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Mecatecno launched T12 Electric Bike for kids

Mecatecno launched a T12 electric bike for kids between 6-10 years. It is rolled out with a perception of training a kid who has an ambition of motorbiking. It will help them to do many trials for perfection by unleashing their potential. Though, parents don’t need to worry at all as it features a rider-friendly architecture and a not so wobbling performance.

It is strapped with a 0.75 KW engine at the rear which swoops in the power from three 36V 9Ah battery. Its total weight is 28.7kg and can chuck a top speed of 28km/h. The braking part is also given focus, as it is provided with a 160mm disc for the front and 120 mm rotor at the rear compiled with a 16” wheels (big enough to tackle some loud bumps). It can run for T12 electric bikes two hours on a complete charge.

Parents can also buy protective gears, side wheels and apparels for providing an additional safety to their lads.

Mecatecno launched T12 Electric Bike for kids
It comes with a sticker price of 1,099 GBP.

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