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KTM Duke 200 v/s Honda CBR250R: Motorcycle comparison


The KTM Duke 200 has very edgy look, the typical KTM street bike appearance. Not very curvy, it has kept complicated designing to minimal. Wheels are wide (150/60R17) with saree-guard placed in a fantastic manner. The swing-arm is externally placed, with stylish deep cuttings and projections on its surface, for purpose of weight reduction. Wonder what effect the rain will have on it. The exhaust has been beautifully designed to flow from ahead of the engine, to the side of the frame and ending just ahead of the rear shocks to the right side. Very practical indeed. The shocks are traditional KTM, long dampers and white spring.

KTM Duke 200 is a naked bike, which means its engine is a part of its beauty. The long engine sits gloriously on the Trellis frame. Its headlight is very macho and has a friendly appearance, which doesn’t come with most street bikes. And its good. Coming to the console, the KTM has orange display in its digital console. Unlike most, this one works pretty good in sunlight. Although its not very exciting, with horizontal dots sitting on top of the meter, which is actually the rev count. But overall it is very neat. Coming down we see upside down telescopic suspension, which btw is very broad and goes with the muscular appeal of the bike. Complementing the suspension is the split-fork wheel.

KTM Duke 200 in India

Honda CBR250 adopts its styling from its elder brother VFR 1200F. It is a sports bike with cowl and full body fairing, but not a definite head-turner. The design looks way ahead of our times, but the KTM is surely sharper and more appealing. The sportbike fairing, raised handlebars, long seats and wide tires go along really well. Though the CBR series is all sportbikes, but the 250R here, has features that make it appear from the sports-tourer family, with high wind-deflectors and wide front end. The console is analog which is very cool, as the rising revs tempt you to push a little further.

Honda CBR250 in India

Honda has kept its designs very distinctive and original. This is clearly visible in the Y-shaped headlight which gives the new-generation sport bike a very distinctive appeal. It is combined with separate left/right position lights, ensuring high visibility. The bulky front end gives high efficiency air management function that aims to achieve both, high cooling performance and low Cd value. This gives the CBR a very functional beauty.

The exhaust has a very irregular pentagonal cross-section, which is iconic for the next-gen Honda sportbikes. Muffler is made of stainless steel and coated in black, and that with the silver cover, gives a unique appearance.


The Honda CBR250 may not be a stunner on the appearance end. But it definitely makes it up with the bigger quarter-litre engine. Massive single cylinder 250cc oil-cooled engine gives an output of 25bhp @ 8500rpm. It is definitely not as powerful as the Ninja 250, but it equally quick. A torque of 23Nm propels the Honda CBR250 from 0-60kmph in just 3.4 seconds. Not very impressive for a quarter-litre motorcycle, but looking at the torque figure, it delivers maximum torque at just 7000rpm, which certainly annoys the crap out of other drivers when you cruise through the traffic.

In comparison, the KTM Duke 200 has a smaller engine; it’s a 200cc, single cylinder again, oil cooled, delivering same horsepower at CBR250. However, take a look at the rev figures, the CBR deliver the same output as Duke but at just 8000rpm, while the Duke does it at 10,000revs. This makes the CBR a faster motorcycle with a more refined engine. Carrying a long-stroke engine, the Duke has a torque figure of 19.2Nm, and again at 8000rpm, not bad for a 200cc motorcycle. Its quick and the dynamic design can get you through the city traffics almost effortlessly. With its wide tyres, long monoshocks, raised handlebars, the Duke is good off-road as well. You have to just keep the revs high, between 5000rpm-6000rpm, and tap the gear down to 3, and the Duke will take your through every good and bad in the path. There will not be any moment in your journey, where you feel like giving up the saddle, it’s a very fun to ride and playful motorcycle.

KTM Duke 200 in India

KTM Duke 200 engine KTM Duke 200 speedometer

Honda’s CBR has sporty appearance with the fairing and wide tyres. However, taking a closer look, we realize the CBR has more touring abilities. The raised handlebars, comfortable pillion seat, wide tires, good riding height and flexible riding position, makes the CBR a very good tourer. It gives a sense of confidence into corners, and you can always lean more while opening the throttle. It’s analogue tachometer is also very fun to watch, unlike the Duke’s digital cluster. But what’s missing with the CBR is the feel. The ride is so comfortable and smooth, that it gets boring after a little while. A sports-tourer is supposed to give you feeling to push further and enjoy the journey. Somehow, Honda has failed to do that.

The insanely quick CBR also comes with an optional ABS. This makes the motorcycle much safer than the Duke. Looking at the pricing, the Honda CBR250 comes at Rs 1,64,000. And the ABS version will cost you around Rs 25,000 more. KTM’s Duke is most expensive 200cc motorcycle in India, starting at Rs 1,20,000. But for what it is, its worth the price.

Honda CBR250 in India

Honda CBR250R engine Honda CBR250 speedometer

KTM Duke 200 vs Honda CBR250R technical specifications :

CategoryKTM Duke 200Honda CBR250R
PriceRs 1,20,000Rs 1,64,000
Top Speed136 kmph150kmph +
EngineDOHC, Single-cylinder 4-stroke, liquid coolDOHC, Single-cylinder 4-stroke, liquid cool
Power25bhp @ 10000rpm25bhp @ 8500rpm
Torque19.2Nm @ 8000rpm23Nm@ 7000rpm
Gears6 speed6 speed
ClutchWet Multi-disc ClutchWet Multiplate Disc
Valve per cylinder44
0-60kmph3.55 secs3.40 secs
ChassisSteel Trellis FrameTwin Spar type
Ground clearance165mm145mm
Fuel tank10.5litres13litres

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