. For such travelers it’s always ideal to wear special jackets and vest with reflectors making easy for people to see you on dark road. Reflectors strips are easy available you can use these light reflecting strips on your helmets and rear back of your shoe, every little thing can avoid major on road crises.

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