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Eugene Laverty weighing his options before a plunge to MotoGP

Eugene Laverty has voiced he could be making a decision to enter MotoGP from WSB (World Superbikes) next season, but was waiting for the right deal.

Yamaha has confirmed their disinterest by not participating in next season’s World Superbikes Championship hence linking the Irish rider, Eugene Laverty, to be making a move to Tech3 Yamaha in 2012 as the Texan Colin Edwards considers a switch to Forward CRT.n

Bradley Smith, British rider, is also linked with Tech3, but both Smith and Laverty have voiced that they haven’t agreed to anything yet.

Laverty confirmed that he had plans to stay in World Superbikes Championship for a while in order to gain substantial experience, but this surprise withdrawal of Yamaha from WSB made him re-think and weigh his options for the next season. He also told his previous MotoGP experience made him cautious about taking a step further.

He told he’d seen the paddocks of MotoGP before, and he wasn’t in a hurry to be back if the right deal came along.

Eugene Laverty

He told his last experience in MotoGP was pretty bad and feels the paddocks of WSB are more friendlier. He felt the WSB system was much better, and they did believe in their riders more. He told it’s not the same case in MotoGP where one has to prove he’s good and they’d be making a fool of themselves if they didn’t prove to be good riders.

He further told he did aim similarly to what Ben Spies did in 2009, which meant it did enable Spies to switch on his terms from WSB to MotoGP.

Laverty feels it’s important to make a transition with people he knows as confidence could be thrown down quite easily in MotoGP. He told if he had to make a choice of joining MotoGP next season Suzuki was also on his list as his relationship with them was good.

Colin Edwards, meanwhile, would be walking out of Tech3 Yamaha next season and switching to Forward CRT. He wants his present Tech3 team to build chassis for Forward CRT, which would be running on a Yamaha engine. Colin feels this would be a dream come true for him and a great opportunity waiting to be knocked if such a thing happened as his vast experience in testing and developing bikes makes him feel the combination would just be perfect. Colin was expected to race well at Misano, but wasn’t up to the mark, perhaps the switch announcement came a bit early impeding his performance. A lot is to be seen if Eugene Laverty indeed makes a MotoGP move and lands in either Tech3 or Suzuki. MotoGP, as Laverty feels, isn’t an easy road for riders can tumble pretty easily if things don’t work as planned.

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