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Honda Activa 125 Test Ride, Review

Bike Reviews, Featured, Honda, Test Ride
Article by Hamza Ansari
The drizzle of rains, ample of excitement, more power, ultimate comfort, and amber backlit speedometer, are what the first five minutes of the test ride of the new Activa 125 had galore us at. The new Activa 125 was the most waited product of the Honda to be launched in India. As since the Activa is doing its legacy dating back to 1999, till today that Honda’s automatic scooter is the most-trusted as well as most-loved household name. Let me explain, most of us had ridden the old Activa for a number of times and on a number of occasions, so for instance, both of them can be compared in this review at times to get to know what better (or bitter) Honda had stood with this new product. Design [...]

Vespa S Test Ride, Review

Bike Reviews, Featured, Test Ride
Article by Hamza Ansari
All the Vespas hold nothing new on technical front, instead they are done only with the cosmetic changes, said a marketing personnel of the brand at the test-ride venue. So the newly launched Vespa S, that we took for a test ride, is been drawn on the same. Out there, who are expecting the Vesps S will be altogether a new technical benchmark in the fraternity of automatic scooters, be cautious, there are nothing such factors planted on it. Being clear in its concept, this Italian scooter only bares chic-retro modified attire on the outer crust, whereas the performance specifications it draws is like a one from the modern times, which its other siblings in the lineup have also owned. Hence, the [...]

KTM 390 Duke Test Ride in India

Featured, Test Ride
Article by Hamza Ansari
Helmet: On, Gears: On, Boots: On, Knee Guard: On, Ready to Race, Oh Yes……. That’s what seems to be the KTM targeting its customers with the new “Duke 390”. Hell like fast and griping like snail, is what we could define the bike in one line. However, the bike 390 Duke was launched with a huge fanfare, and is being acceptable to a large amount of audience due to its price tag, which is said to be of approx Rs. 2.06 on-road Mumbai. Due to such we decided to take the bike for a test ride, which we were then bestowed with a chance to keep the same with for a whole one week. Intentionally, we took the ride of this bike all the way from Pune to Mumbai, clinching over an approx 300kms, inclusive [...]

Hero MotoCorp Impulse: Long Term Test

Featured, Latest News, Test Ride
Article by Hamza Ansari
Impulse is the new venture from Hero MotoCorp after it got separated from Honda. To be true many of the bike enthusiasts in India hadn’t find it much attractive and so this product failed to make a mark like to that of its commuter sibling Splendor. Yes, the Splendor had did wonder for Hero and even today itself it is no lesser than other competitors in the market. Though whatever the condition maybe, we were the fan of Impulse since we had seen it on the launch floor. Truly most of my colleagues had refrain me of buying this bike but in spite their desire of another Pulsar, it went against it and bought this newbie which was there charming in the bikini clad body on white flooring of showroom. The [...]

Mahindra Centuro: Review and Test Ride

Bike Reviews, Featured, Mahindra, Sticky, Test Ride
Article by Hamza Ansari
As already brimmed with the word “Centuro” in the initial week of Jan 2013, specifically alongside the launch of Pantero, Mahindra had now launched the same, but had not revealed the prices which it soon may give out the aspiring numbers in early days of July. However, nothing had affected us due to the pricing being kept undercover, but we had finally given the test ride on some of the most amazing tarmacs. The same experience we are going to share with you in this post that is basically considered to be the second most awaited attempts from the house of Indian bike maker, after discounting the one of that unfit Stallio and Mojo. The first bike was launched under Mahindra two Wheelers badge [...]
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