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Monocycle featured in Men in Black 3 was originally a DaVinci

Hollywood flicks like Torque and Fast & Furious series have some spine chilling, jaw dropping wheelies and other stunts. The latest on the block, is Men in Black III, and it features a mobile running permanently on singularity. But is it the first?

Fifteen years after the first Men in Black was introduced, director Barry Sonnenfeld is coming with the third of series, and this movie features a wicked monocycle driven by Agent J (Will Smith). Though in the movie, the radical vehicle is portrayed as an efficient mode of transport, it is certainly not the first of its kind. The invention of a one-wheeled cycle strings back to 1930, when J.A. Purves patented the Dynasphere design, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches. Two prototypes of the vehicle were built – one with electric motor and other with gasoline engines. Though, the Dynasphere made it seem like it had solved the tribulations of transport in those days, the lack of stability and impractical design owed to its early demise.

Monocycle featured in Men in Black 3 was originally a DaVinci

After a series of failed attempts by engineers and designers, one man was finally able to pull it off. Perhaps, the closest anyone has got to creating a realistic monocycle, or at least it looks sinfully attractive. Kerry McLean from USA called his creation, the Rocket Roadster. Powered by Buick-V8, the Rocket Roadster went through several tests and crashes, before McLean finally finished the product last year, and it’s called the McLean V8 Drag Wheel. And it can hit speeds up to 100mph, and that is nasty on a monowheel!

Dynasphere McLean V8 Drag Wheel

While all the aforementioned monocycles were concept designs and nevWheelsurfer made it to mainstream, there was but one product that made it into production. Christened, the Wheelsurf was introduced in 2007 and is still the only production monocycle in the world. Powered by a Honda engine, the machine is good for 30mph. However, it is not a cakewalk to maneuver the monocycle at even half that speed.

If you’re planning to buy or build one for yourself, watch MIB3 and might just get some tips from the masters – Agent K (Josh Brolin) and Agent J – themselves as they cruise through the streets of New York, pursuing the alien villain Boris (Jemaine Clement) through the streets of New York city.

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