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Honda Twister CB vs TVS Jive – War Of Commuters

War of commuters is what I would say when I compare these two commuter bikes on Indian grounds. Picking two commuter rides and comparing to the utmost is what we have done every time and that to with visitors point of interest. TVS Jive and Honda Twister CB are this generation legends which are incorporated with latest features that proves as a hero, on the killer Indian traffics and wavy torturous roads. In this comparison we have considered the fundamental requirements that have to be considered while going in a commuter segment bike.

110 cc segment in India is definitely the one that generates the maximum volume numbers for motorcycles makers of India. The intense competitive market of India shares very few differences that beat one commuter from the other. India buyers has always been inspired with the 100 to 125 cc segment and it needs no special introduction with the same old tank, power plant and looks. But this time two makers Honda and TVS has set a new history by saying there is definitely a new way to do this. Indian 100 cc riders were bored with the usual styling that has been going since two decades and now Honda has recognized the potentials of styling on Indian grounds and has therefore come up with a new way to address the 110 cc segment. Honda truly believes style is another way of magnetizing customers but TVS with its Jive has got different policy that says, this segment bikers care a damn for styling, they are just here for fuel economy and performance.

Power plant

As it is always form over function lets start with Twister CB. Honda Twister CB is powered by 109 cc, single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled OHC power plant. Twister CB is capable of generating 9 hp at 8000 rpm and a peak torque of 9 Nm at 6000 rpm. This engine is mated with 4 speed manual transmission. Honda has been equipped with universal gear system that is 1 down and 3 up. The flexible engine definitely gives this agile motorcycle from Honda more eagerness to perform than its competitors.

TVS Jive is powered by single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled engine that engineers 8.4 hp at 7500 rpm and 8.3 hp at 5500 rpm. Jive is mated with 4 speed automatic transmission. The air cooling technology and automatic Rotary transmission makes it a Street oriented bike in the commuter segment. TVS Jive is equipped with latest technology that deploys centrifugal automatic clutch and wet multi plate system.  The clutch less attempt from TVS has given this bike a clutch free ride. That is riders no longer have to depress the clutch in this bike. Another attractive feature in TVS hive is you can start the bike at any gear needless to say; the engine hardly gives any knock.

Considering the advancements used in TVS Jive I declare Jive as the winner.

Fuel Economy

Honda Twister CB in India definitely is a cost low bike and we can expect the trimming part to be done in the power plant and other body parts that includes, fuel tank. Yes with a fuel tank capacity of 8 litres, I suppose you definitely have to stop on every petrol pump that comes n your way. But the log has been managed by the fuel efficiency that this bike delivers to its users. Honda has claimed this bike with an average fuel efficiency of 65 to 70 kmpl.

TVS Jive In India seems to be more practical than Honda Twister CB with an energy drink storing capacity of 12 litre.  TVS Jive with a competitive price tag this entry level bike comparatively delivers lower fuel economy that is from 60 to 65 kmpl. TVS Jive still however manages to deliver upto 60 plus kmpl over a litre.

Coming straight to the comparison I declare Honda to be more fuel efficient, which is actually the main consideration in this segment.

Ride Impressions

Honda Twister CB is definitely a steer agile motorcycle that gives improved torquey experience than most of is peers. Honda Twister CB is not an all a cornering demon but the slim tyres allow you to get the entire added grip on the road.  This Honda Hooligan will definitely impress you with it capabilities.  Honda Twister CB with its enhanced suspension that comprises of telescopic suspension at the front and coil spring suspension at the rear will give you a jolt free ride experience. The show stopper that is 240 mm disc at the front and 110 mm drum brakes at the rear, results in instant braking on all road conditions. Honda has not looked on the riding position of the bike and to proclaim the overall handling due to not that impressive ergonomics is also affected. Honda’s mass forward proportion technology has worked for Twister CB and has given it well balancing. Honda’s power packed plant has definitely performed more than the Jive. The NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) in Honda was quite impressive although it sustains to give reduced vibrations even it has reached above 60 kmpl. The upright seating position, seats etc makes it a good performer on highway road conditions. Honda Twister require more hammering torque while one thing that is lacking with TVS Jive is if you aren’t in the right gear the bike can almost come on to walking speed.

Honda Twister CB Photo Gallery

Considering TVS Jive it outshined in this chart. The telescopic fork at the front and coaxial hydraulic springs has just served the purpose of commuter bikers. The braking system of TVS Jive is 130 mm drum at the front and 130mm drum at the rear which is not like the best, but enough to stop a bike with such cc. the chassis and suspension just makes it more handy and comfortable when it ride impressions. TVS Jive although with its clutch less ride performs far better even on higher rpms. Each time I pulled the gear beats Twister in the killer Indian traffic. The first gear was little harsh but as you go further you will experience something better and worth of.


Honda Twister CB in India is packed with classy new looks that makes it more appealing than TVS Jive. Needles to say considering the looks of both commuter bikes Honda Twister CB is the winner in hands. Honda attractive new headlamp that has been sportingly designed is the very first thing that grabs your attention. The macho angular tank that flaunts the 3d logo looks par elegance. The front aggressive dummy air scoops looks like a craftsmanship design. The red coloured shocks makes it a true competitor inn this segment. The compact muffler, half chain cover and toe shifter gives this bike sporty look. The black treatments used in the overall machine make it look like a sporting beast. Console panels houses attractive fuel gauge and speedometer. The front and rear sporty mudguard makes it look like two hands of Twister which is holding the tyres. Alloy mag wheels needless to say add to the charismatic effect on the appearance of the bike. The arrow shaped side indicators at the rear give it a sharp edge look.

The appearance of TVS Jive itself suggests the nature of this bike. However with run of the mill graphics and better bike designs, TVs is just in the competition. The better looking instrument panel from Jive is something that gives this bike extra punch. The front cowl that explodes out the outsized windscreens makes it look like a sporty machine which can be dated back to 80s. The black treatment that has been given all over the bike is something which makes it moiré attractive. Even though not like Honda Twister CB muffler, but still TVS Jive still flaunts something above the average in silver colour chrome finish. 2 dial pods inspired instrument panel takes this bike to the previous decade. The 2 tone colour schemes used in this bike is demanding. Razor shaped tail cowl adds makes it a tough contender to Honda Twister CB. This bike shares many identical looks like TVS Victor and Star City. The T matic sticker that describes the gear system is also the average.

The sleek lines on the Muscular tank, toe shifter, 3d graphics etc make it the best in this segment when looks are concerned.

TVS Jive Photo Gallery

Honda Twister CB price in India is rupees 43,285. This machine from Honda with a competitive price tag will definitely attract more buyers. TVS Jive price in India is rupees 41,000.

Final Verdict:

For a college going champ Honda Twister CB is definitely the best one. This value for money bike even has proved itself when fuel efficiency is considered. TVS Jive will definitely give a stress free ride experience when in city.  The no tension bike from TVS definitely is the declared winner here. Although the price has been kept low from TVS, Honda has managed to attract more buyers than TVS.

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9 Responses

  1. I am planning to buy a new Honda CB Twister for me. I am buying it from my hard earned money which i m saving from past one year. Kindly tell me if this is a good deal or not.

    • The Honda Twister is not exactly value for money given its high sticker price but yes, its a very good buy considering its performance, looks and fuel efficiency.

    • twister is good choice, same time u can consider about Discover 100 for more ecomomy for earning or u like style get Twister ( it will give vibrate while long drive and gear shift very smooth& Power) both good millege and discover better millege

    • Dear Bhavin, just buy it. This bike is stylish; gives more than 70 kmpl. Trouble free; good riding in city traffic; With just a flick fo your toe, you come to Neutral from any gear ( very useful in signals & emergency stops).
      Some don’ts : no more than 2 ppl on the bike; no wheeling; no rash driving on rainy roads, as braking may skid;

      A small disadvantage :
      The toes of shoe may go due to gear change; some good mechanic can modify teh Gear pedal with extension so that you can use your shoe heels ot change gear.
      Otherwise, buy this bike man! all the best

  2. Dear SIr,
    I have purchased CB twister on 16/12/2010 right now i an gettingaverage of 60km i want to incrase my twisters average plz guide me waiting for ur reply.

  3. which bike should I purchase? Start Sport/Jive or twister? I am bugged off from bajaj bikes.. they are useless bikes.. I am looking only for mileage for long run..

  4. Hi, I want to purchase bike but iam confused between three. I am looking bike who give me good mileage for long run and also good looking and stylishish bike to shut my personality. so, which bike should I purchase? Start Sport/Jive or twister? Plz reply me……?

    • I think Twister is better …

    • Jive is like Scooty ( girlish!) ; when you slow down tehre is a jolt an dvibration of the bike; mileage is less;
      Sport, again mileage is less; less stylish.
      Twister : good pricing; good mileage; good for city traffic; Stylish; Usually Honda products are giving less trouble & less maintenance. This is my suggestion : TWISTER is better of all

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