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Kawasaki ZZR1400 Special Edition revealed

It was recently in news that Suzuki has put-in some new features on its 2013 version of Hayabusa. Now Hayabusa’s chief rival Kawasaki ZZR1400 is also all set to get some new features. Kawasaki has just announced its 2013 special edition of ZZR1400. The bike has been gifted with some essential details to give it a more appealing look. The special edition inherits all the feature of the standard model like the powerful 1441 cc 4 inline cylinder engine that delivers about half of the max torque at 2000 rpm and rolls out after 4000 rpm.

The 200 PS of power is kept in rider’s control by use of state of art Kawasaki’s traction control technology. By using the ram of the air forced through the intake, the new special edition is adding about 10 PS of more power to the bike. The monocoque aluminum frame provides the light weight structure and at the same time keeps everything at its place. The bike’s unique design allows it fit all the accessories and gadgets available for touring. The ABS system provides incredible comfort and usability during city ride and helps in increasing its feasibility for wider range of riders.

The new ZZR100 instruments and controls are updated with the latest standard with the multi-functional switch on the left handbar that controls all the system functionalities. It allows you to toggle LCD screen by use of upper/lower buttons and allows you to scroll through fuel meter, remaining range, external temperature, battery voltage, traction control etc. A select button allows you to choose your preferred setting. It is also fitted with an eco indicator that shows when rider is getting maximum mileage and fuel economy. The new suspension feels better and sporty and the revised transmission makes sure that proper power is delivered to the rear wheel. Moreover, the new vehicle has been branded with special graphics that signifies Kawasaki ZZR1400 Special Edition. So, in all it is a bike that provides a complete package with awesome looks and incredible performance.

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