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Reason to buy Motorcycle Part 5: Mileage

Not all of us are obliged to ride on the fast lane. Motorcycles to some are a means of taking long commutes. At the rising fuel prices, there are some designers who provide relief to the old chaps whose only aim is to reach the destination without having to push their bike an extra mile.

When you hear the term, motorcycle, the first thing that comes to your head is massive engine in a small frame. But these motorcycle redefine the concept and deliver the best fuel economy with a super light frame and not so powerful engine.

Speaking of which, India is the leading market in the world for scooters. These lightweight, small engine machines can carry you, your mother, your sister, your niece and still never stop going. They are built for endurance and more for mileage. And along your journey, your spines will feel every grain of sand you tackle through.

Bajaj Kristal DTSi is an automatic scooter, with the Bajaj patented DTSi technology. But that is not what makes this scooter special. It has a 95cc engine put in a 99kg body, which gives an astonishing fuel economy of 55kmpl. With a maximum output of just 7.3 bhp, this baby Bajaj was a run-away-bride that never ran. It was discontinued shortly as the Japanese brands were dominating the scooter market.

Bajaj patented DTSi

Another scooter that has lived for generations and is the first ride of most teenagers is the Kinetic 4S. I still remember carrying LPG gas cylinders to home on this tiny machine. Under the delicate body sits a 113.5cc 4-stroke, yes 4-stroke engine that delivers 7.2bhp. It has a low centre of gravity and a CVT that gives hassle-free riding experience. Under various riding conditions and depending on the number of pillion riders, the Kinetic 4S gives a mileage between 20-40kmpl. You can still get yourself a used Kinetic in running condition for under two grands. And we just heart this scooter for what it is.

Kinetic 4S

Scooters are not the best fuel-efficient machines with the automatic transmission. A manual transmission motorcycle has more cruising abilities, thus giving it a better fuel efficiency.

Hero Honda launched the CD Dawn at a starting price of just Rs 37,000. With its 97.2cc engine, it can take you through good and bad with substantially very good fuel economy. It has very reliable, strong, has a very comfortable pillion seat, and with a fuel economy of 62kmpl, it is definitely on a diet for petrol.

Hero Honda CD Dawn

Bajaj produces the some of the leading motorcycles in every segment. The pulsar series was a super hit street bike and the 220F became the fastest Indian. However, the Indian motorcycle maker revolutionized inter-city traveling with the Platina. With the Bajaj DTSi technology, the Platina was made for the long run. Its 99.27cc of engine developed 8.3PS of power and even after years of running, it would give a fuel economy figure of above 80. The secret was the DTSi technology and the lightweight body of just 112kg. People dropped traveling by buses or trains and hit the highways to travel to suburbs for work.

Bajaj Platina

Reasons to buy a Motorcycle: Part 4

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