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Altius Scimitar in India- For those who want to experience a level-headed dirt feel


Altius Automotive Technologies is a new Indian Private Limited company founded by former Hyundai Motor India chief who are in partnership with California’s Hayes Diversified Technologies that manufacture engines that functions on multi-fuels including diesel. Motorcycles to US Armed Forces are supplied by Hayes Diversified Technologies.

Initially, the plan for the Indian make included making of small displacement multi-fuel bike engines. One of the few bikes that run on diesel would be Altius Scimitar, which would be a 670 cc on and off road bike. The name Scimitar means sword and is derived from Middle East. The bike has all the features a dirt bike has making a perfect on and off road multi-fuel motorcycle.


It stands tall and has long travel suspension. It also features a strong bar that wraps around the handlebar and protects its controls with high class quality levers, mirrors and switches. The Altius Scimitar also provides a good pair of palm grips. Furthermore, the Altius Scimitar in India houses a tachometer and has a temperature guage of the engine. The first impression one gets is that this bike is there to stay with its sturdy built and aggressive off-road styling.

The Altius Scimitar in India is a big bike. There is a long strip of rubber along the long travel telescopic forks in the front. It also features a multi-link adjustable monoshock in the rear. Like all the tough-looking dirt bikes, the wire spokes hold the alloy rims together. The Altius Scimitar in India uses petal type disc brakes on both the front and rear respectively. Downside to the Scimitar would be the heights of the riders. Shorter riders may find it difficult to adjust to a tall-looking motorcycle. On the whole, it offers better feel and leverage is nice when sitting upright assisted by wide handlebars. The bike offers excellent grip and dirt experience when off roading, but not so much while riding on tar. The Altius Scimitar is expected to be a hit on Indian roads, which demand a stronger and sturdier motorbike and does seem to have the potential for sales in India.


The Altius Scimitar in India is powered by Hayes Diversified Technologies’ heavy fuel motorcycle engine. Multi-fuel technology allows for the bike to be run on diesel too and the only bike to be run on multi-fuel technology in India. The 670 cc single cylinder four stroke engine is liquid cooled. It has a wet sump unit that depends on indirect injection.

The diesel sounding engine is unavoidable, nonetheless still the most exciting sound one could get and less bothersome on a dirt strip. Performance and acceleration sounds a bit dull. The Altius Scimitar is powered by a 670 cc engine churning out 33 bhp at 5700 rpm with a torque of 5.4 kgm at 3300 rpm. Nevertheless, the engine pulls steadily. Usually, it would not be the dirt bike of choice for a dirt racer and is smooth only as long as the rider does not rev it hard.

The Altius Scimitar price in India would be estimated to be between Rs. 1,50,000 and Rs. 1,75,000.


The Altius Scimitar has plenty of ground clearance. There is always a concern when buying this bike as Indian buyers usually buy for city speeding rather than remote off roading. There is a certain downside to the sales considering its superiority on rugged terrains rather than the usual city riding. The multiple fuel technology employed is quite an interesting one for buyers in this segment. The hike in fuel prices would further make people go for it as diesel is a bit cheaper. All in all, it is never that boring for a dirt lover to fall in love with it. For somebody who is 6 feet or plus tall, this bike would certainly provide the thrills he wishes.

We are expected to see the launch some time in the first quarter of next year. This bike has to ward off tight competition from the Hondas or the Suzukis to catch the imagination of buyers in India. I hope this bike has the potential to challenge the new dirt bike Honda MotoCorp would introduce later in the year.


  • Fuel: Diesel.
  • Type: Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four stroke, indirect injection (IDI), diesel, 670 cc.
  • Power: 33 bhp at 5700 rpm.
  • Torque: 5.4 kgm at 3300 rpm.
  • Power to weight ratio: 187.5 bhp per tonne.
  • Gearbox: Five-speed, one down, five up.
  • Length: 2296 mm.
  • Width: 960 mm.
  • Height: 1219 mm.
  • Wheel Base: 1481 mm.
  • Ground Clearance: 211 mm.
  • Weight: 176 kg.
  • Wheels : Wire spoke 21-17 inches.
  • Tyres : Dual purpose 90/90×21-12/90x17inches
  • Front suspension: Telescopic forks.
  • Rear suspension: Multi linked monoshock, dual side swing arm.
  • Front brakes: 280 mm petal disc.
  • Rear brakes: 240 mm petal disc.

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