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9 Exhilarating Fun to Ride bikes of India

Now riding bikes in India is not just for leaving your children to school or to reach your office in time. Indian Bike industry today has hit the bull’s eye with so many national and international players trying to make it big on the Indian grounds. Here at Indian drives we have short listed the many commuting gods of India bike riders.

9.To start with definitely I will have to introduce the bottom winner which is none other than Bajaj Pulsar 180. 2011 Pulsar 180 is powered by 4 stroke, Single cylinder, 178 cc power plant. This massive power mill definitely rocked the Indian roads with much of its power and advanced technologies. Popular review about this master piece was the bike in itself from its every sense. It flaunted an array of features and was even competitively priced. Looks to kill and responsive power packed engine definitely created oomph on Indian roads. Remember the last season of Pulsar MTV Stuntmania which featured many contestants accelerating on this mean machine.  As it is said legends are born once in decade, I would say I live in the legends decade.

Popular Review – This is the best bike with killer looks and hammering power that gives ready to go attitude when it come to pulling a stoppie or rolling a wheelie.

8. Managing to make it once again on the list of Indiandrives should really be appreciated and this time Bajaj has raced with its 220 metal hunk. Nothing much to offer but you may definitely be impressed with the throttle response that this bike delivers on its every pull and push. Coming to the power plant I was pretty much impressed with the kind of power mill this bike had under the skin. Single cylinder, 4 stroke engine was capable of generating 21 bhp and 19.12 Nm of hammering torque. This torquey beast came with many goodies and killer looks. The competitive price tag offered on this m machine is definitely a hard one to neglect.

Popular Review – Pulsar 220 F although has hit the market very efficiently it still lacks few essence that would take Bajaj to the next level. This Indian chic is the best Pulsar Indian riders can ever witness.

7. Indian Commuter bikers received the first twist when Honda launched its super bike 110 cc entry level commuter. This bike flaunted the next generation looks and ample powered motor that would definitely warm up your cockles. This fun loving commuter also proved itself as a fuel friendly bike. Honda’s 3D logo and assurance of quality have always worked magic for this bike. Honda created a new revolution by offering this bike with trendy designs and power packed engine. Honda Twister is powered by 4 stroke, SI, air cooled engine. With a displacement of 109 cc you can be sure of getting some best ride experience, even with this small power mill. Considering the power output this bike figured 9 hp an 8000 rpm and 9 Nm of thumping torque.

Popular review – This trendy commuter bike is an ideal commuter for mileage conscious buyers of India. Honda Twister is powered by Honda Twister is an easy on pocket metal hunk that will make you fall in love with her at the very first glance.

6. TVS Apache RTR180 is another worthy that needs full on respect for the sixth position it has gained. This first rate machine from TVS exceeds with its designs, power and ride impression that it delivers. Coming to the power plant TVS Apache RTR180 is definitely a dark horse with its 177.4 cc displacement, single cylinder, 4 stroke power plant that engineers 17.3 hp at 8500 rpm and 15.5 hp at 6500 rpm. The responsive 5 speed transmission will definitely impress you as it did in my case. With cut throat looks and cutting edge technology offered by the the make you can definitely take this one for a ride and be a star of the party. With its array of goodies that makes the overall performance even more exhilarating than before. However the aggressive performance impressed me but for a beginner level rider, this is not a child’s play. Many upgrades and facelifts in its previous version Apache 160 this bike has definitely rocked the Indian buyers this time. Apache has always thrilled me because of the mind bending control and stability that this bike offers.

Popular Review- Getting a classy machine is worth every penny you are paying for and if it’s your hard earned money then I would rather bet on this one for speed enthusiasts. Managing this ride is something you would love to do once you have grown up and this statement is for all beginner level riders.

5. Indian biking industry is incomplete without the two big H. The metal Hunk from Hero Honda is something that stands out when it comes to styling in the 150 cc segments. As it is said look good and sell good is something that has made Hero Honda Hunk to achieve the peak of sales since the time it has launched. This brilliantly styled motorcycle from Hero Honda definitely proved Hero Honda the biggest chart busters when it comes to India and Indian biking industry.  Coming to the power plant you may find 149. 2 cc displacement. The 4 stroke, air cooled engine from Hero Honda is capable of generating 14.4 ps at 8500 rpm and 12.80 Nm at 6500 rpm. This beefy monster from Hero Honda created a huge buzz during its launch because of its over styled panels, large fuel tank and awe inspiring rear. The enhanced handling offered on this machine has always made this bike a blockbuster among the Indian youths.

Popular Review- This worthy mean machine from Hero Honda has made it big and is once again prepared for its revamp. This bike will definitely make you fall in love with her at the very first glance and if you have not ever experienced love at first sight, then hey dude get ready for a roller coaster ride.

4. Yamaha R15, the R1 inspired entry level sports bike is now a dream machine for many speed enthusiasts of India who want to settle in for easy on pocket premium bikes. This bike had made it big until now and is considered as the best controlling bike in the premium segment. This R1 baby is capable of chasing naught to sixty in almost 5 seconds which is quite impressive for a 150 cc bike. The two tone colour schemes and full faired body makes it look like the hottest chic in town. On my very first ride with this well-groomed chic I found the overall performance of the bike more tempting than its siblings FZ and Fazer. The confident chassis and overall body dynamics has contributed in a lot many ways to increase the overall performance if the bike. Considering the ride impression of R15 it felt moreover like a sports bike. Taking this bike on a ride, for sure will grab lot of eyeballs, you may be applauded with full limelight and the credit goes to the bike itself. R15 with its charismatic looks has always charmed Indian bikers. Under the skin YZF-R15 has got a 149.8cc displacement. The 4 stroke liquid cooled engine is capable of engineering 17 hp at 8500 rpm and 15 Nm at 7500 rpm. The speed manual transmission is been coupled with Wet multi Plate clutch that delivers smote shifts in the gear system.

Popular Review – This revolutionary R1 child has definitely created a history in the Indian biking industry. Yamaha earlier had attained this landmark with it RD350 and this time it’s Yamaha R15 that has set the Indian market on a blaze. RD had created magic with its power and R15 with its charismatic looks.

3. Honda CBR 250R is the newly launched rocket that will be creating fireworks once Honda starts its delivery to its buyers. How can Honda be behind when it comes to biking on Indian roads. Honda CBR 250R will be another flagship bike after Honda Unicorn. Although this bike is for the premium buyers Honda has claimed to hit the peak of sales in this segment with this bike. Honda CBR 250R is also offered with ABS version; this is for those buyers who are ready to pay some extra penny from their pocket. This Honda baby will definitely prove as a number one contender, due to its ready to burn sporty looks and striking power output. Honda CBR 250R is powered by 249. 6 cc, Single cylinder, 4 stroke  power mill that is capable of engineering 25 hp at 8500 rpm and 23 Nm hammering torque at 7000 rpm. This engine is mated with 6 speed manual transmission that has been coupled to wet multi plate clutch for soother flow of gear shift. Indian roads need extra punch and with this bike you can be assured of the latest suspension system from Honda that will avoid wavy ride experience on Indian roads.  The roll on speed on the top gear seemed electrifying. Naught to 100 kmph could in a matter of 9 second.

Popular Review- This breath taking Honda CBR 250R from Honda has set a new standard for the Indian roads. Looks to kill, state of the art technology and finely engineered chassis has definitely proved as a boon to this bike.

2. The Green hulk is definitely on the chart when it comes to Sport biking of India. Kawasaki Ninja 250R is yet now the low-priced Twin in India until now. This Kawasaki demon has made cit huge all over the globe and this time it’s India which has been showing its best card to the make. This Green hulk flaunts an aggressive character making a huge impression on the onlooker.  Although the sticker price tag of this Kwacker is quite hefty you may still find many potential buyers interested. Pulling the throttle to the red line you may realize the bike is worth every single penny you have paid for. Green Hulk has got everything that needs to prove its potential on Indian roads. Ninja 250R has got a power mill of 4 stroke, Twin parallel, DOHC engine. This massive power plant is capable of generating 32.5 hp at 11000 rpm and 22 Nm at 8200 rpm. This Twin engine is mated with 6 speed manual transmission that has been coupled with multi disc wet clutch.

Popular Review- Indian speed enthusiasts will witness a new era with this performance bike which has been designed to deliver ultimate performance and to withstand each and every difficulty that comes in yiur path. This Kwacker is definitely a blockbuster when it comes to global standards and maximum sales in the 250 cc segment.

1. Royal Enfield Classic 500- the 499 cc engine with its mind bending power will definitely make you talk to the winds. This mean machine is the worthiest bike that can be found on Indian grounds until now. This electrifying performer is capable of engineering 27.2 hp at 5250 rpm and 42.3 Nm at 4000 rpm. Under the skin this monster posses 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, SI, OHV power plant. This power packed engine is mated with 5 speed transmission that has been coupled with 5 speed wet multi plate clutch. The thumping torque which this bike delivers is something outstanding. Responsive Throttle assembled in this machine will definitely make you star of every party. With such massive power, cutting edge technology and neatly crafted body, you can be sure of astonishing ride experience.

Popular Review- This brilliant machine has got power, looks and competitive pricing that should be there in a bike with such aggressive classy character.

Final Verdict:

The above bikes will definitely give you a breath taking experience.

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