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Italian biking giants test drive the Ducati Panigale

Ducati is looking forward tentatively as their blue-eyed Panigale model goes under production. The Ducati bike makers have finally announced that the much awaited bike is being manufactured at their plant at Bologna. The unveiling had been done quite some time back, in November 2011 when the team revealed their latest venture, their most treasured project. Operational plant at Bologna in Italy is going to be used to crank out these ‘most talked about’ masterpieces. It has been a while since Ducati featured amongst the big names churning out state of the art bikes.  In all probability, this bike, the Ducati Panigale will not be a dud and hold true as a testament to Ducati’s reputation.

From the Bologna plant first of the Ducati Panigale has already been out of the factory line for quite some time and has recently been test run by none other than expert bike rider, a much famed name Doctor Valentino Rossi. The biker sailed across in the testing grounds (so we heard!). The entire Italian family was there at the auspicious occasion. Everyone from the top brass was present during ‘the’ day.  The witness list for the event was as follows: the President of Ducati bikes, Mr. Gabriele Del Torchio, the General Director of Ducati operations, Mr. Claudio Domenicali and also the Plant Director of Bologna, Mr. Silvano Fini.

Italian biking giants test drive the Ducati Panigale

The tinge of excitement associated with the unveiling of this bike was observed even on Mr.Gabriele Del Torchio who stated that this bike will be in no uncertain terms, their most highly anticipated product till date, from the time Ducati bikes came into being. He went on to add that this is the perfect blend of classical Italian style and modern technology. He feels that this will again take Ducati to the world and make them overwhelm with their Italian engineering and design.

The bike will be unveiled with three variants; namely the 1199 Panigale, the 1199 Panigale S and the 1199 Panigale S Tricolor. It houses in itself a monster of an engine which cranks out 195 hp from its cylinders. However, the weight has been reduced due to the use of a novel frame model. It is powered by a Superquadro engine. Now why name it Superquadro? Well, because the bike runs on an engine that is an L Twin engine with dimensions of 112mm x 60.8mm. If rumors stand true, it is the most powerful twin engine that has taken refuge inside a Ducati chassis. Gunning in with such a powerhouse engine while sporting a sleek fabric for its muscular exterior; it hits the elusive 190 hp mark with ease. Other features are introduced which not only makes the bike functionally superior to both its predecessors and competition but also notches up the safety measures by several levels. One of the unique customizable features of this bike is that it has an electronic front suspension that is adjustable depending on the immediate spring length and damping ratio. While the powerful twin cylinder rumors are doing the rounds, the other feature that packs the bike isn’t anything but impressive. The bike’s characteristic Ducati Traction Control is obviously not given a miss. The other feature that makes up the Ducati is the Ducati Electronic Suspension and the Quick shift. Other engineering geniuses that adorns the Ducati’s most prized possession is the Engine Brake control (EBC) and the Wire throttle System Ride.  The pricing of this bike hasn’t yet been fixed but the unofficial prices of the Panigales are as follows: $24,000 for the 1199 Panigale, $25,195 for the Panigale ABS variant and around $31,595 for the 1199 Panigale S ABS variant. And it goes up quite a notch with the Panigale S tricolor variant which is presently priced at $37,585.

With the Ducati masterminds integrating all that is Italian into a technological marvel, all eyes are on the bike that is soon to make the roads back in its country and then worldwide. If the products lives up to the hype that has already created, and performs adequately to the built up sensationalism, then we are in for Ducati dominance in the biking world.

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