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Bajaj Discover 100T: Review


  • Name:    Discover 100T
  • Type:   Commuter
  • Top Speed:    100kph
  • Fuel Consumption:   75 kms/litre
  • Price:  Rs. 50,500 (approx)

Bajaj has recently launched their premium 100cc motor bike, the first to roll out from under the Bajaj Group in India. It has been named Discover 100T. This has come as an imminent challenge for the Passion Pro from Hero, which is already in the market. Following are the details of the newly launched bike.

New Bajaj Discover 100T

Bajaj Discover 100T Exterior

The bike is modeled on Bajaj Discover 125ST, which, on release, had been greeted warmly by Indian customers. In looks it is way better than the other 100cc bikes which are in the Indian market, although it is hard to tell apart between the Discover 100T and Discover 125ST at a glance. The visor, which is tinted, has angular headlights with distinguishing pilot lamps, which give it a sharp, aggressive feature. On both sides of the headlights are the lens indicators, which are very sharp, and clear. The front fender of the bike is nothing extraordinary, and pretty simple, but the introduction of 10-spoke alloy wheels is eye catching. The headlamp has flicker-free lighting, however low the speed might get, which is another feature seen very rarely on 100cc bikes.

The bike’s rearview mirrors are designed in a way that gives it an aerodynamic look. Its alloy wheels, silencer and engine are painted black. The sides of the bike are finished in a silver color. A feature which adds a superlative touch is the rear grab rail, because 100cc bikes generally don’t possess this kind of styling. The muffler has been smartly designed by Bajaj, sporting a Chrome shield. The seat is full-sized and comfortable, and offers a raised fuel tank with graphics on it. The rear cowl is V-shaped, and it houses the LED tail light, which has been given an extended fender. Subsequently, the rear fender boasts of reflective lights on it, as well as a pair of side indicators.

When looked at from afar, the Discover 100T looks a lot similar to the Discover 125ST. A closer peek will give you a load of differences, such as the rear mudguard, the chain cover and some other aesthetics, as well as a superior nitrox rear suspension.

Bajaj Discover 100T Exterior

Interior, Engine and Gearbox

A simple, yet attention-grabbing instrument console is one of the excellent features of the Bajaj Discover 100T. It consists of an analog odometer and speedometer inside a circular-shaped dial. There is an analog fuel gauge next to the dial. Other essential indicators such as the neutral light, battery condition, single trip meter and upper beam indicator are also placed inside this instrument console, with a neatly glowing Bajaj logo in the right corner.

A mono cylinder with an air-cooled 102cc DTS-I engine powers this bike. This engine is a 4-stroke one, having 4 valve engines that churn out a maximum power of 10.1 bhp at 9000 rpm. Its highest torque production at 6500 rpm is 9.2 nm. Bajaj has designed this bike using a five speed gearbox, with all five gears in a down-shift pattern.


The Bajaj 100T boasts of being the most powerful 100cc engine currently available all throughout India. The smooth and refined five speed gearbox ensures linear delivery of a sufficient proportion of power and torque.  Well proportioned gear ratios and smooth gear transitions offer a great driving experience. The gear transitions are very smooth and the gear ratios are also well proportioned. The bike has a very good pick-up speed – even at very slow rpms – and an even better torque boosting, which is ably supported by the original exhaust technology. The Discover 100T can reach a speed of up to 60 kmph in a matter of 5.5 seconds. The engine helps avoid a lot of frequent gear shifts, thus improving fuel economy.

The standard mileage of the bike is around 60-62 km/liter.

Bajaj Discover 100T 2013 Bajaj Discover 100T

The riding posture combines commuter favorable and sporty. The bike has foot pegs around the middle, which means that the knees have to be folded at a certain angle, lending comfort as well as a sporty feel. Although the fuel tank is raised, and quite broad, it does not hamper sitting posture or comfort in any way. Optimum comfort for long journeys is also ensured by the broad seat. The handle bars are compact and are very easy to hold. However, you need to bend forward slightly to grip the handle bars. This does not compromise comfort. Instead, it goes a long way in improving the bike’s aerodynamics.

Safety Features

In spite of the absence of a lot of storage space, the essential safety features have not been compromised. These include the rear saree guard, the pass button, the powerful headlight, and the front leg guard.

Suspension and Braking System

The Discover 100T has front telescopic forks, which have a wheel travel of 130 mm. It also has rear shock absorbers, filled with Nitrox gas, and having a wheel travel of 110 mm. The brakes consist of a front drum brake of 130 mm and a rear drum brake of 110 mm. There is, however, no disc brake.

Bajaj Discover 100T

Handling and Ride

When it comes to handling the bike and riding it, it offers comfort beyond par. Even at high speeds, a wheelbase of 1305 mm makes it very stable. Its efficient Nitrox suspension system makes sure that the ride does not get uncomfortable and very rough on highways and uneven roads. With a ground clearance of 165 mm, this bike has no problems whatsoever in smoothly crossing speed breakers.

Tyre Size, Variants and Shades

The size of the bike’s alloy wheel is 17 inches. It comes in a single variant, with four dual-toned colours.


This bike falls in the 100cc segment, yet it is miles ahead of its other competitors in this category, who will undoubtedly have a tough time catching up. At a price of Rs. 50,500(approx.), the New Bajaj Discover100T is an ideal combination of power, fuel economy and style. It can appropriately be called a bike which delivers, and is worth its value.

Bajaj Discover 100T Back View

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