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Dirt never looked good before; a day at RotoCross Mumbai

Car and Bike Racing Show

It was early morning and the dirt was made to settle with a sprinkle of water at the Somaiya Grounds, Sion East. The event was a great one that attracted more than 60 participants in scooter and motorcycle racing class from all over India.

It was only 9 in the morning when the Indiandrives team arrived at the Somaiya grounds. The dirt track was all ready and some final water feeding work was going on. The track was all dirt with lots of sand, with lots of curves and hard corners but didnt have jumps as most of the participants were with modified street motorcycles. The name RotoCross sounds similar to MotoCross but the track was far simpler than those found in the International MotoCross events where you see lots of flying motorcycles. Another reason for the track to be so simple was the participation of scooters- scooters in dirt, funny thing isn’t it?

As soon as the red and green TATA water tanker did its job of watering the track, the time was now to race. At first I thought ice breakers of the track would be some big bore motorcycles but then what I saw was something that we all see on Indian roads, they were scooters.

Scooters were made to race first because they needed the race track to be in better condition and not in sticky condition after those motorcycles make a run and leave larger rubber prints. Scooter racers were judged on lap time like all of the races at the event. It was very funny to see those scooters to race in the dirt. Scooters were made special but all of them were those we find on road. By seeing at the scooters I had a word with my camera man, “are these the same thing that we use to commute?”. To this the lens man replied, “I can’t believe my eyes”.

Most of the scooters were highly tuned from rubber to block. It was really nice to see Kinetic in action and I must say the rider did well with the old ride. Many new scooter makes were also used like the Suzuki Access 125, Honda Activa, Bajaj Kristal and TVS Scooty. I also had an eye on a rider with his Bajaj Chetak, he must have had a palm massage changing gears throughout the lap; it was a struggle to handle that old Bajaj on the track.

With all scooters entries done, the track was put to life with some speeding two strokes. All of the two stokes racing motorcycles were Yamaha RX100, RX 135 and some were Yamaha RXZ. Now I must say all of them were ported and were using bigger blocks and expansion chambers. The track was put to right use with these two stroke highly tuned motorcycles.

I was very impressed with a rider and thought of having a talk. Hayder Ali was racing with his Yamaha RXZ 135 and showed up with some serious skills. He was a friendly guy, 21 years of age and it was his first début towards professional racing. I asking about his bike and he only said, “It’s for racing”. I asked him what mods he did on the bike, he only replied, “every thing that’s needed to do 140”, impressive isn’t it?

After the humming two stokes, the track was emptied for some import dirt bikes. These guys were professional racers and were trained to ride on those professional race dirt bikes. Most of them were Yamahas with 250cc engine. This was the third class of racing and like all the other races these bigger bikes were also tied to lap time performance.

By the time, the panel calculated the best lap score some cars performed on the tracks keeping spectators entertained. All of the races finished by 3pm in the afternoon and around 4pm podium winners were announced.

For me it was the best possible way to spend a Sunday and I was equally excited to bring all this to you.

Click Here To See Photo Gallery Of RotoCross Mumbai Show

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