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Biker Gangs: Risking Lives for Cheap Thrills

Well, now it is not a rare sight that biker gang performs every now and then on the streets of Mumbai. And we everyone are aware about the consequences if they failed to attempt those stunt in right manner. Though the case of a biker killed by Police officer in Delhi had raised the bar at National capital, henceforth we decided to give it a shot in the financial capital of India (i.e. in Mumbai) too.

Navi Mumbai:

Earlier the days when the Pulsar was recently launched in India, a number of biking stunts related stints were reported here. But it is the praise worthy efforts of Mumbai Police who had brought down those numbers considerably in the city. In fact, no to rule out these nuisances completely, most of the biker nowadays has moved to the outskirts of Mumbai, specifically Thane, Navi Mumbai and the nearby areas. Navi Mumbai now has oodles of them. The Palm Beach road is proving a fatal playground for the Saturday-night races, and also some of the drifting actions. In addition, the biker gangs do wheelies, which presently is a common for any of the bike stunt afficando, stoppie and many more in the dangerous counting berth. Hope so this may be exciting to many of us when seen in live action, but can lead to the scary accident of life when being manhandled. And no doubt, it happens the other way too.

Biker Gangs Risking Lives for Cheap Thrills

South Mumbai:

Previously, the Queen’s necklace had remained a show point of such heavy lugged two-wheeled metals, and even after the stringent naka-bandis of Mumbai police they continue to fray the roads in night and escape before the cops would barge them in the mid of the exciting rush. And the fact that all we had seen till date is the, the gang dares to perform stunts only when 20-30 bikers are grouped together. Not a handful of them do this job. Main reason cited behind this collective hindrance is touted as the escape route to police checks. In real stances such scapes are visible, because the men in khaki uniform are not able to get caught of the group who are on 20-30 two wheelers. It really sounds impossible to get hold them and impose the regarded fine.


Moving now towards the Thane section, here the biking audience is of both the types ‘up-market’ as well as ‘down-market’, unlike the Navi Mumbai (Palm Beach road) and Mumbai (Queen’s necklace) case where most of the bikers are of well-brought up families. Here (in Thane) it is the mixed audience who had been playing the dodge game with the Police most probably at Saturday night and many other occasions. There are now several parts in the Thane section. One is the Mulund area where resides the most awarded lads of middle-class rich buffs who possess heavy machines too and shows off their tricks during the weekend nights. They had their contacts in the legislature and other such, so action of Police doesn’t end brutal on them, only ‘a warning’ is what the Police can cast on such lads. Though there are not many of the accidents reported from this area, as a result the sections of legislature is not that bothered about it.

Flipping the other side of coin, the world of biking-gang arena leads to a dangerous turn. The high voltage drama is witnessed at the stretch between Bhiwandi and Thane. It is a highway, and there are number of eateries established on it too, which we don’t deny that serves finger licking meals. And to bank on those cost saving chumps, a lot of youngster from the Mumbai city as well as nearby areas go there to give a treat to them, where the same route goes to Nashik. That open stretch is an open gateway to many of the accidents. In the initial days of establishment of those eateries called “Dhaba”, many of the Mumbai city audience use to go there on bike, and conduct race in between the stretch, which no exception for any other cause manies had been lead to death, that too very disastrously.

These are still going on despite many strict measures being taken by authorities, who had also build the roads upto the mark of high standards. The audience that rides on this stretch is the lower class, or the lower middle class who posses relatively low displacement bikes and also not the proper technique to ride on highways. Sometimes we too had witnessed, the locals of the area ride their two-wheelers in night without the functional tail and signal lights, and even sometime the headlight is also not clicked the lighted mode. These types of unawareness are rising there and the riders are not taking it seriously, while most of them ride under the influence of alcohol too. Just last week, one of our friends who stays in Thane got injured in a bike accident, which some of the fellow riders are sought to be responsible for it as they were racing during the daytime. More horrific to this stance is the friend’s wife who was riding as a pillion on my friend’s two wheeler, and she is so severely injured in the mishap that, the leading hospital where she lies on bed in the state of coma for the last seven days aren’t able to make her come back in normal state of tune. And her head-portion damage is so worst, which anyone will get scared after seeing her without the wraps. Both (my friend and his wife) were on the way back to home for Bhiwandi from Thane, and this incident took place on the said bespoken open stretch.

Bikes used for the stunts:

Hence, now it is the time to reveal the gist of all and that is ‘which of the bikes are being used in such stances’. Most probably it is the ‘Bajaj Pulsar’ and ‘Yamaha FZ-S’ that gets modified very easily and had ample of power with ergonomics to prove the ‘screeching mettle’ on tarmac. To be true, the bikes, apart from racing arena, which are being used in the stunts portfolio are chopped off their rear mudguard and are fitted with the metal type of structure that supports the bike when it is being ridden on one wheel. And not to mention, the KTM Duke 200 is the favourite to guys of middle class and upper middle class. Mind blowing power than the other badge in the respective segment, and comparatively next to zero maintenance cost to what the output and ergonomics it offers are the main reason touted for its possession. In addition, there are other bikes too in the pipeline to come in such devastating manner, but it is the audience who needs to understand their road responsibilities regarding their fellow and others creatures on road too. Fun and throttling extravaganza is acceptable unless and until it doesn’t causes harm to others.

Ride safe!

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