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Hero Electric Cruz in India – Going the electric way?

Climatic changes all around the world baffles many and people are questioning as to what is exactly causing these changes in global environment. There is severe pressure on countries for control of high carbon monoxide emissions. There are worldwide requests for control of high carbon emissions. With pleas, requests and demands getting stronger and stronger, India is sure under the scanner along with China, Russia and the U.S.  With over a billion in India and still counting, there is no doubt India being one of the world’s biggest polluting nations.

To be precise, the transportation sector is held responsible for contributing to high carbon emissions. We have already seen a ban on two stroke engines in India. Emission norms have been strict nowadays and solutions include for better quality in fuel supply. To have an ecologically stable environment and lesser dependency on consumption of fuel, Government is heeding the cause and supporting production of electric vehicles and hence a demand for electric scooters in the country is on the run with Hero Electric having one of the most sophisticated facilities to produce electric bikes in India.

Incentives are being provided by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for selling electric vehicles. Considering all the negatives high carbon emissions have, the future holds good for electric vehicles as a good mode of transportation with acceptance and continued support from various departments.

Hero Electric is a 100% subsidiary of the Hero Group and the current leaders in the environment friendly scooter manufacturing industry in India that offers a wide range of e-bikes to choose from. The company’s inception was in 2007 when they started their own production of e-bikes at its plant in Ludhiana. This plant is thought to have the most sophisticated electric vehicle manufacturing technology incorporated that has automated conveyors for assembly of e-bikes.

They have upgraded their technology by using silicon gel in their lead acid battery that consists of high purity materials and also are using patented Electrolyte that allows for extremely minimal internal resistance and maximum charge generating qualities. The superiority of these batteries lies in sustaining worse temperatures, high charge efficiency and retention of charge among others. Special silicon gel battery is now deployed by Hero Electric in all of its products.

Hero Electric Cruz in India

The beginning of this year saw Hero Electric launch the Hero Electric Cruz in India. This is one of most recent and newest electric bikes to be released by Hero Electric.

The Hero Electric Cruz in India is run by a 48 volt special silicon gel battery along with a 250 watt motor. The scooter has a top speed of 25 km per hour. A ‘mileage’ of 65 km is attainable after charging the scooter for eight hours. The battery needs to be charged fully (should be plugged for eight hours) in order to obtain the desired kilometer range with minimum breaking and speeding less than the 25 km per hour mark.  The underseat compartment’s measurement is around 20 litres and has a capacity to carry 90 kg. The Hero Electric Cruz in India is stylish, offers a glossy finish to it and comes with durable ultraviolet protected paint on the surface of the bike. It also comes with fire proof wiring harness.

The instrument panel looks very well styled along with the scooter’s sharp features. The underseat compartment offers enough room for a helmet and is able to carry a load of 90 kg in addition to the storage space the glove box provides in the front.

The Hero Electric Cruz price in India is Rs. 25,000.


The innovation of electric scooters in India sure is a breakthrough for a good ecologically balanced system in hopes of controlling carbon emissions. If we have the concern to protect and live in a safe environment, I do not think it surprises me if people make up their minds to go ahead and buy these scooters. A slight downside is the speed of these scooters. Well, you cannot expect all the gifts in a single package. Given the disadvantages of fuel-driven transport and the hazards it causes along with India being in the polluters’ list, it is not a bad idea to have one of these. This bike has no age barriers. If you respect the world you live in, owning an electric bike is all you can offer it back in exchange.


  • Voltage: 48 volts.
  • Wattage: 250 watts.
  • Top Speed: 25 km per hour.
  • Range: 65 km.

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