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Increase Your Visibility to Others- keep safe

Most of the time a car or a truck driver takes a turn cutting the path of a motorcyclist, on this he always have to say, I didn’t see him.

A biker is large on road but not large enough like a truck to be spotted instantly. Motorcyclist’s may not be as large as truck on road but are surly visible. Most of the time motorist on highway don’t see motorcyclist because they aren’t looking for motorcycles. In this case you have to get their attention towards you.

In India head lights of motorcycles aren’t automatic like those found on international models. Headlamps of sport models are hard wired; meaning headlight goes on with the engine. Most of us on Indian bikes should make sure that the headlight is set on every time you start the engine no matter how sunny the day is.

Always attract their attention…..

In my earlier safe riding tips I had said and I am saying it again; always wear bright clothing or clothing with reflectors when ever it is possible. Most of the time a motorist sees your back so make use of your back as a display. In night use reflective materials so that motorist can see you shining when a beam of light hits you.

Before you make any move on the road make others aware of your intensions. Before taking a turn or changing lane always use indicators. This makes sure that people around you are aware of what you going to do on the road. In case of hard turning or a quick turn use your hand signaling your move.

Remember to turn off the indicators after you complete your move. Riders at times forget that their turning indication is ON conveying falls information to others. This can lead you in to a trouble and not others.

People in India don’t feel shy to blow horn. Always make the rig driver in front of you aware that you are going to over take.

While riding on a highway never hide your motorcycle behind a big rig or don’t be in the blind spot of other vehicle. Always be visible and use the whole lane to mark your presence.

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