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BMW K1300S in India- Expected


The German bike manufacturer is known for its cars in India, it’s the BMW. BMW made its entry into road vehicles by manufacturing motorcycles and then came the cars. BMW expects to carve out a sizeable market chuck in India with its coming soon BMW K1300S. Internationally BMW is popular not for sports machines but sport-touring motorcycles. This time they are getting their ride to India. Its power packed engine is ready to response across the rev range; let’s welcome the BMW K1300S in India.

The styling alone on this ride promises for ultimate power and performance, it’s a ride built for speed. 175 bhp is what you get when the engine turns angry and performance is exactly what you expect. At 11,000 rpm its engine makes your heart race. In spite of so much power the BMW K1300S remains smooth and calm thanks to its safety features, practical design and improved chassis, something other makes can dream of.

People at BMW were very clear with the expectation one would have by looking at the ride and that’s the reason they added power with performance. The result is a machine combined with excitement of the track and with features that’s needed for long distance touring. Key features include BMW Motorrad Duolever and BMW ABS.

BMW K1300S also features Electronic Suspension Adjustment, where the rider can electronically adjust the suspension sitting on the saddle. ESA feature helps rider to easy adjust shock absorbers depending upon the load he is carrying for the tour.


The engine mated on the BMW comes from Ricardo. Ricardo is an engineering company, the same company which has developed gearbox for Bugatti Veyron, the hypercar. These spanner magicians made a gear box that could handle Bugatti’s 1000 horsepower and this time they have made the engine for BMW K1300S. It’s the fist time BMW employed Ricardo to work on their bikes. BMW knew that they were employing right people; BMW K1300S generates 175bhp with 1293cc four cylinder engine. Now that lots of power. When the bike comes to India many of its owners won’t ever take the K1300 to its max speed. Its engine is only among few present in the liter category to have smooth rpm and also its ever ready to turn into a beast. How fast will be the bike on Indian road? Fast, very very fast.

Riding Impression

The engine employed on the BMW K1300S is no doubt smooth but that can’t cover the fact that the bike is a big bike. BMW K1300S weighs nearly 228kgs dry; don’t expect it to handle like a light weight 1000cc sports bike. BMW has a solution to the ride to it’s over weight. The Electronic Suspension Adjustment has nine potential adjustments to cover individual rider, with pillion and setting with luggage. The system doesn’t only sound practical; it is practical and works luminously. Most of the time these models are introduced in international markets in their original form, hence we can expect the same features with the BMW K1300S in India.

BMW K1300S may be new to India but internationally it’s a familiar ride. The latest BMW K1300S which will be coming to India looks similar to the older version. This new ride is added with lots of small updates to make a better ride altogether.

With claimed 175 bhp and some electronic marvels and a list of optional features to choose from, the BMW K1300S will give a run for sale for every other import present in India. It’s a bike that can handle almost any thing and every thing.


BMW K1300S will be offered with lots of optional features and one will be paying much more than its base price if he decides to fully load the ride.  Most important options are the ABS and the ESA II. If not ABS one should not miss the electronically adjustable suspension. With options come hard luggage, heated grips, onboard computer, quickshifter and Akrapovic exhausts. It won’t matter if you miss all of these optional features when the ride comes to India.

K1300S runs using a shaft drive this means the ride is low on maintenance and also is less expensive than a chain. Previous model to the BMW K1300S was the K1200S which suffered from high end vibes and also was fuel thirsty.

We still don’t know how these BMW bikes in India will ride.

The Bottom Line

We can expect BMW K1300S price in India to settle at a hefty price tag of Rs 12,00,000 approx. The pricing which is predicted is for the based model, be ready to empty you bank with every additional feature. The ride is not only heavy priced in India but the price tag is felt on the higher side even in international market. One can keep the cost lowest by avoiding optional features like heated handle grips as there is no need to keep you palm heated in a country like India, its meant only for cold places. The ESA II is the most essential feature for the ride. Along with ESA II if you decide to add ABS and ASC, traction control system than the cost of the ride will increase nearly by Rs50,000. After paying that amount of money BMW Bikes in India will assure that you get a lot of bike.BMW K1300S receives competition from Honda VFR1200F.

BMW K1300S

Expected: Feb 2011
Estimated Price: Rs 12,00,000*

BMW K1300S Specification

Engine type: 4 cylinders, 4-stroke, Inline
Displacement: 1293 cc
Bore × stroke: 80 mm × 64.3 mm
Cooling system: Water cooled
175.39 HP @ 9250 rpm
Torque: 4.28 kg-m  @ 8250 rpm
Cable operated
Valves per cylinder: 4, DOHC, variable
Engine mounting: Transverse
Lubrication system: Wet sump
Gear box:
Manual 6-speed
Clutch: Wet, multiple discs, cable operated
Final drive: Shaft
Starter: Electric

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