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Harley Davidson SuperLow in India: Review

Harley Davidson SuperLow is the most affordable Harley offering for India. Harley Davidson is new to India so as this SuperLow Sportster. The SuperLow is the evolved version of the Harleys top selling entry level bike the XL883L Low present in international markets. The XL883L is updated to form 883 SuperLow which is more comfortable and with sound stability even when you are not use to such bigger bikes. This particular model, SuperLow, is new to India but is also a 2011 year model to the world.

Design, Handling, Engine and Performance

The SuperLow is with complete makeover for 2011; it receives better suspension gives soft ride and still maintains seat height of 695 mm which is said to be LOW. So the new name fits perfect for this Harley, the SuperLow.

Internationally this particular low model is pretty much famous for its low ride height and attracts first time Harley buyers and also women riders and that’s the reason Harley Davidson brought their entry level ride to India which is a new market for such big rides. If we compare the new SuperLow to the old the 2011 SuperLow is complete new built. New things includes new gas tank, new suspension package, new tyres and wheel sizes, new fork and also new seat which is now stuffed better. As most of the Indians might not be aware, this all new Harley is an upgraded version of the 883Low, the entry level model which is present in Harley’s international markets. The all new 883 SuperLow looks similar to the 883Low, but most of the things are new on the sportster. In international markets, the SuperLow is an entry level motorcycle, but Harley Davidson SuperLow in India is a piece of luxury.

This entry level ride performs so good that most of its owners will preserve the ride even if they upgrade to bigger models. The ride in India will be attracting riders will all skill levels specially those who are with low height. SuperLow rolls on 18inch 5 spoke wheel which is lighter in weight than the 19in found on the Low. Harley kept low ride height on the SuperLow at the same time they improved its ride quality, so how did they do it? People at Harley worked smart and made more space available for the rear tyre to travel under the rear fender. The rear wheel diameter is increased by one inch to stay at 17. Wheel diameter is increased still the ride maintains its Low height, thanks to its low profile tyres. Rear radial tubeless tyre is 150/60 ZR-17. This low profile tyre makes more space available under the rear fender. People at Harley took longer travel shock absorbers and utilized the freed space for tyre travel hence more comfort on Indian roads. Hence its rear Coil-over, preload dual-adjustable does a great job to make the ride enjoyable even on typical Indian wavy roads.

The electronic control module is now placed in the steering head instead of its earlier position underneath the seat. This makes the new ride to carry well stuffed seats along. Nothing can be as perfect as the SuperLow for long distance touring.

Harley Davidson SuperLow also receives some improvements in the front. The front wheel is a inch lesser in size than the previous model Low and rides low profile tyres. The fork legs are little adjusted so that springs are less suitable to bottom under normal Indian riding conditions. The front triple trees are wider to take on the new lighter wheel in this process the ride looks muscular. Thus slight rise in handle bar and wider triple tree gives a macho look to the ride from the front.

Harley Davidson SuperLow receives “intuitive handling”, this means that the ride responds to riders contribution in a near to programmed manner. The triple trees are now slightly altered to get a new steering angle.

The new 2011 Harley Davidson SuperLow in India checks all the boxes for comfort and riding position. The handle bar is raised again I am comparing the SuperLow to the previous 833 Low. Reaching the handle bar happens with no drama and arms maintain relaxed position throughout. Seats are little in reward direction; this provides more legroom for your designer boots. The relocated seat frees up space for SuperLow’s fuel tank which is larger than the previous Low and now carries 17 liter petrol. Thus the new SuperLow is with extended range. Driving at a cruising speed of 100-120 kmph should make the bike give 20kmpl hence the bike should run approximate 320 kilometers on a tank of petrol.

Harley Davidson SuperLow Photo Gallery

Harley Davidson SuperLow features 88cc engine taking from its previous model Low. The engine is with fuel injection and electric starter that fires up the engine with a feather touch. This fuel injected engine is mated to 5 speed manual transmission. Final drive gearing transfers power to the rear wheel in smooth and linear way. The engine is made to generate higher torque at lower rpm so that it becomes easy for the rider to make way through traffic or around parks or parking lots where the rider don’t have to open throttle wide on lower speeds. This also make the mid rpm range too responsive which is a bonus for riders.

Harley Davidson SuperLow in India will be one of the most preferred long tourer in the time to come. The ride quality is just excellent and when on saddle will glide you through most of the Indian road bumps keeping easy on your spine. Also the low profile radial tyres add to road manner.

Harley Davidson SuperLow price in India settles at Rs 5,50,000 ex showroom New Delhi. This is just the entry level bike for Harley but the price tag the ride carries is still a luxury for most of the Indians. But if you are Harley faithful and want to get this ride in your garage then you’ll be surly rewarded as the bike is easy to ride, comfortable, its stylish and over all its an Harley.

Harley Davidson SuperLow Specification

Engine: Air-cooled, Evolution
Bore x Stroke: 76.2 mm x 96.8 mm
Displacement: 883 cc
Compression Ratio: 8.9:1
Fuel System: Electronic Sequential Port Fuel injection (ESPFI)
Lubrication System: Dry-sump
Engine Torque: 70 Nm @ 3750 rpm
Primary Drive: Chain, 34/57 ratio
Final Drive – HDI: Belt, 29/68 ratio
Clutch: Multi-plate, wet
Transmission: 5-Speed
Frame: Mild steel; tubular frame; cast junctions
Swingarm: Mild steel; section stamped junctions; MIG welded
Front Forks: 39 mm
Rear Shocks: Coil-over; preload dual-adjustable
Brakes, Caliper type: Dual-piston front, single-piston rear
Tyres front: 100/90-19 57H
Tyres rear: 150/80B16 71H
Fuel Capacity: 12.5 L
Oil Capacity: 2.7 L
Kerb Weight: 251 kg
Length: 2,245 mm
Overall Width: 820 mm
Overall Height: 1,120 mm
Seat Height: 735 mm
Ground Clearance: 120 mm
Wheelbase: 1,510 mm

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5 Responses

  1. it will be a great sight to see Harley rolling on Indian roads, and after reading this post i cant wait to see many of these SuperLow. Harley Davidson, INDIA LOVES YOU..

  2. 2 questions Lijo.
    1) I live in a tier 2 town. With the rains we saw this year roads are in bad shape. How does a ground clearance of 120mm fare on such roads (as compared to 150-180mm we usually see on most Indian bikes)?
    2) Read an article saying Harley is gonna start a manufacturing unit in India (not just assembly for CKU) that might push the prices of Superlow to 3.5L range. Any idea if that is true?

    • Regarding your first question, the ground clearance may pose some problem for riding the bike in your city. As regards the second question depending upon the sales unit that they garner here, Harley are looking at building up a manufacturing unit in India.

  3. is Harley Davidson suits to Indian roads especially in Chennai?

    is it ok in rainy seasons?

    tell about the mileage as far as when compare to indian roads……?!?!

  4. The ground clreance is 100mm and not 120mm; as mentioned by you.

    Don’t you think 100mm is just too low for our roads?

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