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Ducati Diavel in India: A Technological Marvel

I was blown out when first saw the Ducati Diavel at the LA Auto Show. Diavel looks large but in contrast it’s light, fearless, and sophisticated and undoubtedly a fast machine.

Looking at the ride gives an impression of Diavel being a sport motorcycle but in reality it’s the first bike from Ducati to enter in the cruiser class. I guess I was the most excited person to see the work of Ducati and when the bike was un-curtained, the beast I saw was beyond my expectation. Hats-off to Ducati.

Spanner magicians at Ducati have created a motorcycle that is with cruiser styling, such as stretched wheelbase, fat rear tyre, low seat height and placement of footpegs in front. These stylish components make the ride look good but may not add to the handling of the ride in the same was it does for styling.

New Ducati Diavel looks large but in reality things aren’t the same way as they look. Diavel weighs only 207kgs, now that’s dirt light for such a big bike.

If we take any other bike in this category it would weight at least a 100kgs more than the Diavel.

The profile of the bike is similar to MotoGP bikes and the rider can make the bike lean up to 41 degrees, now that’s nearly kissing the ground. This means the ride becomes maneuverable and gives blasting enjoyment to the rider.

With larger airbox, redesigned exhausts and with its L-twin engine Ducati Diavel churns out maximum horsepower of 162 bhp.


Ducati Diavel receives its L-twin 11 degree engine similar to Multistrada 1200.

Voluminous airbox makes the ride to generate 12 bhp extra and sneaks a peak power of 162. Fuelling delivery is just perfect and electronics on the ride includes switch able riding modes allowing the rider to choose between urban, touring and sports mode, each of the modes generates 100bhp, 162bhp and 162bhp respectively. In the last modes the power generation is the same but throttle response is far more aggressive in sports mode. These engine run selection mode makes the ride practical and also add to its maneuverability. This should be helpful to the Ducati Diavel in India.

Ride and Handling

By looking at the ride, it gives an impression that its rider needs to have lot of skills. No doubt the Ducati Diavel is a giant with low seat profile and fat rear tyre, but it makes a run similar to any other uncovered sport bike available. It turns, sweeps, scratches and does every thing a sport bike does.

Having amazingly perfect handling many sports bike will feel ordinary when the Ducati Diavel comes to town. It steers well and keeps inline living the ride no reason to regret.

Its light weight also contributes to handling. Ducati Diavel weighs only 207 kgs far lighter that the Yamaha V-Max.

Ducati Diavel  Photo Gallery


New Ducati Diavel has tons of technological advancement all around, it’s got DTC traction control, ABS, riding modes, race spec brakes, TFT instrument, LED head, tail and indicators, footpegs with seperable rubbers, mirrors, two lambda sensors on its large diameter exhausts, power valve, catalytric converter and lastly keyless ignition. So is it high tech? Ducati surly did it.

Expected Quality and Reliability

Ducati Diavel has surly passed all the tests for on road and track performance. All of the hosing and wiring on the Ducati Diavel are hidden, the badge and paint on the ride is inviting. Built quality should not be a problem when the Ducati Diavel comes to India. Don’t forget to watch the space to read the review of the Ducati Diavel in India.

The equipments and quality are in their best form.

The Bottom Line

Ducati Diavel is far lighter than the Yamaha V-Max as both of them are in the power cruiser segment. We can all expect the Ducati Diavel to reach Ducati showrooms by the month of Aril. The most important question appears what is its price? Ducati Diavel price in India may settle at Rs 20 lakh, now that a lot of money.

If you really want to buy that ride it will be good value for money as the Yamaha VMax and Harley Davidson VRod are more expensive.

With Ducati Diavel you get lots of tech features, Ducati engineering and best of all, performance that will blow every other thing in its class. This Ducati will be evil like a devil when it reaches India.

Stay tuned for Ducati Diavel test ride in India.

Ducati Diavel Specification

Engine size: 1198cc
Engine specification: 8v liquid-cooled V-twin, 6 gears
Power: 162bhp
Torque: 94ftlb
Weight: 207kg
Seat height: 770mm
Fuel capacity: 17 litres
Frame: Tubular steel trellis
Front suspension adjustment: Preload, compression and rebound
Rear suspension adjustment: Preload, compression and rebound
Front brakes: 2 x 320mm discs, Brembo 4-piston callipers, ABS
Rear brake: 265mm disc, twin-piston calliper, ABS
Front tyre size: 120/70 ZR 17
Rear tyre size: 240/45 ZR 17

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One Response

  1. With Diavel Ducati has made a bike beyond convention, very difrnt style.They have not made
    it with `cruiser styling’. The foot pegs are NOT forward placed as in cruisers.In fact
    it is placed like sports bike semi crouched. At 20lakh plus it will defintly be very exclusive machine
    with no compitition.

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