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Honda 2012 CBR250R getting new colors

After showing off its 2012 CBR250R at the Indian Auto Expo earlier this year in New Delhi, the bike has been given new look with cosmetic changes by Honda. The new pearl-heron blue color tone will increase the cost of this sports tourer by Rs.1000 from its base variants which is Rs.1,44,000 (ex-showroom, New Delhi), as well as ofthe ABS model which costs Rs.1,69,000 (ex-showroom, New Delhi). The body is more powerful now because of the use of a premium quality plastic. There are no changes in the short stroke 250cc engine as such. It will still give a powerful output of 25 bhp and 22.9 Nm torque, and since this incredible engine was designed and developed through a series of technical innovations, the company has no intention to make any modification with it at all, for now.

Honda 2012 CBR250R getting new colors

The Japanese automobile maker is targeting a high volume of sale with the 2012 CBR250R in the Indian market. The target has been set at 2500 units a month, which is very much possible looking at the reputation Honda has in the Indian sub-continent. In the models which were launched earlier, there have been some minor issues, but Honda immediately recalled the defective motorbikes and promptly replaced the defective parts with new ones. Before sending any new series in the market for the first time, Honda is inspecting the whole lot in a very close scrutinized manner to make sure it delivers 100% fault free units to customer.

With the tri-tone color combination, this new variant of Honda CBR250R will definitely attract the bikers who are looking for something simpler and lighter to take on a long road trip. The PGMFi (fuel injection) takes assistance from 6 different sensors, which are placed in and around the engine and help control the fuel injection and ignition timing for better power, pickup and fuel efficiency. The CBS (Combined Breaking System) where the rear and front wheel have interlocking braking system and ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) which stops the wheel getting locked during or after a sudden braking in any sort of unfavorable condition. With the CBS (combined Braking System), ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and PGMFi (fuel injection), this bike will become a prime choice of the youth who love the feel of fresh air against themselves when they ride. It will give them a chance to speed away with safety and fuel economy.

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