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Lit Motors C1 revolutionizes motorcycling

Here is a hero for all of you who whine over instability for not owning a motorcycle. Lit Motors brings to us the ‘C1′, an ultramodern fashion of transport that you don’t have to use your rear to balance.

As much as I hate to admit, the C1 is a spectacular motorcycle. It just dissolves the line between a car and motorcycle, in what appears to be a Segway meets Twizy concept. The pocket-sized shell can carry a driver and passenger, and move forward and reverse without falling over, and it does so riding on just two wheels.

Lit Motors C1 revolutionizes motorcycling

While cars have four wheels to balance and corner, the C1 sports a 3-axis gyro sensor under the seat to allow the driver to control the ride, even in the event of a collision. So much of optimism for riders boasting touch down on Jap predators. The driver sits comfortably in the shell, with a steering wheel to control the front wheels, while a 54 hp EnerTrac electric motor drives the rear wheels, pulling the C1 from 0-100kmph in under 7 seconds. Push further and the ride can hit speeds up to 190kmph solely on electric.

The California based company plans to take the concept to production somewhere in 2013. It is expected to carry a price tag of $16,000 in exchange of losing the sheer pleasure of riding in the rain and losing moment every once in a while. Scroll down to check out the video.

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