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Maintenance & Troubleshooting your Bike

Most of the modern bikes sold today are low maintenance bike, but still you should do the need full towards the ride including pre-ride checks. Make sure that your bike reaches the service center periodically as prescribed on the service manual. Service your ride at authorize service center and don’t try it at home unless you are professional mechanic.

Always keep your bike clean as dust can cover things that are about to go wrong. You can easily check the battery water level; if low fill the battery with distilled water to the marked level.

This weekend if you are going for a long ride, don’t forget to carry your tool kit along. Make sure the tool kit is with all essentials, often manufacturers provide a tool kit, don’t lose that always keep it with the bike. Also keep the owners manual with the bike. You never know when there will be a need to change fuse and you may not be aware where it is located. An owner’s manual is with all the basic lessons.

On Indian road seen a motorcyclist dragging a flat tyre motorcycle is a common sight. In such case always talk to locals for puncture repairer or keep your mechanics number handy. And if you are going for a long tour, I mean very long, than you should learn to fix puncture by your self; best place to practice is your home rather than in the desert.


Very little things may bring your bike down, don’t panic first check the most obvious.

  • Engine doesn’t Starts
    If the engine doesn’t gets to life first check if the key is on, it there is enough gas to start the engine, if you have a self start check the battery, is the battery lead loose. Check the spark plugs make sure the wire is with the plug. Also check the choke and make sure its in appropriate position.
  • Sudden stop of the Engine
    Engine does gets killed in unexpected manner in such cases check the fuel level, did you accidentally pressed the kill switch, or this may also happen due to fuse burn or carbon gathering over it. Keep necessary tools handy and clean the spark plug.
  • Unusual Ride Behavior
    If you feel something fishy on high speeds or while cornering, slowdown and pull the ride on the safe side of the road and check the tyres. Check for proper suspension travel and also look for low air pressure. Tyres often don’t run flat instantly they keep losing air to run flat.
  • If you find any problem with the ride; it doesn’t feel right, not moving in a straight line, wobbling rear, you can’t find actual source of the problem take the ride to your dealer. Always remember what problem you are facing with your motorcycle so that you can describe it well to the service personnel. Little spending at your service center can avoid motorcycle dysfunction.

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  1. pls give me a splender pro maintenence details

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