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Helping Yourself to See Others

I have already discussed how to make your self visible to others, but that alone won’t help you to win the visibility battle. Always keep your eyes wide open on road, always keep them moving-don’t freeze them on something that fascinates you even if there is Aishwarya Rai in the car beside you. Don’t just freeze your eyes on any thing on the road. Avoid flexing you neck to see an accident scene, if you are really eager, park the bike aside of the road at a safe place and stare at what ever you like.

On the riders seat the only thing you got to do on a speedy highway is keep looking. Look to the side, look ahead, look over your shoulders, and look into your mirrors. Always keep looking and stay focused. Anticipate every thing that’s coming your way, right turning driver, the thoughtless fool coming from behind, truck that’s pointing its nose out of the driveway and every one on the road who is near to you.

Keep a thump rule in mind; never stop your eye on a single object for more than two seconds, no matter how beautiful he or she is. You always need to have time to react, so keep watching and look early so that you have enough time to make the move before its too late.

While riding in city, generally less than 60 kmph, always maintain two seconds gap between you and the vehicle in front. Follow this exercise, when the ride in front of you passes a pole you have to start counting “one-two-three, one-two-three” by the time you finish the pole should pass you.

On freeways you should maintain longer time may be three or four seconds depending on your speed.

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