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Hero Honda to manufacture Diesel Motorcycles in India

Hero Honda will be soon seen with diesel engines. Hero Honda is in talks to partner with a diesel engine manufacturer to supply diesel engines for its new 400cc segment motorcycles.

The long lasted partnership between the Honda, Japanese manufacturer and Indian group Hero Cycles will be ending in 2014. With rising petrol prices, Hero Honda plans to produce bikes that would run using diesel energy. Hero Honda is with talks to a diesel manufacturer in Chennai to manufacture 400 cc+ diesel engines. the diesel engine manufacturer is still under cover, but sources say that it is an Indo-U.S. manufacturer.

To get a strong hold in the Indian market, Hero Honda will launch these diesel bikes in 2012. The diesel engine is already with Automotive Research Association for certification. Supply agreement will be formed next year.

Hero Honda currently dominates the two wheeler segment with entry level bikes such as 125cc Splender and the topnotch 225cc karizma. After the agreement with the Japanese becomes void, producing diesel engine motorcycles will be Hero’s first attempt to build larger displacement motorcycles.

Currently Hero Honda plans to manufacture these new motorcycles at their Dhauhera Hero Honda facility.

Hero estimates a sale of 150,000 units in its first year and they are successful in doing so, it would be a great achievement for the manufacturer.

To survive the post separation period from the Honda, hero wants to get a strong hold in the Indian market by entering into new segment of bikes with larger displacement with diesel bikes. At present there is no diesel engine motorcycle in India and Hero sees this as an opportunity to expand.

The certification process for the diesel engine is still under process, India can expect these motorcycles by 2012.

Sources also say that Royal Enfield is in talks with Hero Honda to produce large displacement diesel engines. till date nothing is much known about Hero Honda Diesel motorcycles but we can expect the quality similar to Hero Honda’s other product offering.

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22 Responses

  1. yes , your the best .we are good support for disel engine .. first i will buy this one ..

  2. Diesel Motorcycles are really the need of the hour.
    Im looking forward to the launch of Diesel bikes in India and will surely purchase it.

    Kindly keep me updated on this matter.

  3. I am waiting to be launched in India it makes proud to have a diesel bike.

  4. I like dissel bike

  5. i was planning 2 buy a powerful bike next year so i would definitely go for this one.

  6. I am waiting for Diesel Motor cycle in India, due to increasing prices of Petrol. I think is is most robust and powerful bike as compared to other bikes. I hope is will be launched very soon in India

  7. i am waiting for the bike plz till me the price of it

    • If you’re talking about Hero Impulse, it’s an off-on road bike. The price is still unknown for now. I doubt there’s a diesel version in India, the bike is sold in the name of NXR 150 Bros in Brazil, the bikes sold there have the bi-fuel technology incorporated, anyway will keep you updated.

  8. i would like to purchase diesel bike please inform me when it is coming

    • I doubt we will get the bi-fuel technology in Hero Impulse, which is a dual purpose bike. This will be launched by this year end. It runs on petrol in India. The same kind of bikes are also sold in South America which run on both petrol and diesel.

  9. yes its good


  11. yes. I am wait for disel bike.what price

  12. l am waiting for this version

  13. i waiting for diesel motobikes ,i buy one .

  14. i am waiting for desel bike if i buy any bike i that will be desel bike

  15. Would like to have a diesel bike. But a 1.5Lakh bike cost will be too much for fuel economy conscious commuters. The diesel bike is supposed to be 400cc with a FE of around 30 km/l. Also cost of diesel engine maintenance is higher compared to petrol engines.

  16. This vechile is not sweetable in indian road

  17. i think most of the indians are looking for this kinds of bikes only, because of rapid increase in petrol rates, and it will be good that if they manufacture these bikes very soon, and it will be good that if they decrease the cc of bike and reduce the cash because in india the roads are not in good condition and our people will look for millege, the high cc bikes wont give good millege

  18. i eagerly waiting 4 diesel bike coz i m boring petrol bike

  19. i like disel bike
    but when lunch in mumbai disel bike awaylebal

  20. very good idea i will buy 55 bike of it for my racing track in india

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