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Hero Honda Hunk vs Yamaha SZ-R

In the Indian biking context, some years back, all the action was only in the 100 cc segment. Then came the 125 cc segment and finally the 150cc segment took over most of the buyers and the eyeballs. It is now  the highly developed and most checked after segment. Most of the buyers with a low budget can still plonk for an economical 150cc bike. Earlier on we had covered the basic entry level bikes like the Discover 150 and the Yamaha SZ-X. Now we have two slightly more upmarket but still entry level 150cc bikes like the Hero Honda Hunk in India as also the Yamaha SZ-R in India. Both these bikes come from reputed manufacturers and have been revamped as of late. The Hero Honda Hunk is quite a popular figure in the sales chart for its manufacturer whereas the Yamaha SZ-R is the more upmarket variant of the SZ-X with the addition of a disc brake. With the launch of the SZ-R, it remains to be seen in this contest now, if the Hero Honda Hunk still stays on top or not.

If looks can win over customers, then both the bikes here are evenly matched. The Yamaha’s approach may seem the more conventional of the duo. The Hunk, just like its name suggests is a beefy animal. Most of the bikes from Hero Honda’s stables are lean ones and the Hunk defies the convention. Now, atop its bikini fairing sits the new ridged flyscreen. The front mudguard is also now somewhat altered. The Yamaha SZ-R in the meanwhile uses the same profile as the Yamaha Gladiator from the yore but with a more enlargened visera. None of these bikes have the split handle bar configuration. The mirrors of the Hunk look more beautiful however the ones on the Yamaha are more functional. Palm grips on both the bikes are comfortable ones. The Hero Honda Hunk in India now comes with a digital dash which includes a central round tachometer (analog) and a small speedometer which actually doesn’t justify the digital tag. The fuel gauge is a tacky piece though. Also the chrome garnish around the tachometer is a kill overdone. Switchgear could have been vastly improved as many Hunks have been reported with faulty switchgear. On the tail lamp front, it is the Hunk with its all LED configuration and white glass which impresses. The Yamaha gets a headband type tail lamp which on its own looks good however pales in comparison in front of the Hunk.

On the other hand, the Yamaha SZ-R in India gets a tachometer as a new addition. The meter dials are pretty simple to read and understand as also the switchgear feels more intuitive to use. Even though both have tank recesses, the ones on the SZ-R feel more comfortable even for tucking in tall knees. The Hunk’s on the other hand interferes time and again with the taller rider’s knees. The Hunk gets a well padded seat and one which is very similar to a split seat arrangement. You sink into the seat rather than sit on it. The SZ on the other hand makes do with a soft setup, which though not problematic in city rides, can cause a sore backside on the occasional highway ride. Both the bikes come without kick starters whereas their earlier variants had kick as also electric starters. Chances are that the pillion in the SZ-R would slide forward under hard braking however in the Hunk, mimicking a split seat arrangement, the pillion seat has a stopper in front of it which prevents the pillion rider from sliding forward. By the way, both bikes don’t offer much in terms of storage as the front wind guard is too closely bond with the bikini fairing. The grabrail however is more upmarket on the Hunk with its alloy treatment whereas the one on the SZ is more like the tubular arrangement found in bikes of the Bajaj Caliber era. Build quality is excellent in both however the one in the Yamaha feels a tad better than Hero Honda’s.

The riding position in the Hunk is distinctly sporty whereas the one in the Yamaha is more commuterish. Thumbing the electric starter elevates this notion since the Hunk has a more sporty exhaust note whereas the Yamaha is more of Honda type refinement. Riding the Hunk first revealed that the gearshifts aren’t butter smooth and are still carried over from the older model. There is a typical clunk sound from the linkage type gear system. However once the bike sets rolling, the going on is smooth thereafter. Performance wise, the Hunk with its 149 cc engine and 14.4 Bhp of power touches the 60 kmph mark from naught in only 5.4 seconds. Its top speed however is only 108 kmph. The bike runs out of steam at the 80 kmph mark and redlining it to its top speed reveals immense vibrations. The Yamaha SZ-R on the other hand gets the same 153 cc motor from the FZ however this engine has been highly tuned for efficiency now. It makes 12.1 Bhp of power now. However torque figure of 1.3 kgm is the same as that of the Hunk’s. The gearshifts in the SZ are far more better however the SZ-R is a relaxed performer. The 0-60 kmph dash was completed in 6.0 seconds. The top speed however matches that of the Hunk at 107 kmph. The trademark of this motor, its smoothness, isn’t lost in the transition of eking out better fuel efficiency though. Brakes on both are effective however the all disc plus the high grip MRF Zappers setup in the Hunk ensure that the Hunk stops way ahead of the Yamaha. If one literally relies on the drum in the Yamaha (at the back) and its spindly TVS tyres, then accidents would be a common affair. The disc at the front is progressive for the SZ-R and it is a welcome addition to have a disc in the front rather than the all drum setup that one gets in the SZ-X. The same spindly tyres on the Yamaha provide it with less grip while cornering as opposed to the Hunk which dishes out dollops of feedback. As far as ride quality is concerned, the Yam with its softer setup impresses. The Hunk with its twin gas reservoir shocks provides for a good ride, two up.

As another safety measure, Hero Honda offers the Hunk with a leg guard however Yamaha offer it to customers only if the customer insists on having it. Fuel efficiency is pretty much pitched on the Yamaha’s side with the SZ-R returning 49.4 kmpl overall whereas the Hunk returned 47.2 kmpl.

Now comes the time for the verdict as to which bike is better than the others. The Hunk bests the SZ-R on almost all the parameters in the looks department. However if looks alone were to sell bikes then the Karizma ZMR or the likes of Pulsar 220 would have found many takers. Alas! We are talking about budget conscious people here and ones desiring 150cc frugal machines. Personally, we would prefer the Hero Honda Hunk just because it offers an all disc setup plus half digital instruments. However sense says that one should opt for the SZ-R. The primary reason being the price. The Yamaha SZ-R price in India is Rs 55,500 whereas the Hero Honda Hunk price in India is Rs 64,316. All these prices are ex-show room, Mumbai. As for the Indiandrives comparison, the Hunk bowled us over.

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62 Responses

  1. pulsar150 price

  2. Sir,
    like pulser 150 as well as hunk tell me sir what is the difference betn both bike price & also tell the which bike milege is more

    • hunk is better in all respect price diff. is 3k and 10-15 kmpl more mileage. also the service schdule is 18months as compared to 6 months of pulsar.

  3. What if YAMAHA SZR tyres are replaced with MRF zappers???can that be done?
    and what would be its price then?
    and after this WHICH one is more PREFERed?

  4. which bike is best in budget 70000 to 75000. I ride 150 to 250km daily

  5. Kindly advice me to get a best bike! Am a newbie & going to buy my first bike.
    Budget: 60k to 80k
    Distance: 50km to 100km daily

    I like:
    Hero Honda- Hunk
    Bajaj- Avenger 220 DTS-i
    Yamaha- Fz16 / Fzs
    or any other under 100k


    • We would suggest that you go for the Hero Honda Hunk or the Unicorn Dazzler.

      • Thanks for your reply!

        My height is 5′ 4″..so is it okay with hunk!!

        or Avenger is good?

        Also please let me know difference about service offered by company & maintenance for hunk & Avenger.


    • go for a fz16 or a fzs, in my experince yamaha is aworld class bike manufacturer in quality and style.

  6. hi guys,
    i’m planning 2 buy a new bike..this is my first bike. i’m not an experience biker. which 150cc bike suits me? my requirements are
    better mileage
    smooth riding
    better performance
    low maintanance
    which is best?
    unicorn, suzuki gs150r, pulsar150, new hunk fd2011, cbz new, dazzler
    plz help meee???

  7. hi guys,
    i’ m planning 2 buy a new bike. which bike suits me? my requirements are
    better mileage
    smooth riding
    better performance
    low maintenance
    budget sixty to seventy
    daily drive of fifty km minimum.
    which is best

  8. hi
    am planning to buy a new bike. please suggest me one.
    my requirements are
    1. better mileage and power
    2. stylish and less maintenance
    3.greater than 120 cc.
    am travelling less 50 km a day. please suggest me

  9. Forget about all others. I am going to buy Yamaha SZR. It’s awesome in 150 CC bikes. It looks great especially red color. Hey guys… my friend own this bike. That’s giving 48 KMPL before the first service. Definitely it can do better after the first service. I heard the similar feedback from one of my colleague. Also one more plus point is the Yamaha engine which will have more life. I am looking forward for buying this bike.

  10. i want a hunk byke . Please give me your price.

  11. Hi guys,

    i planned buy a new bike soon
    previously i had Pulsar 150 2002 model (Its quite awesome bike)
    But now a days there not enough stabilized engines in the market
    will you suggest me the best engine to run long life
    help me soon

    Thanks & Regards

  12. Hi
    I am planning to buy a new bike in coming week.My budget is around 60000-70000.So please suggest me which bike should i go.Mileage is concern.

  13. hi i go throug all bikes review,honda,yahama,hero honda,i have a bad experience with yahama,so i like to bye of hero honda hunk FD or latest Avenger bajaj,let me know

  14. which bike is most suitable me i everday travel 40 Km i want bike stylish good loking good average and latest accesseries my budget is 60-70 thousand
    pulsar, hunk, and anything else pz tell me

  15. Brother, I’m a 6’3” tall guy looking forward to get my first bike. Which bike would you recommend for me..given my height? :D

  16. Wat is on road price of yamaha sz,sz-x nd sz-r?

  17. I am having new HUNK with double disk and its mileage is 60kmph. the shok absorber is very good when compared to all other bikes pulsar, apache and cbz.. and very less expensive for the maintanance issues…

  18. am thinking to buy yamaha sz-r my weight is 50 kg and height is 5.6 would u suggest a better bike than this or can i go for this

  19. Hi guys.I want to buy a bike.I am 70 k weight and 5.7.I want
    Smooth engine
    Build quality
    stunning looks
    My budget is 60000-70000.My options are yamaha SZ-R , Hunk,cbz extreme, suzuki GS 150 R.please suggest me?

    • I want to buy a 150 cc bike.My height is 6.5 and 60 kg weight .I travel only 10 kms in a day .My budget is from 60,000-70,000.I want 1.Butter smooth engine 2.PERFORMANCE 3.Build quality 4.stylish looks 5.less maintenance 6.Riding comfort. mileage must be atleast 45 kmpl.My bikes are 1.yamaha SZ-R 2.honda cb unicorn 3. Suzuki GS 150 R 4.Hero honda hunk/CBZ extreme.Please suggest me a good bike friends.

  20. Hi there,

    Im thinking to buy my first bike. I would like to go for Yamaha SZ-R. My height is 6.2″. Can anyone please suggest me whether I can go for it ?

    Thanks in advance !

  21. according to me glamour 125 cc pgm fi is the best bike with great mileage and smooth riding

  22. i want to have a bike ,what would i choose in glamour 125cc and szx

  23. which is better,new new hero honda hunk or yamaha sz-r?

  24. how is the performance of yamaha szr?

  25. I m plan to purchase a bike with in 65000/-. I m raiding minimum 125 to 175 km per day Pls give me the rating for following mail age, low maintenance bikes
    2.Slongshot plus
    3.Cb stunner
    5.Discover 150

  26. i want to buy a bike which bike is suitable to me. szr,cbz,stunner pls tell me its my first bike

  27. it’s very nice bike.so i will like this bike

  28. hey i want to take a bike with 150 cc and having a budget of 65k. Which one is better plz suggest.

  29. what is the millage of szr and hunk

  30. I am 18yrs. i want bike having
    1)Good mileage about 55-60
    2) low mentanance
    3)arround 55000 to 65000
    4) i travel daily 40km.
    5)bike should be of 150cc

  31. My first bike is sz-x, this is very comfort bike,nd
    Best purformance that other 150cc bike,i am sugest
    Tt sz-x and sz-r….this bike is value 4 money..

  32. In compare to these bike yamaha szr , pulsor 150, hero honda hunk, which one is the best

  33. yanaha szr is best engine and its best performense

  34. I am looking for new 150cc bike,which one is best mileagewise in current market.would you please suggest me.

  35. hi
    am planning to buy a new bike. please suggest me one from hunk or szr
    my hight is 5.8″ and weight is 56 kg, my requirements are
    1. better mileage and power
    2. stylish and less maintenance
    3.price 60k – 70k
    am travelling less 50 km a day. please suggest me

  36. very nice post with helpful and useful information


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