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Mahindra Gusto vs Honda Activa vs Hero Maestro vs TVS Jupiter vs Yamaha Alpha vs Honda Aviator: Specifications Comparison

Bike Comparison, Featured, Hero Moto Corp, Honda, TVS, Yamaha
Article by Hamza Ansari
The Gust to reach a remarkable remembrance made Mahindra Two Wheelers to roll out an automatic scooter “Gusto” for 110cc repertoire. The launch was competitive to a number of rivals, but the audience catered mainly is the “family” group. With regards to the price it is offered for, Gusto holds a number of features where some are the industry’s first, namely, dashboard or emergency storing space just below the console, height adjustment and more. Needed not to forget the flip key, find me lamps, guide lamp, LED pilot lamps…the list continues further. On the stiff rivalry note there appear a number of badges to lock their horns with this newbie. For example, the segment leader Activa, [...]

Suzuki Gixxer vs Yamaha FZ-S V2.0 vs Honda CB Trigger vs Bajaj Pulsar 150: Specifications Comparison

Bajaj, Bike Comparison, Featured, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha
Article by Hamza Ansari
Suzuki’s launch of the year – Gixxer – will soon be rolled out apparently with an attractive price tag. The technical specifications leaked ahead of launch had certainly brewed atmosphere with competitive arrogance. As per to the leaked data, power delivered is of 14.6bhp @ 8,000rpm from a 154.9cc engine. For better results a comparative study is carried out to reveal where the Gixxer will stand in the competition on-paper. Read on to reveal the truth about it. Firstly in the competition, stands the Yamaha FZ-S V2.0, then raising their arms are the Honda CB Trigger and Bajaj pulsar 150 DTS-i. Put together in the crowd, Gixxer stood out them with the largest displacement of sending out [...]

Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs Suzuki Inazuma 250: Specifications Comparison

Bike Comparison, Featured, Kawasaki, Suzuki
Article by Hamza Ansari
India is a market of odds and sometime it gets even, where to replicate the same we received the twin-cylinder bikes in quarter displacement these days. However, it’s quite hard to explain to general audience what an additional cylinder mean. Owning a bike with dual-cylinders definitely had an advantage over the single cylinder engine. Thanks to the modern technologies that deserve a bow for giving the single-cylinder engines the more power than the dual, and more importantly the better fuel-efficiency which is in actual the core reason for most of the audience to buy a larger displacement with a single cylinder. Here, we had dismissed out all the bikes with one-cylinder from the crape and [...]

Honda CB Trigger vs Yamaha FZ-S: A Comparison

Bike Comparison, Featured, Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Being a bike enthusiast, we know what does it takes to own a Japanese bike. It’s riding comfort, toughness, durability, stability, and more importantly the peace that you get in driving those machines. Moreover to the terminology of biking in Japanese context, we had learnt till date that each one of them has got a different DNA and they are very much distinct from each other, even then the maker would say that figures on paper are matching and they are of the same category. We usually don’t believe such temperament, and when there was Yamaha and Honda pitted against each other, and you are given to choose a one form them from both of them, it becomes the toughest question of life at that [...]

Honda Aviator vs TVS Wego: The Disc-o Comparison

Bike Comparison, Featured, Honda, Latest News, TVS
Article by Hamza Ansari
There was a time in the two wheeler industry when only people use to think of Bajaj when they go out to buy a scooter. And instead there were only mere options available during those times; customers were restricted only to a limited number of choices itself. Instead, sometimes it used to happen that a person doesn’t look for a test ride of the vehicle which he is going to buy, but just looking at the model plate he used to finalize the deal. Today again in 21st century, we are having abundance of choices and can have the end number of test rides before choosing our product. It is now also seen that one of the bike maker is rewarding the customers with cash when they don’t tend to buy his [...]
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