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Honda Unicorn CB vs Bajaj Pulsar 150 vs Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme

This time in the fight club we have there super dazzling commuter bikes, from the 150 cc segment which is now on the ruling side in India. Honda Unicorn CB, Hero Honda xtreme and Bajaj Pulsar 150 are the three bikes which are worth to be paid with a detailed comparison. These bikes have already created a buzz on the Indian roads with many loyal consumers on their side. All three makers of the bike almost provide its buyers with the same features and ride impressions but there are few impressive things that differentiate this bike from each other and we are going to tell you what are the few impressive things that set the bikes apart.

Power plant

To start with I would rather kick start the Honda make Unicorn CB. Honda Unicorn CB in India has got air cooled, 4 stroke, 2 valve, single cylinder engine. With a displacement of 149.1 cc you can definitely expect this bike to be heartthrob for many Indian buyers. This heart from  Honda can pump 13.3 hp at 8000 rpm and 12.8 Nm at 5500 rpm. This engine from Honda has got 57.3 mm bore and 57.8 mm stroke. Coming to the transmission Honda Unicorn CB is mated with 5 speed constant mesh manual transmission. This bike has been coupled with wet multi plate clutch for easy deliverance of gear shifts. Honda has even stressed on the cooling of the power mill by assembling it with 2 way air jacket which are even looked as Honda’s patent air cooling system. The Kevin CV carburetor has definitely made a big way in increasing the overall performance of the bike. Honda Unicorn CB is capable of achieving naught to 60 kmph in almost 5 second and can easily attain the top speed of 111 kmph on the red line with few efforts. I would like to give Honda Unicorn CB 4 star out of 5.4 and in terms of engine and performance.

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme In India has once again made it to the extreme this time with its 149.2 cc displacement. Hero Honad CBZ xtreme is powered by 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, OHC engine. This 4 stroke power plant is capable of providing and power output of 14.3 hp at 8500 rpm and hammering torque of 13 Nm at 6500rpm. Hero Honda CBZ xtreme is gifted with 5 speed constant mesh transmission that has been coupled to wet multiplate clutch. This improved engine from Hero Honda is said to posses’ better abilities that have helped in a lot many ways to improve the fuel efficiency of the bike. Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme has got a top speed of 115 kmph and can chase naught to 60 kmph in almost 5.2 seconds.  This engine from Hero Honda has got 57.3 mm bore and 57.8 mm stroke. Ruling the chart is Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme with 5 out of 5 stars.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSI

Without much description the name itself suggests Bajaj Pulsar 150 in India has got 149.01 cc displacement. This metal junk from Bajaj is powered by 150 cc, 4 stroke, DTSI, Air cooled power mill. This power plant that is been assembled with the patent DTSI technology and this has really worked miracles for this flagship Pulsar variant. Bajaj Pulsar 150 is gifted with 5 speed manual transmission. Bajaj Pulsar 150’s power plant from is capable of engineering 14.09 Ps at 8500 rpm and hammering torque of 12.76 Nm at 6500 rpm.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSI needs that extra pull to attain a top speed of 111 kmph and can easily chase naught to 60 kmph in 5.6 seconds.  ExhausTEC which is another patented technology of Bajaj that has improved the overall performance if the bike. Finally we have Pulsar 150 lacking not much behind with 3 and a half star.

Considering the torquey power deliverance I would like to Place Hero Honda as the chartbuster.

Fuel Efficiency

Honda Unicorn CB in India has got a healthy fuel efficiency of 52 kmpl in city and near to 54 kmpl plus on highway road conditions. Honda Unicorn CB has got an energy drink storing capacity of 13 litres with 1.3 litre reserve. In this fight for fuel cutback Honda performs overwhelmingly. Therefore I place the winner here is Honda Unicorn CB with 5 out of 5 stars.

Hero Honda CBZ xtreme is packed with an OHC engine. Although Honda Unicorn CB and Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme shares identical engine the fuel efficiency differs. With Hero Honda you get a fuel efficiency of in 50 kmpl in city and 53 kmpl on highway road conditions. The 12.3 litres of fuel tank is the lowest figure in this comparison. Hero Honda is the runner up here with healthier fuel efficiency.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi in India with its 15 litres of energy drink saving capacity you can definitely be assured of no more halts at every petrol pump that comes in your way. Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi with its DTSi technology delivers a good fuel efficiency of 48kmpl in city and 46 kmpl on highway road conditions, which is not at all bad for a bike with such a massive power mill. Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi arrives finally all the way behind on the last place.

Ride Impressions

Honda Unicorn CB is a technically fun to ride bike that comes equipped with latest technology and features which improves the overall ride experience of the bike. Honda Unicorn CB has got a wheelbase of 1340 mm, which is the widest one in this comparison. Honda Unicorn CB has got wheel dimensions of 2.75×18 in the front and at the rear 100/90-18. Gaining stability and control on the bike no longer is a big deal with such good wheelbase. The mono suspension ensures its rider and pillion jolt free ride experience. Honda Unicorn is loaded with puncture resistant tuff up tubes at the rear that ensures its rider stress free ride for longer cruising. Honda Unicorn however is known for the soothing gear shift pattern and superior suspension system. The NVH (Noise, vibration and harshness) of this bike is quite low and will surely impress you. The ergonomics of this bike is not that promising and you may find the seating posture also little complicated.

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme In India is loaded with hydraulic shocks at the front and at the rear you may find 130 mm expanding internal dia. This dynamic suspension from Hero Honda Ensures quality ride experience. With array of features you may find Hero Honda CBZ to be more charismatic than the other two. The enhanced braking system that comprises of the non asbestos disc brakes (240 mm dia) at for the front and expanding internal130 mm shoe brakes at the rear provides its user with instant braking. Considering the ergonomics you will definitely be impressed with the craftsmanship that Hero Honda expertise designed into this bike. The NVH (Noise, vibration and harshness) of Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme was little below the expectations however the handling of this bike, brings up the overall rating.

With 90/90 x 17 wheel dimension for the front and 120/80 at the rear you can be definitely assured of better grip and ride experience. Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi is offered with tubeless tyres and this way you are more reliability and dependability on long cruising. The Pulsar 150 DTSi has tyres of 90/90 X 17 for the front wheel while 120/80 for the rear. The tubeless tyres take your headache away of repairing the bike every time it is punctured. It also gives you pester free riding experience. Pulsar 150 DTSi is loaded with 135 mm telescopic stroke which is combined with anti stiction bushes at the front and at the rear you have five way adjustable, triple rate spring,
NitroX gas assisted shock Absorbers at the front that has been combined to100 mm vertical travel suspension. The zippier acceleration hammering torque that forces this mean machine to be put forward is something I was impressed on my very first ride. The seating position and ergonomics is worth every penny you are paying for.

However when I consider my ride impressions on all the above champs I found Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme to be more quicker and responsive, which is what every commuter is looking for in this segment.


Honda Unicorn CB in India  is the best bet from Honda in Indian grounds and this flagship motorcycle has got many goodies in its looks and appearance which makes it the best bike in this segment. This macho hunk will definitely impress you at the very first glance.

The 3D logo of Honda makes it even more appealing. The success inspired logo from Honda gives a clear character of Honda Unicorn CB. The headlamp and the front masks shares appearance and look of Karizma. Another breath taking feature was the flash light that can be flashed even while the engine is of. The black caked windscreen just adds to the black treatments of the bike. The rear mirrors are even given sharp edges at the corner and this can be detailed for sportier look. The instrument console that houses fuel gauge, trip meter, and tachometer is not that impressive. The finely placed knee recess and aerodynamics even gives better looks.  The toe shift gear pattern adds to the sporty look of the bike.

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme is a eye catcher which has got looks to kill. The distinctive designs make this bike a unique one in the 150 cc segment. The front cowl that houses the halogen headlamp looks as if this bike has got a crown on its head. The front turn indicators have been nicely sculptured in the cowl and look neater. The matt finish panel dulls out the overall looks of this bike but when you consider the graphics and aerodynamics you may find it more striking. This bike has got neatly designed Black treatments wherein you may even find silver coating in between. The step up seat is definitely the best style quotient in this bike. The horn shaped rear grab rails are completely handy and provides mach look. The read treatments are another factor that may grab many eyeballs once you hit the road.  The silver coloured heat shield on the giant muffler gives a true character of the immense power output what the bike is hiding.

The finely crafted headlamps are like some traditional ones used in earlier Bajaj bikes. The bulky tank makes it look even more macho and muscular. The overall black treatments and sporty concept used in this bike will definitely make it the best looking bike in this segment. The air scoop that has been used very efficiently flaunts cut throat looks. The mag alloy wheels have been caked with black treatments jells just rightly with the overall macho looking body of the bike. The LED tail lamps are something worth watching every time the user applies brakes. Split seats gives it a premium look while the mud guards used in this bike gives it sporty look.

Honda Unicorn CB price in India is rupees 69,000 while the Bajaj Pulsar 150 price in India is rupees 64,150 and Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme price in India is rupees 68,000.

Final Verdict:

However with a company like Honda that has got its own caliber you may find it unusual when you get to know Honda doesn’t provide its buyer with any added attachment like sari guard, leg guard etc. whereas if you consider Hero Honda and Bajaj you will receive all the attachments as standard one. Bajaj Pulsar 150 is one if the best in terms of looks and power packed engine. The competitive pricing that Bajaj offers with this bike has gained it a lot of consumers. And here its is finally the crown goes to Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme with better pricing and power packed engine.

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36 Responses

  1. hi this is sahariar i am now using pulsar and cb unicorn.
    UNICORN:-it is not a noisy bike ,its monosuspenson system is very cofortable.the looks of unocorn is standard .Its system is ok.Engine is better than any 150 bikes .Out of 5 i will give to unicorn 4.
    PROBLEMS:-Hadling,littlebit of breaking,above 80km speed.
    PULSAR:-Its the bike for younger generation. its digital meter system is cool.The breaking system is very good(better than unicorn).handling is very good and the pick up.out of 5 i will give 3.5
    PROBLEMS:- after one year the engine of this bike will get very noisy,engine is not so good.

    If u are under 24 then my opinion goes to pulsar .If u are above 24 my choise is unicorn.

  2. this review is biased. In refinement department pulsar may be behind other two bikes but in terms of performance,top speed and style it beats unicorn by a long way i guess.
    so if you want a go -fast bike with killing looks ,go for pulsar.
    if you want a durable 150cc go for the unicorn.
    cbz finds no place in my view.

  3. I thik that CB Unicorn is best among all these…… It’ engine is superb and u need not worry about the maintanence cost….

  4. i m n the luckiest one i have used all 3 of them. 4 looks nd styling cbz is 5 out of 5 nd unicorn is 4 /5 as cbz imparts cool sporty looks while unicorn gives xecutive looks. in power both r same but pulsar leads this segment. in terms of ride quality unicorn is the bst cbz is nt the least but pulsar is far behind. nd finally in terms of millege unicorn is the king. so unicorn is a suggested package to all.

  5. ya am agree with your review..CBZ Xtreme now with rear disk also on road 76k in kerala have more power and brake efficiency than unicorn… pulsar is only have its style make so much noise frome engine and all…:( allways need maintance..:(

    while comparing the company

    1) Honda is best..:)
    2) Hero + honda …also good ..:)

  6. unicorn is the best amoung these 3 bikes….

  7. WOLD Best Bike is Hero honda CBZ………..

  8. Last 6years I am riding Honda unicorn, ,its monosuspenson system is very cofortable.the looks of unocorn is standard .Its system is ok.Engine is better than any 150 bikes .Out of 5 i will give to unicorn 5. if I many time I run my honda unicorn bike 120 kms from my office, i feel comfortable like other bike

  9. which bike s more economical? unicorn cb or new cbz extreme?

  10. I am using unicorn for last 2 year. Its riding comfert is best amomgst three bikes. Go for UNICORN….. As it beat all the bikes in all aspect in 150cc category.

  11. My choice is ★★♥★♚unicorn♚★♥★★
    Is a king yaaa i got him

  12. hi i am using unicorn from 3 years its a great bike in the world i love my unicorn

    • Honda CB Unicorn’s mileage is around 54-58, Bajaj Pulsar 150 is 55 to 60, Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme gives 53-60 km/l. Again, mileages are not accurate, it depends on the rider, riding conditions, effective gear shifts, speeding within limits etc.

      • my frnd’s unicorn gives avg about 62kmpl…..n mine gives me near about 55 kmpl…n my bro pulsar 150 gives 47 kmpl……n cbz gives near abt…45 kmpl..
        and pick up no . are-

  13. i dnt know much about unicorn. but i drived pulsar its worst control bike i have ever drove,
    1. overall balance is not according to center of gravity of this bike.
    3.that blue high beat light on dial is too flashy that it takes half of ur concentration while driving in night.

  14. which low maitanance and long lasting ???

    • All the three bikes are good, Honda engines are very reliable and long lasting too, maintenance of these bikes is not much and pretty affordable taking their cost into account.

  15. i have test rided all three bikes. . . . .
    According to me. . . .
    Ratings. . .
    In looks
    1. Cbz 2. Pulsar 3. Unicorn.
    In milage
    1.pulsar 2. Cbz 3. Unicorn
    In performance
    1. Cbz and unicorn 2. Pulsar
    In mentainance
    1. Cbz and uni 2. Pulsar
    Riding in hump roads
    cbz and unicorn are excellent not suppose to change gear. And these bikes makes no noise. . But pulsar is worst in hump roads we have to change gears and makes noise and mileage is also too low during hump roads is 34to35 kmpl normal 55to56 kmpl finally overall no. 1 bikes is cbz xtreme. . . .

  16. i am going to buy new bike.. please guide me which one is best..


    (need better bike mileage, stylish, good comfort to drive..)

  17. hi, i am gng to buy a new bike.. im cnfsing in select the byk from unicorn r cbz. plz clarify me that whch is the best one as per mileage and engine efficiency… thank u…..

  18. i have ride my unicon last 3 yrs.better comfortable and good fuel ecnomy.look very gental

  19. pulsar best

  20. Blockhead,Ignore,unconcious people(who don;t know about technology) says Pulsar best.Otherwise the best bike in the world(150 cc segment)is Honda cb Unicorn.Cbz extreme is better as they(hero group) used the fack engine from honda(1st model unicorn’s engine).Pulsar is good but only for one year.

  21. iam going 2 buy a byk.pls suggest me.which is the better(unicorn,cbz,pulsor).milege&looking.

    • In my opinion the better bike is honda unicorn because when i ride unicorn it has only a little sound than other bikes and we can feel the happy of journey.

  22. I want more information abt Honda unicorn .

  23. What to say all………
    Honda Unicorn is SUPERBB bike!!!

  24. Cbz Xtreme

  25. hiii frnzzzz.i want to buy a byk .but am confused
    .which byk izzzz the best byk
    1 .cb unicorn
    4.or cbzz
    .&in this 4 byks which is good in
    1 pick up
    2 in looks
    3 in confartablity
    4& mentianens
    pzzz help .& reply me

  26. i want to tyk new byk bt litle bit confuse in its average plzzzz help me

  27. I m confuse to buy a bike in CBZ or Pulsar 150……………….
    Plz give me guidance which bike is Best of these two bikes

  28. I use my Honda Unicorn previous 5 years…i have no problems…when i purchase a new bike then i ask advice to many people…..so they tell me that…
    1] If u want style, medium fuel efficiency, medium riding control, having some back-pain then buy “CBZ-XTREME.”

    2]If u want style, low fuel efficiency, no comfort & final main thing is having Rs.10-15000 maintenance after 2 years then buy “Bajaj PULSAR”

    3]If u want descent style, better fuel efficiency, Excellent riding, pillion comfort, regular maintenance so buy “”””Honda Unicorn””””…

    so finally i choose Honda Unicorn…and now i am happy with Unicorn’s performance…..

  29. cbz is the best bike, n evn durability

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