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Honda VFR 1200 F vs Ducati Multistrada 1200

War in the 1200 cc segment is something very rare to hear in India, but with so much torque on Indian roads. I wouldn’t mind to say this is World War III. With Honda VFR 1200 F in India, Honda definitely doesn’t want to miss the action that has been happening in the high end bikes segment in India. Ducati with its Multistrada 1200 definitely serves the purpose of 4 bikes. This Italian brand wants to provide its buyers with multi path usages; therefore the name itself suggests that Multistrada 1200 is definitely Ducati’s bet for serious high end bikers.

Power plant

My Google dictionary tells me that Multistrada In Italy means multi path, this sportsbike with its performance oriented character and responsive nature in almost any type of path, makes it a number one choice and therefore, even we are considering this legend as our first contender. Ducati Multistrada 1200 in India is powered by 1198 cc displacement that has got V twin, liquid cooled, 8v power plant. This massive power mill from Ducati has already set flames on Indian roads and this time the credit completely goes to Italian perfectionist for its mind bending performance and finer engineering. This power plant is capable of engineering 150 hp at 9250 rpm and 118.7Nm @ 7700 rpm. Ducati Mutistrada 1200 in India has got a top speed of 249 kmph. This engine is mated with 6 speed manual transmission. With such responsive transmission that has been coupled to wet multiplate clutch, you will definitely this bike is 4 in 1.

Honda’s trump card VFR 1200 F has definitely proved itself as a strong contender and with such integrated success in this line up, need less to say, this machine has worked magic for Honda. With massive power mill of
1237 cc displacement, and V4, 16 v engine you know this torquey motor will definitely give you chill in your ears.  This engine is capable of engineering 167 hp at 10,00 rpm and 128 .8n Nm of peak torque at 8750 rpm. This massive power mill is mated with 6 speed transmission that gives supple ride and extra ordinary performance, when it comes to being fast and furious. Honda VFR 1200 F in India is a high end sports bike for Honda aficionados which will be a perfect roller coaster ride. The red hell boy even with its massive power mill declares Honda VFR 1200 F as the God in this segment, due to its competitive performance.

Honda VFR1200F in india


Ducati Multisdtrada 1200 is definitely a worthy good looking machine that has been combined to obtain smart looks and outstanding performance. This red hell boy definitely gives you the best option if you are considering looks and outstanding performance.  The overall black treatments on hell boy make it look even more exquisite. The silver chromed engine cowl gives ita sporty look, whereas on my very first glance I found the mufflers more like after market. The Twin exhausts however are not that appealing and therefore lacks that extra punch. The yellow caked mono suspension looks as if hot lava evolving from the beneath. The mighty windshield is not only handy but attractive as well when it comes to looks and appearance. The step up seats looks as if this monster has got something more to deliver with its every performance. The instrument console that with its fully handy features looks as if this mean machine is definitely some futuristic make. The knuckle protector that has been incorporated on the handle bar houses turn indicators and that makes it the best bike of off road bikers. The rear turn indicators and LED lights are very petite and therefore make it dull boring machine.

Honda VFR 1200 F in all terms a hefty monster is a fully faired bike including engine cowl at the rear. The protective windshield has been given the curvaceous theme of the bike and therefore jells perfectly on this machine. The split up seats that makes the bike look more appealing. The silver colour schemes used on the overall body looks overwhelming from all angles. The monster disc brakes on the front wheels that has been incorporated with silver chromed alloy wheels is definitely worth every single penny that you are paying for. The mufflers are very graceful with its well groomed theme, Honda expertise has definitely put in a lot of efforts and with this machine you can bet the efforts have not laid waste. The Honda logo on the side fairing although doesn’t match up with overall looks of the bike. VFR signature below the Honda Logo looks more macho. The rear view mirror that houses the front turn indicators looks sportier than ever. The aero dynamics has been neatly sculptured which not only increases the overall looks but has managed to improve the overall performance of the bike. The cockpit is more like futuristic design as it grabbed my lot of attention, the very first time I rode on this bike. The multi reflector V shaped headlights made me remember my comic hero of all times ‘spider man’. Even the nose in this bike has lot to say. The instrument console has got traditional tachometer that has been coupled with digital displays. The rear light cluster that has been incorporated with turn indicators has definitely boosted this bike appearance. The saddle in itself demonstrates more to deliver on its every throttle pull. The aero fairing in this monster aids in easy cooling of the power mill.

Finalizing on the appearance of both the bikes the declared winner is Honda VFR 1200F.

Ride Impressions

Ducati Multistrada 1200 works more or less like a super sports bike that has got all the power and control, which is needed in almost any type of roads and trails on planet called earth. To start with I would first come to the USP of this bike. For Ducati Multistrada 1200 it’s not unique selling point but it is actually Ultimate selling point, with 4 modes of riding this bike is 4 in 1. The Urban mode, touring mode, sport mode and enduro mode provide it rider with ultimate performance on any type of road conditions. Everything is possible with this Italian perfectionist and this time you can definitely know the difference with such mind bending performance and throttle response in almost any type of road conditions. Ducati Multistrada 1200 is a performer for off-road ride experience as well. When you switch into the enduro mode, the bike itself grips on to deliver a roller coaster ride. Switching to the sports mode you can expect awe inspiring throttle response that can make you talk with winds. Touring mode definitely performs on highway road conditions and urban mode is for fuel conscious buyers. This bike definitely works very hard to deliver cut end corners every time you want to test it for extreme cornering. The enhanced suspension that is 5 mm USD that has been coupled with 170 mm wheel travel adjustment preload fork, which has been incorporated with rebound damping and compression is at the front. And At the rear you may find rear shack shocks that have been coupled with 170 mm wheel travel and preload remote knob. This enhanced suspension has helped in gaining lot of comfort and ride pleasure. The responsive braking system on the front and rear wheels that comprises of dual radial Brembo caliper (four piston) with a 320 mm disc and at the rear you have 245 mm petal disc, which is combined with Brembo two piston caliper. The broad continental tyres have helped in a lot many ways to increase the overall performance of the bike. The hard core off road experience is definitely taking a ride. The ergonomics of Ducati MultiStrada 1200 is very neatly designed and therefore gives very fine ride experience. The wraparound and knee recess makes this bike more handy and intelligent and suits very well for almost any type of rider. The roll on speed is quite notable and therefore at some points on highway even any experienced rider can find it difficult to cope with the extreme torque of this machine. This Ducati is a well rounded package that gives its rider far better performance that other bike lacks in every sense. The finely sculptured frame and chassis from Ducati expertise makes it more aggressive when you consider performance.

Honda VFR 1200 F in India is of the best looking bikes offered in this segment, but the trigger here is whether this bike keeps up with the performance of actual Honda. To start with let’s consider the wraparound or to be more precise the knee recess in this bike definitely gives extra grip and comfort to its rider.  Honda VFR 1200F is equipped with cast spar twin frame, this improves the overall ride experience in this bike. Honda VFR 1200 F has got enhanced suspension that comprises of 43mm fork cartridge that is coupled with adjustable preload spring and 4.7” travel fork in the front and at the rear you may find single side Pro Arm swingarm that has been coupled with gas shocked Pro-Link shocks which is incorporated with adjustable preload spring suspension and adjustable rebound damping which is coupled with 5.1” travel. The showstopper is quiet effective in delivering its user instant barking facilities. Honda VFR 1200 F has got effective braking system that is CBS (combined Braking system) which has been incorporated with dual 320 mm full floating disc which is combined with ABS in the front and at the rear CBS 2 piston caliper that has been incorporated with 276 mm single disc that has been neatly coupled with ABS. the D and S modes in this Honda keeps this bike in competition. The default mode in this bike is something every fuel conscious buyer of India would love to experience, while the S mode that is sports mode delivers awe inspiring performance when you are track oriented. In D mode the bike lacks cut end cornering and out of the box experience which is required for making this high end sports bike a well tourer. The bike programs itself intentionally for such on average performance in order to increase the speed of the bike. Although the bike has similar features of Ducati, this Japanese lacks that extra punch that should be there in a bike with such massive power mill and performance. Honda VFR 1200 F is definitely worth every ride due to its electrifying performance and overwhelming power.

On the ride impressions chart I would like to place Ducati Multistrada 1200 on the first position and the runner up is Honda VFR 1200F.

Final Verdict

Ducati Multistrada 1200 is definitely the best roller coaster ride for the ones who are look in for some hot action on and off road, the dirt bike inspired looks and 4 modes in this bike, makes it 4 in 1. This adventure bike from Ducati is something you have dreamed off in your childhood when it comes to riding up the mountain and squashing through waters. What is best in this bike is you can control the throttle response of the bike and set it’s per your needs and wants. Although this Honda lacks in technology that would make it upbeat it still manages up with the power and looks. If you are prone with high racing fewer then I would prescribe Honda VFR 1200 F for all speed enthusiast. This bike with its exquisite looks and mind bending power will definitely impress you on your very first date.

Honda VFR 1200 F price in India is rupees 20.54 lakhs and Ducati Multistrada Price 1200 in India is priced rupees 19.68 lakhs. With such competitive sticker price Ducati has still not managed to attract en number of buyers.

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