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Ducati Multistrada 1200 Test Ride

Italian motorcycle company Ducati for long has been manufacturing motorcycles that are a class in its self. The launch of the Ducati Multistrada 1200 proves that spanner magicians at the Ducati are on no rest. Let’s look at the latest Ducati Multistrada 1200 in India that will be coming soon.

With razor sharp formations and thundering Desmo twin engine, the bike makes you feel satisfied on every aspect. Ducati Multistrada 1200 is a ride that has come up from dust where the Ducati ST3 and the ST4 lay dead in the ground. Rising from there is a motorcycle that can do every thing they did and does even more.

Ducati had put first traction control system on the 2009 1098R WSBK race bike and at that point of time no one knew how fast this technology will come to road bikes. In 2010 Ducati brought the Multistrada 1200 S as a sport tourer and the ride competes head on with BMW tourers.

The Multistrada 1200 has a very controversial profile; it has two air intakes tunnel placed just below the headlamps. The smiling headlights come to life with combination of LED and halogen.

All the open parts of the motorcycle is dipped in black that covers the engine, rims and rear while the silver colour covers the headlight area, pillion footrest and the muffler. The front of the ride looks like a beak of a parrot. The Ducati heritage of skeleton frame is kept alive on the Multistrada.

The bike is a master piece from every end. In the front the visor is adjustable that doesn’t only add to the tourer look but is also very practical keeping the rider well protected from slapping winds. Below the visor is an advanced looking console with an LCD display. The console is dominated with speedometer and rpm and others include twin trip counter, odometer, gear indicator, temperature and a clock. The console also reads kilometers left to ride, ABS status with the amount of assistance received from the traction control.

Its mirrors are placed on the handle and are practical. The handle has heated grip and the levers are reach adjustable.

Starting the Ducati is very easy. Keeping the keys couple of meters away from the bike one can start the engine. Buttons on the switch panel include indicator switch, traction control button, ride mode selector which makes Multistrada’s one of the most important feature.

The bike also features charging points that can charge mobile phone and other connectors for GPS system by Gramin.

When first sitting on the saddle one should make a note of few things. First thing its new owners in India should know its keyless entry start up; it’s a procedure. The system works like this- the key needs to be within six feet of the bike and the Multistrada is ready to get started with sliding of the ignition on and off button revels the start button. This keyless ignition feature also has conventional key that is used to access panniers and fuel filler cap. Locking the handle bar happens electronically, all you need to do is keep the handle bar rested either on extreme left or right and slide the off button for the second time.

The touring mode on the ride makes full 150 horsepower available but here the torque comes smoother and the same opens full on the Sport mode. Seating position is commanding on the ride as it has wide handlebars and 33.5inch seat height. Pulling the clutch is ease as it’s with Ducati esque clutch operation. Shifting is too smooth.

On open road the Ducati Multistrada 1200 accelerates quickly and the power to the rear wheel is taken with six speed gear box and it runs smooth. Its adjustable visor keeps the face well protected behind the helmet and also the handle has guard that protects from cold morning wind punch. A three stage grip warming system is also available; this option will be hardly used in India.

What’s impressive with the ride is its early power generation that starts as early as from 4000 rpm and best from 5000rpm till it reaches the red line. For better mountain riding experience one can shift from touring mode to sport mode using the indicator cancel button. Rest the throttle and hold the button for three seconds and there you go cornering and throwing up speed.

With all this power and exceptional handling it seems the Ducati Mulistrada 1200 can take most serious sport tourer offering from the BMW, a manufacturer which is most known for its sports tourer motorcycles. This Ducati has 1198cc power plant which is time proven and is above the shelf. Mulistrada is with beefy midrange power as this is important for a tourer motorcycle unlike the sportbikes.

Power delivery is smooth and the ride weighs only 189kgs this means you can do a wheelie or a two. Double muffler and exhausts looks smart and are Euro 3 approved. They shouldn’t see problem in India. The muffler stretches just a little in front of rear tyre, is a special design that frees space for pannier on the right side. The pannier receives heat absorbing layer to keep it protected from heat. The engine on this tourer Ducati is Testastretta II that sources air from front double air intake that adds to true tourer style. Also the kind of engine requires servicing after ever 2400kms of which the Ducati is too proud.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 in India is expected to have traction control and three engine mapping system as it has in the Europe and other international markets. In the sport and the touring mode the power output of the engine is the same the only difference is in torque generation. The third mode is the urban mode which softens up the suspension a bit the engine now makes maximum 100 horsepower and the traction control setting changes to 6 which is the highest as urban has potholes, dust and road patches.

ABS on the Multistrada are offered optional, add them and you are on the safest ride. On city hurdle like potholes, speed breakers the Multistrada runs like a supermoto bike that does lots of gyming.

The Bottom Line

Ducati Multistrada 1200 is one of the best sports touring bike and can prove to be a dream tourer when it comes to India. Ducati Multistrada 1200 price in India may settle at Rs 16 lakh* approx. The price tag is lot of money but the bike can give accounts for your every rupee paid. The instrument panel is packed with future functional switches like the key less start option.

The time is right to keep waiting for this bike to be offered in India by May. Till then stay connected.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 Specification

Engine: L-Twin cylinder, Testastretta 11°, 4 valve per cylinder, liquid cooled, Desmodromic
Displacement: 1198.4cc
Bore x Stroke: 106×67.9mm
Compression Ratio: 11.5:1
Power: 150hp – 110,3kw @ 9250rpm
Torque: 118.7Nm @7500rpm
Fuel injection: Elliptical throttle bodies, electronic fuel injection system
Exhaust: Stainless steel muffler, aluminium tail pipes, two lambda probes
Gearbox: 6 speed
Front suspension:
Ohlins 48mm
Rear suspension: Progressive linkage
Front wheel: 10-spoke in light alloy 3.50 x 17
Rear wheel: 10-spoke light alloy 6,00 x 17
Front brake: 320mm
Rear brake: 245mm disc, 2-piston caliper
Seat height: 850mm
Fuel capacity: 20 litres
Weight: 189kg

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