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Mahindra Centuro: Review and Test Ride

As already brimmed with the word “Centuro” in the initial week of Jan 2013, specifically alongside the launch of Pantero, Mahindra had now launched the same, but had not revealed the prices which it soon may give out the aspiring numbers in early days of July. However, nothing had affected us due to the pricing being kept undercover, but we had finally given the test ride on some of the most amazing tarmacs. The same experience we are going to share with you in this post that is basically considered to be the second most awaited attempts from the house of Indian bike maker, after discounting the one of that unfit Stallio and Mojo. The first bike was launched under Mahindra two Wheelers badge was in fact Stallio, that hadn’t performed up to the mark, yet which then gave the chance to Pantero to roll out, who is said to be doing quite well in the bit distinctly slotted target group. Well, talking about the new bike Centuro that had started reaching the dealership, is said to board such teaks which are the first of its kind in the 110cc segment. As per to our research work carried, those new tweaks too hadn’t been touched to the mark even in 250-300cc series till date, really inspiring!

Can’t wait more to learn about it, we are too eager to spill all the beans in front of you. Let’s get started.

Snipped off our legs, Centuro gave us the feel of meatier yet powerful Pantero, but here it is a complete different story to it. Cosmetics are nowhere matching the former one; hence a couple of golden ribs under fuel tank reveal more of the different styling cues than any of the other model plate in this segment. Already begin with it, we want to say that, Mahindra Two Wheelers had placed those golden painted two bars resembling the ribs of bike, as they say is the ‘trademark of Centuro’ in the given competitive horizon. A lot of thing can be done to it if the makers came adding its extra fitment/accessories on it. The next advancement in the designing context is digital speedometer and the key. Speedometer is the one with white backlit and gives off information like distance to empty and service reminders among the others. The follow me headlamps being guided by ‘flip keys’ is the first in India on any of the masses-communicated bike, that even is not be seen in 300-400 displacements project. Minute tweaks like LED lamps on the keys are too given a hint for the whole of customer oriented product. The flip bike key also do the needful when its customer wants to find his two-wheeled amongst a massive lot of bikes at the parking lot. The person too can do it without making any noise applicable when he had been recovering it at parking in the sophisticated housing societies during night and hospitals or such other premises. The distance to empty and the service reminders on the odo discounts much of the strains on mind while riding a bike. While seating on the bike, large in its segment seat is the thing to be talked off on every account. I should not say that but, recollecting to the Indian riding scenario three persons can fit themselves easily on the seat. Materials used in grab rail, handle grip, rear view mirrors, exhaust tip metal covering and everything placed out there are of the up market quality. No complaints from them at any point of time. They are the best in industry, mufflers around the bent pipe gives in a feel of sporty flair metal.

Mahindra Centuro

Mahindra Centuro Mahindra Centuro

Ace of the all is one more tweak that can be called as engine immobilizer. One can even avoid Centuro from the inevitable like theft. If getting started with the duplicate keys then it starts beeping and makes the alertness sound loud to make the nearby person aware about the theft going on nearby. It continues to beep for the next two minutes, enough for the roundabouts to get informed about this unexpected activity.

Riding and Performance:

Riding and performance, was perfect than the previous offerings of Mahindra Two Wheelers. It handles the corner very efficiently without giving any of the strains on the riders throttling and gearing extravaganza. On a single stroke of twist you can swoop past the other vehicles at ease. While the mid range is not so stretched but the refinements done to it is really to be talked off. They say, engine tuning is a bit different from the Pantero. Fuel intakes and the valve timings are slated off differently to suit the entire riding conditions. The officials too had affirmed if this formula proves successful then they would also add it to the existing model plates. Top whack and the 0-60 kmph hadn’t been clocked by us in our this ride due to various lacking but we assure we will definitely put it in a couple of days if possible or maybe the next report after swerving our hands on it again. Mileage is claimed at class leading with 85kmpl as per ARAI, but hopefully we had managed to cap in between 75-80 kmpl in the given riding condition, that had happened in by keeping acceleration constant at 40kmph for the long raided stretch of roads. This we think was against the day-to-day riding scenario but hopefully we are eager to get our hands again on it and ride the city laded figures very soon.

New Mahindra Centuro Launch

One more that contributes a lot to the ride is five-setup rear suspension. It had given us the best in rumbling road temperament than any other bike of this segment. Well, that wasn’t equivalent to the brightness of mono suspension. Looking at the dual suspension model plates it is better than many others.


Our first experience of the Centuro is better than anything else from the stable of Mahindra Two Wheelers. It is quite refined and improved on many of the aspects. One can expect some delighting type of quotient on it with advancements like flip keys, LED cluster in front and rear, find me headlamps, and follow me features like that of XUV 500 and all, so is the riding quality and comfort too. The top of all is ‘instrument panel’; it is digital and flashy to say it is this newbie must have taken the cues from racing arena of Indian bike maker named ‘Mahindra Racing’.

Mahindra Centuro 2013

One question would definitely be striking in your mind and that says, “Is Centuro better than Honda and Hero MotoCorp badges? Well, to the answer it is not exactly up to that mark, but isn’t lesser competitive than those. It stays with a lot refinement than the previous attempts of its makers. Giving a shot while looking at the price will definitely make you to lose yourself in the indulgence with it. And we finally concludes, Mahindra had taken the striding competition with another level which is first of its kind in whole segment, namely those are flip keys, follow me headlamps, LED pilot lamps and whole LED clustered tail lights, digital speedometer, distance to empty indications along with the service reminders, and many more to restrained on the exploration. As per to the brand positioning of Mahindra Two Wheelers in the industry, Centuro is the perfect answer to all the blank lying spots and also taking the competition to another level with specifically sorted exclusivities.

 Mahindra Centuro Launch

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