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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Indian Drives » 2011 » February

TVS Wego Review: Upscale among Honda and Mahindra

Bike Reviews, TVS
Article by admin
Scooter industry was a declining market in India, until Honda brought its Activa that kept the scooters segment alive and kicking. Honda Activa rejuvenated the scooter market and continues to be the industry leader in the scooter segment. In recent time there are many new players debuted in the two wheels segment including the Suzuki Access, Mahindra Rodeo, Duro and others. For 2011 TVS offers the TVS Wego and expects to have a bigger share in the scooter segment. You’ll like this if..You may not like this if.. TVS Wego is targeted for the youth and is packed with lots of features that add utility; if you are in between 18-25 go for it. TVS Wego is surly not a ride if you are [...]

Mahindra Stallio Recalled

Latest News
Article by admin
Mahindra 2 Wheelers has stopped the production for its debut motorcycle Stallio and they have recalled all the Stallio models from road and showrooms in response to a serious problem with the gearbox. Mahindra 2 Wheeler claims that they have initiated a process to recall all the bikes from the showroom and rectify the problem on the bikes that are already on road. Problem solving process is still under way. According to SIAM, Mahindra 2 Wheelers has sold more than 5,135 Stallios since October 2010 when the model was put to sale. Mahindra 2 Wheelers yet haven’t disclosed the actual problem but are ambitious to clear the problem before June 2011. Indiandrives.com has already reviled the performance [...]

Vespa LX125: Fashion Wear

Upcoming Bike
Article by admin
Vespa is an iconic brand coming from Italy. Vespa are well know for their fashionable scooters all round the world and has sold over 16 million units. Vespa is now under the ownership of Piaggio Group. The Vespa LX125 is a meeting point of classy design and modern engine that is with safety, agility and practicality. Like the Honda Activa, the Vespa LX125 in India will be offered with all steel body design. This modern Vespa is based on the design of the very popular Vespa ET to which the LX is the replacement. To get a retro look the Vespa LX receives round headlight and circular rear view mirrors dipped in chrome that surly demonstrates Vespa’s history. Its saddle height should not be a problem [...]

Aprilia RSV4 Coming Soon

Upcoming Bike
Article by admin
Aprilia RSV4 is a capable superbike manufactured by Aprilia. The model became flagship model for the company when they had begun its production in 2008. Aprilia produces this bike in two variants, RSV4 Factory and the RSV4 R. RSV4 is also company’s first motorcycle to have a four cylinder engine. Aprilia also made the bike to race in the 2009 World Superbike Championship season. Aprilia claims that the race variant of this bike produces more than 200 bhp. New Aprilia RSV4 is a highly capable sportbike that will be coming to India as it’s a bike that was first developed for racing then it came to the streets, this means RSV4 is a race bike fihrst and road bike second. Aprilia RSV4 in India [...]

Surviving Special Situations, Part 2- Rain, Wind and Animals

Featured, Riding Tips
Article by admin
Rain Riding in rains, especially in India, is a bad experience. Rain gear should be always handy during the monsoon no matter how sunny the day is, things might change quickly be ready for it. Always wear rain gloves and rain shoe and make sure they fits you proper. Loosely fitted gloves and shoes may bring down your braking capability. The first rain is always harmful and this is the time when most of the motorcyclists loose ride control. First rain water goes in to all those dimples of Indian road and it’s not plain, it’s a mixture of oil. Yes with first rain all the oil stuck on other vehicles drain and make the road slippery. At times of first rain it’s always a wise decision to stop [...]
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