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9 Easy steps to Become an Expert Motorcycle Rider

Learning to ride a Motorcycle is not a big deal but it definitely requires more effort as compared to learning to drive cars. Learning to ride a motorcycle requires more attentiveness and awareness about the surroundings and roads. Motorcycle Riding does not require much efforts if you follow the below given guidelines correctly. Getting the right attitude along with technical knowledge is as much important to become a stud from dud in motorbiking.

1.    To start with I would first suggest you to begin with a cycle riding balance that would actually help you to learn motorbike much faster. Once you are an expert in cycle riding, you can easily learn to ride a bike at a faster pace. Once you have done with this, you should not directly hit the roads with your bike. But you should actually have a feel of the bike that is jump in on the motorcycle, feel the weight and try to balance the motorbike on both your legs. If you are trying to learn a automatic transmission or geared bike you should first know in detail how the gear stuff works. Once you have been briefed up with that try practicing the gear shift pattern without starting your bike. Once you are cleared with this you can concentrate on shifting the gear pattern while the bike is in motion (without starting it). This will help to give lesser strain on the gear box while you are learning to ride a bike.

2.    To make it more handy with the clutch on and off procedure you need to have a brief idea of how the whole system works, that is regarding the ease off clutch and ease, gradual acceleration to make the wheels going.  Over the period of time you will definitely understand the process, even if you don’t understand it at the beginning its ok you are human. If you do not have cycle riding skills I would rather suggest you to ride the bike slowly and gradually by keeping your feet down for balancing. Once you have the bike on a roll, you can stop and start from naught to above and from minimum speed to naught in order to get familiar with the clutch off and on process.  Considering the showstopper that is barking abilities, you should first know applying the brakes to its fullest will make the bike to skid. By stopping the bike at regular intervals on lower rpms can get you more idea of the braking abilities in your bike.

3.    Practicing on the first gear will definitely make you an expert in the long run. It is always advisable to keep your foot maximum on the foot pegs while you are riding on the first gear. This way your balancing abilities can be improved. Once you are comfortable riding the motorcycle on the first gear then you can shift to the second and then to the above gears. Practicing more on the first gear gives better balancing abilities but I would rather suggest you to do this when you familiar with the gear and clutch system.

4.    Remember to learn driving in a prearranged area and that to in larger circles. This way you can get better on turns and corners. Avoid sharp turning when you are learning or are in the process of learning. This way you can get familiar with the ease clutch and ease throttle process while turning. Getting familiar on turning of the roads is something you should definitely pay attention to. Following the traffic norms that is giving side indicators and honking are some of the requirements you should follow on the road. Stopping and starting the engine and then turning to the extreme right and left will make you an expert from a beginner level rider.

5.    Steering is something you should actually get a master degree on. Once you have the balancing factor in you that is required for riding a bike, you can then put your spotlight on proper turning and circling. Indicating your turns to the oncoming and following traffic is very much important in order to have a accident free riding experience.

6.    Riding bike and learning to Countersteer is something that is utmost necessary. Maintaining the balance even depends on our seating position and posture. Practicing proper turns that are at lower as well as higher rpms will help you definitely. Once you are cleared with maintaining the body balance at turns you can achieve a certificate of a bonafide rider. Using the throttle and clutch with equal pressure will let you know the perfect balance that has to be required for riding a bike.

7.    At faster turns there are chances of leaning more on the turning side; therefore you will eventually have to adjust your riding position.

8.     Being confident on the road is one of the most important things and to attain confidence you will have to ride until you are a stud from dud. Keeping an alert mind while driving motorcycle is utmost important. This way you can keep a track of the following traffic and oncoming traffic as well. You should first know traffic norms as well before riding.

9.    I will warn you against the changing traffic patterns when you are on motorcycle. Accidents on motorcycle can lead to head injuries and can even cause death. Considering the above steps you can avoid accidents and can even learn motorcycle riding with ease.

Final Verdict

Riding properly and with utmost awareness will help you as well as the pillion rider to attain accident free ride experience.

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2 Responses

  1. Riding bike fast can be risky to the person who is learning to ride a bike new. First that person should know the character of the bike he is above to ride. don’t be in a hurry learn it slowly.

  2. I love motorcycle. I have been looking looking around for this kind of information. Will you post some more in future? I’ll be grateful if you will.

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