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Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS vs Honda Stunner CBF

Hamara Bajaj this bike has been fancied now by the youth and Speed enthusiasts for almost a decade now. Bajaj has until now rolled the Indian 2 wheeler market with a major role. Bajaj 135 was targeted towards all speed enthusiasts who had a soft corner for fuel efficiency as well.

Slowly and gradually another segment that is 135 cc, is been rising on the Indian roads. Thanks to the many variants offered by Bajaj under this segment .Here we have tried to compare Bajaj pulsar 135 LS and Honda Stunner CBF.

Bajaj Pulsar 135 in India is taken as a fetish by all Bajaj and speed aficionados. Bajaj Pulsar 135 is a bike that has not been compromised with speed for features. I have always appreciated Bajaj expertise for blending the perfect mix of speed, features and mileage.


To start with lets consider the powerplant used in Bajaj Pulsar 135. Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS in India has got 134.66 displacement engine, 4 stroke, 4 valve, SOHC, single shaft engine. This engine is perfectly paired with 5 speed gear box. This 5 speed gear box gives enhanced pick up even at lower rpms which makes it possible to ride with minimum gear shifts.  The graceful DTSi technology which is considered as patent of Bajaj is once again used in this power plant to make it more efficient and handy. This power packed engine is capable of generating 23.7 hp at 9000 rpm and 11.4 Nm at 7500 rpm. This youngest cousin of Pulsar 150 is assembled with DTSi , 4 valve technology, that makes it the first of its kind. With two exhaust valves intake and exhaust, this bike performs its best, when compared to two valve engines. With such advancements in technology the bike is assured of better fuel efficiency and power. The hammering torque which this bike produces is result of the improved induction and evacuation of exhaust gasses that is attained at a much higher pace than it earlier did. The smoke is efficiently combusted and cleaned and is therefore claimed as environment friendly bike from Bajaj. The gem of Bajaj , Pulsar 135 LS will has started hitting the peak of sales and the world will soon witness Pulsar 135 LS as the best light sports bikes. ExhausTEC which is another patent of Bajaj has aided this bike with improved torque which makes it torquey and speed efficient. Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS is capable of chasing naught to 60 kmph in 5.6 sec. Bajaj has claimed this bike with minimum efforts can attain a top speed of 111 kmph.

‘Honda Stunner CBF’, without this the 125 segment bikes of India would have been incomplete. This premium bike from Honda is witnessing its best phase in its lifecycle with such good response from Indian buyers. Honda Stunner CBF is powered by Air cooled, 4 stroke, OHC, single cylinder engine. This 124.7 cc displacement power plant was capable of engineering 11 hp at 8000 rpm and generated hammering torque of 11 NM at 6500 rpm. This Honda engine was mated with 5 speed gear box that was guided 1 down and 4 up. Coming to the acceleration this bike was capable of attaining naught to 60 in 5.4 sec which is quite impressive for a 125 cc bike. But as it is said nothing is Impossible when you have Honda on your side. Honda Stunner CBF in India has got a top speed of 102.2 kmph. Honda in every sense is the best deal if you are considering bikes in the 125 to 135 cc segment.

Fuel Economy

Bajaj has always made it big when it comes to fuel economy, with its ExhausTEC and DTSi technology in its power plant. Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS in India has got a healthy fuel efficiency of 50 kmpl on city roads and upto 60 kmpl on highway road conditions. Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS has got energy drink saving capacity of 8 liters in which 2.5 is reserved for reserve. Honda CBF Stunner , this Japanese model lacks no where behind when fuel charts are described. Honda Stunner CBF has got a fuel tank storing capacity of 10 litres. This Japanese make has claimed to deliver fuel efficiency of 55 plus on city road and up to 70 on highway road conditions. With such good fuel efficiency gone are the days when you had to stop at every petrol pump that comes in your way.  Definitely Honda ranks first on the chart of mileage conscious buyers. For speed and power, packing a deal with Bajaj Pulsar is the best choice.

Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Photo Gallery

Riding impressions

Starting with Bajaj you may definitely be impressed on the technology and equipments used in this machine. This comfortable ride from Bajaj is true effort of much Bajaj expertise who designed this bike. I would like to say for reduced jolt free ride experience go in for Hamara Bajaj. The enhanced suspension used in this premium bike is truly worth paying every single penny. This bike is equipped with 130 mm antifriction bush which is coupled with Telescopic Front Fork with and at the rear triple rated Nitrox-assisted spring. With such advancements I bet the ride pleasure will definitely be overwhelming. Stopping at the brakes you get both front and rear disc with 240 mm disc at the front and 130 mm disc at the rear you can pretty much be sure of the braking capabilities of this bike. The user friendly switches make this bike handier than the Honda CBF Stunner CBF. Controlling the bike was pretty much easy even with this heavy body due to its wide handlebars and aerodynamics. Appreciating the chassis of Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS is one of the best thing I would like to do due to its craftsmanship. I found the ride, control and handling of pulsar 135 LS much impressive and awe inspiring. The wheels of this light weight sports machine played a major role in getting Pulsar 135 LS stars. Wet as well as dry road riding impressions was far better than Honda Stunner CBF.

Honda Stunner CBF in India came equipped with front telescopic fork at the front and three step hydraulic spring loaded shock absorber which is been combined with rectangular box type swing arm. Now this is something you won’t find in 125 cc bikes. The riding impression was quite remarkable because of the enhanced suspension used by Honda. Coming to the seats Honda offers same step up seat like Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS. Once you go even more beneath you may find the tubeless frame was much moiré reliable. Now this is the feature that sets Honda apart from Bajaj. Diamond shaped chassis from Honda expertise gives it class apart ride experience. Considering the ride experience of Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS and Honda Stunner CBF I found the Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS to be more appealing, but when it comes to handling and control Stunner really stunned me with its performance. The tires were not that appealing in terms of look but managed to perform well. Step up seats gave extra room for rider as well as pillion rider. The ergonomics of this bike helped it to gain more stars. The foot rests and foot pegs gave more comfort and safety for pillion and rider. Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS is a bike which is loaded with a wide range of features but talking about Honda Stunner CBF this is a bike that has been known for its Honda engine and robust body.  Stunner CBF has got perfectly designed knee recess that makes it an ideal ride for tall riders as well.

With many digital fuel gauge, tacho meter, Speedometer Digital Trip Meter, self start etc makes this bike more user friendly and handy. Bajaj has even tried to match up with its contender by enabling it with tubeless tyres. Low battery indicators, oil indicators, fuel indicator makes it one of the most reliable bikes.


Looks to kill is what Bajaj has molded into their 135 cc bike. Indian buyers have been always fascinated with looks and appearance of the bike. This bike has got many features and appealing looks which makes it even more demanding among its target audience. The aggressive looks and cut throat graphics on the bikes makes it a perfect package for speed enthusiasts. LED tail lamps, Digital console gives this bike into the sports bike looks. The black treatments on the overall body and even on alloy wheels makes it looks like black demon from the childhood story books. The impressive bikini fairing will surely grab a lot of attention once you hit the road. Split grab rear rails give this bike a bull like feature from rear. Single down tube frame has made this bike more appealing. This will definitely give you superior respect among other bikes on road. 3D graphics makes it looks impressive. Stylized and trendy mudguards make it look like this generation bike.

Honda Stunner CBF has been a blockbuster since its launch due to the impressive colour schemes and large body that makes it look like a 150 cc bike. Finely craved cowl will definitely mad it a hit which is very rarely available in 125 cc bikes. Honda has goy beefy tank which makes it look macho. Due to the cutting edge graphics this bike has got Honda something extra ordinary. The aero type fuel tank gives it sportier look. Honda Stunner CBF has been offered with many colour schemes like sports red, heavy metallic grey, heavy metallic black, space silver metallic and sports pearl yellow.

Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS price in India is rupees 53,000 and Honda Stunner CBF Price in India is rupees 65,882.  With such sticker price Honda don’t even offer added attachments like leg guard, side stand saree guard etc. while Bajaj with this competitive price tag offers wide range of features.

Final Verdict

Considering the overall looks performance and mileage Bajaj hits the bull’s eye with being number one on the chart.

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8 Responses

  1. well it was gr8 to know…..bout the features of both the bikes…..but i would also like to know…if its possible to change the silencer pipe for pulsar 135 ls…..and do let me know…which…would be the best choice to go for….and also let me know if its possible to boost the engine power and accleration of pulsar 135 by adding some performance enhancer tools….

    • It is advisable not to make any modifications to your bikes as this would hamper their reliability. Once your bike is out of the warranty period, try for K&N filter which would bump up the performance slightly.

  2. Pulsar 135 LS is a popular bike.It’s top speed is 120km/h,4 valve engine,4 stroke,milleage-55 km/ltr.

  3. Though I can see here that pulsar 135 bikes top speed 112km it is wrong its speed 120km.

  4. yes the top speed is really 120(i took it to 121),but my 135 ( KA 05 HN 980) is giving me much problems in gear-shiftting as the gears don’t engage or disengage even on tapping numerous times (most pronounced in btw 2nd 3rd 4th gears), and this problem has been there from day-one. and also the rear seat is very high and uncomfortable, apart from that its a good bike for the price.

  5. bajaj pulsar 135ls….she’s outstanding both in looks as well as in overall performance..

  6. i want to buy pulsar 135, can somebody tell me how is that bike?

  7. Pulsar 135 is looks like a sports bike.It has 4 valve in cylinder 4 valve may be earn more power.Besides it’s rpm is higher 9000.It top speed is 120km/h more than pulsar 150.

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